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Why don't I feel like eating?

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I'm having a difficult time reaching 1,200 calories a day lately. I've been drinking alot of water and always feel really full after I eat. At first I was excited about it because I'd been struggling with an unsatisfied appitite. I feel like 1,200 is right for my goals, but I'm worried about going into starvation mode now.

Your thoughts?
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Oops, double post. Sorry.
Try eating/adding foods that are more calorie-dense.
I will give that a try. I just wish I could figure out why I suddenly feel this way.
Your metabolism is probably slowing down.

Do  you mean that it's slowing down because I'm not eating enough or that you think I don't feel hungry because it's slowing down?
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As long as you are eating healthy and your weight is right, and you have no medical conditions, why worry?  If your body is satisfied and all seems right, maybe you are one of those that does not need 1200. After all it is an average, and do you very strictly weigh every mosel you eat?  If you guesstimate a lot- you may actually be consuming more calories than you think you are. ( I was mesuring out oatmeal for porriage-trying to see how varied the measuring can be (how bleary eyed in the morning) - depending on how packed, the supposed 60 gms could easily be as much as 90 if well shooked to pack down and slightly heaped -an easy varation if different people measure out 3/4 cup of oatmeal.) Give it time and see.


 If you are really worried about stavation mode - remember you can test for increased keatones in your urine.(supposedly only shows up in healthy people after 3 days of no food) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ketonuria  I suspect though if you are healthy you are likely to feel hungry before ketones appear in urine with ketosticks.  People on very strict Atkins diet can actully make use of ketosticks to check their progress!

Are you in a newly stressful situation? whenever i get nervous, i cant eat at all. When i moved back out to college, i was lucky to reach 500 calories a day. i started eating more calorie rich foods until my appetite came back, and now i'm fine. it took about a week or so to build up to it though. 
I measure my food religiously. I've thought that I may be miscalculating, but I just don't see how it's possible. Also, my diet is pretty well rounded.

I'm the type to binge under pressure. I decided to get serious about changing my diet and exercise around April of this year and have lost 15-20 pounds since (I haven't weighed in for a few weeks). I've hit a few snags along the way, but overall I'm proud of my progress. This is just something strange and new to me. I guess I'll just wait it out and eat more calorie dense foods.
I am SOOOO Glad to hear I'm not the only one having this problem.  I'm getting way under normal and TRYING so hard to get my 1200 in but it's just hard when your NOT hungry.  I was starved the first 2 or 3 days but now am having to remind myself to eat just to get the 800 or 900 in I'm getting.  I wish I knew something to suggest to help juliannah but maybe it will be a little help to know there is someone out here in the exact same boat your in.  :(  I have been bawled out (LOL NICELY) on here repeatedly for this issue.....I'm at a stand still in my weight loss and not getting enough in is probably why..........but how do you eat when your not hungry?  LOL :(
It definately makes me feel better to know I'm not alone.

 I went grocery shopping this afternoon and bought dried fruit, nuts and bananas and whole wheat pasta. I couldn't really find any healthy high calorie foods in my supermarket.

 I've only eaten a cup of corn flakes, 1/4 cup yogurt and an apple today but I'm not hungry at all. It's craaazy!

I walked for an entire hour this morning. I'm usually hungry after a good workout. 


My period is late. Again.

I usually get it in the beginning of the month. In August, I was nearly two weeks late and it only lasted a day. So far, no signs this month. Any ideas what's up with that?
That could be because your not getting enough, or it could be stress.  Or even both.  About how many calories are you able to get in a day?  I'll go back and read again but I don't remember if you said.
500-600 if I eat until I'm satisfied. In the past week, I've had a few days that I've forced myself to put away 1,200 cals, but I always feel uncomfortably full and unpleasent. Could my stomach be shrinking or something?
I have had the same problems. 1500 if I was lucky and I am a 250lb male. I ended up adding 1 cup of walnuts and a 400cal protein shake every day. Now I am hungry all day. I can still only eat small amounts, but I make them count!
You are 15, you are still growing. You need AT LEAST 1200 calories a day. Try adding peanut butter or cheese to your diet. Also, if you eat alot of veggies that may also make you feel more full because veggies are mostly water and insoluable fiber, which both make you feel more full but are not calorie dense. There are certain fruits you can add that have more calories as well, bananas, apples (both of these actually taste great with peanut butter!) avacados, etc. Just do a search of things you like and pick out things that contain more calories. You can do it!
Also, if you have gone into starvation mode your metabolism shuts down and you are not as hungry. I also eat 6-7 times a day in small meals, this helps the calories add up as well.
It sounds to me like starvation mode too. Changes in or cease of menstruation is one indicator of anorexia or malnutrition. If you are 15, you are still developing, and every woman needs about 1200 calories a day, as a bare minimum. Once you stop eating for a while your can lose touch of your feelings of hunger. You stop having the urge to eat, or at least stop feeling it. It's important to eat, so please try to make yourself eat more calorie dense foods if you have trouble eating larger quantities.
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