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A friend saw my big bowl of oranges and said "Oh, you'll never lose weight if you eat all those oranges, they're fattening"

Soooo - fixed myself a big juicy orange. The way I do it is, I cut off all the peel with the white part leaving only the flesh, then I cut that into rounds. I weighed it on my kitchen scale while she watched, then brought her into my office and sat her down at my computer. I made her look up oranges using the food search, made her read the nutritional information, and showed her how to add it to my food log. 180 grams = only 84.6 very healthy calories.

"Yes, but", she said, "it's all sugar!"

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leave the white on....nutrients in it. Geez she sounds like one of those! does she need to lose weight? Eat the oranges they are good for you!
sometimes everyone is an expert ;) lol

Oranges are in fact very good for you. Look up the post I placed last month on "negative calorie foods" I believe oranges are on that list... If not, it doesn't matter because they are not "sugar" like refined stuff in cookies, they are a natural sugar which your body needs very much. Not to mention rich in vitamins etc.

You'll lose weight just fine eating oranges! I eat one every day I LOVE them.

The other name for fruit is HEALTHY..

Oranges does not equal orange soda
Apple does not equal apple pie
Bananas does not equal banana split
Lemons does not equal to lemonade
But friends equals long lasting fun!

Can ya tell I am in education?
Huggers to all the fruit lovers
I agree with Christins. The sugars the oranges have are good sugars. Don't mind those people.
Eat away.
Yep - there are "good" sugars and bad sugars, and the wonderful fruits are full of the good sugars.

And, if you are eating a bowl of really tart grapefruit or not-yet-sweet strawberries, sprinkle some Xylitol on them!
It's been around for years and years, is very good for your dental health, and the nice thing about it is, it has no impact in your body like regular sugar; it does not produce any insulin spike, so it doesn't throw you into fat storage mode, and make you ravenous three hours later! Good stuff - just don't eat too much of it, or, well, let's just say you better not wear white pants!!!
Thank you fellow fruit lovers!!! I love my oranges, but I hate the white part. I know, I know, it's good for ya, and I'm picky.

Isn't it amazing how many people think that perfectly delicious, nutritious foods are bad for you because somebody wrote a book that says "carbs are bad"?

I have to thank all of you for being here. I'm actually having fun counting my calories.

Sounds like another victim of the Atkins / low-carb diets.... one of the worst outcomes of that diet fad is it's got huge amounts of people convinced that perfectly healhty and nutritious fruit is bad for you.

Nothing you can do beyond what you did.
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I appreciate the comment about "victim of Atkins diet". I confess I still glare at oranges, high carbs and "natural sugar" with suspision. I think everything in moderation. No?
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I think the atkins diet has a lot to offer but the down side is all the headaches, bad breath and wind. I think the GI diet is much more sustainable in the long term. But I think that other diets are also good like the south beach diet or the zone diet.
Oh I love oranges and I wish I could eat them! But alas, I'm allergic to the acid in them. Makes me break out in the most awful itchiest rash ever that takes ages to go away. *sigh*

cekurs, you enjoy all those oranges for me!
Yeah Atikins is great. Any diet that tells you 6oz of bacon is good for you but 1 apple is bad has got to be healthy huh?
Lori2, I agree everything IN MODERATION.
Hey Hunny, so you are alergic to acidic foods? how do you know or figure out what foods you can eat? I have psoriasis, and I have the hardest time figuring out what is to acidic for me. I know oranges and tomatoes are to acidic. anything else? Thanks.
with all due respect :) I think most "diets" are a bunch of hooey, this is from someone who has been silly enough to try a few of them lol.

this well-balanced, accoutability, with exercise thing though... boy too bad we can't get a clever marketing gimmick and sell that ;)

Seriously, the only way to turn off the "diet" mentality and truly engage in the "lifestyle modification program" mentality, one that will stay with you for life, is to not deprive yourself of anything. Fruits and vegetables were put on this Earth to nourish us! they aren't bad :) lol.

We all need proper nutrients from a variety of sources :) We aren't designed to live on "no carbs" and at the same time we aren't designed to live on "no protein" "no fat" etc there is need for everything in moderation and in balance. Finding balance is the key :) not deprivation or gimmicks :)

I truly believe this time is "for good" for me, because I no longer consider it a diet or a means to an end, but a fresh start to a healthier and hopefully longer more meaningful life :)
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I've become convinced that the key to weight for most people is just the amount of calories consumed versus amount expended. I don't think where those calories come from has any effect on this, with the exception of undigestable calories such as those in fiber. 500 calories of fat is probably not any more or less fattening than 500 calories of protien or sugar, and I certainly don't think it matters whether sugar or anything else was put in a food by "nature" or by a human's hand.

Also, I'd advise against giving too much credit to those "negative calorie food" diets. While it might be true that the calories burned by the process of chewing and digesting an orange, (I hope they had the sense to not include the calories burned by the other metabolic processes which occur while the orange is being digested, but I've heard otherwise), are lower than the amount of calories gained from that orange, this doesn't hold true when you eat two oranges at once. The calories taken in double, but the caloric expenditure of digesting them stays pretty close to the same as when you eat only one. In order to keep them negative calorie, you'd have to wait about 2 hours between eating each negative calorie food, a far cry from the "the more of these you eat the more weight you lose" claim that some proponents of negative calorie diets make. At best, you might net -10 calories from eating a single orange as a snack 2 hours after lunch and 2 hours before dinner. Assuming the rest of the calories taken in and expended throughout the day balance out exactly, this will amount to losing about a pound per year. Better to focus on overall calories taken in versus overall expenditure, (including all metabolic processes and not just digestion), and get an overall negative calorie total for the day.
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