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Dizzy~~what food can help me stop feeling dizzy?

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Have u ever felt dizzy when u are on diet? Anyone knows what kind of fruit or food can help me stop feeling dizzy?

please suggest low calories stuff.
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Uh.... I don't think that sounds good, carollin.

How many calories are you eating now? Are you taking in enough?
boiled lollies (CANDY) If you feel dizzy you probably have low blood sugar. Try it and see.
Doesn't the fact that you're feeling dizzy immediately ring alarm bells in your head?

Aren't you thinking... "MAybe I'm not eating enough?"

That's what I'd be thinking anyway!
There is no food that will help, but if you're hungry - eat something!  Have your blood pressure checked by a doctor - it may be too low. 
Actually, I eat 2 meals in a day, because I wake up at noon every day.

So, I ate about 1000 calories in a day, but not includind beverage. I think it's about 1200 calories/day.

I usually feel dizzy when I wake up/before I go to bed. Does anyone have the same problem as me? 
i think if you spread out your calories and eat a few small meals through out the day, as opppossed to two big meals, you'll do MUCH better. you're probably getting dizzy cause you're not giving your body enough solid energy to run on.
I agree.. it sounds like your blood sugar is spiking and sagging.

Make SURE you're eating 1200 calories. It sounds like your blood sugar is super-low and you're feeling ill because of it.
Carollin, check out some of the posts by Coachdee.  She is a wealth of info.  She explains really well, why eating more calories will help your body function better.  Also have you used the Tools yet to determine how many calories you need for daily input?  Take care of yourself.  If this continues, Please go seek medical help.  You don't want to mess around with low sugar.


Thanks skinnywillbe!!

I did check the tool. I need 1800 cal. per day. I cut into 1200 cal/day to drop the weight.

I feel that I eat enough. I didnt make myself hungry at all. I usually eat seaweed, tofu ,mushroom, fruit and different kinds of drinks to pass a day.

I think I would add some black chocolate to keep my blood sugar balance.
I feel dizzy from time to time, and my doctor told me that I had slight allergies this time of year.  I have fluid in my sinus and inner ear which causes the dizziness.  This happens especially when I'm getting up from lying down, and when I'm lying down from sitting up...I would go to the doctor though, because sometimes the dizziness can get dibilitating.
Well the thing is, there are lots of reasons why you could feel dizzy and some of them are really serious, as in deadly.

As mentioned, low blood sugar or low blood pressure may both cause dizziness.  Sinus problems or inner ear problems may also be the culprit.

But stress, alcohol, tobacco or other drugs - illegal or prescription, or heavy menstrual flow can cause light-headedness.  Internal bleeding such as in the intestines can be the cause and this may sometimes be the first symptom of the problem.  Also, certain abnormal heart rhythms can cause dizziness or fainting.

If you feel like the room is moving around you, it could be the result of inner ear problems, or an injury to the head, or migraine headaches, or decreased blood flow to the brain, or of a noncancerous or cancerous tumor (very rare though).

My point is - please seek medical attention.  It may not be a food issue at all. 
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