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Dizzy after I eat anyone else?

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Hey All,

The past week or so I have noticed that I get a serious dizzy spell after I eat. I generally eat 4-5 times a day and usually have around 1500 calories. Im 5'6 and 150 pounds. A couple of times I thought I was going to fall down..

In the past, I've had bouts with fainting when I wasn't eating enough..But Im eating the correct amount and a good variety of healthy foods..Just cant figure it out..any ideas oh wise CC forum??
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No ideas, but | get that sometimes too. =|
Is it at any particular time of day? I get terrible headaches and dizziness after dinner. I've tried to track what it is, but I have no idea. It might be hyponatremia in my case. Uhh...but anyway.
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What is your blood pressure like? A friend of mine had that problem and it was due to his extremely low blood pressure. If he ate a large meal he would get extremely dizzy and sick feeling and would occasionally black out due to his blood pressure dropping even farther. Maybe it would be worth checking it at least, before and after a big meal, although with eating 4-5 times a day, you're not having a single large meal.
My blood pressure is normal... I usually do eat a larger meal at dinner, since I go to the gym before dinner after work. I have no clue...Oh well...
How's your blood sugar? 

I often get dizzy or headache-y.  My symptoms often appear due to lack of food, but can sometimes even get worse just after I've eaten.  It's weird.  I find it helps if I eat frequently.  Waiting to eat for too long makes me dizzy, and eating too quick after a few hours without food makes me feel terrible too.

I know I have both low blood sugar and low blood pressure... since you say your bp is fine, perhaps your blood sugar is acting up?
Ooh, ditto, I have extremely low BP.
I'm not sure about blood sugar levels..I know that its never been brought to my attention by my doctor before.. But, I also know virtually nothing about this so who knows...If it was low, would that mean i should eat something WITH sugar?? Now that i think about it, I don't eat much sugary things to begin with..Could that be it?
What are you iron levels like?

If you're eating more lean meats, such as chicken, you might have seriously cut your iron intake. You should get your iron and bp tested.
Ooh, good call, rebecca.  I have low iron, too. =)  (Yeah, that's right, I have low everything.  Always have.)

kat, you can easily get your iron and blood sugar tested the next time you go to the doctor - they'll just draw some blood and do some labwork. 

As for the low blood sugar, high-sugar foods is not the way to go.   Every time you eat, you pump up your blood sugar levels a bit.  When you're not eating, they're falling. 
If you wait too long to eat, your blood sugar falls too low, and you feel weak and dizzy.  However, eating something with sugar just spikes those levels up abruptly.  Then they fall quickly again, making you weak again, leading to a vicious dizzy-eat-dizzy-eat cycle. 
The best way to combat this is to eat frequently, and eat things with lower sugar to keep your blood sugar level stable.  Or, make sure to eat a combination of fat or protein with your carbs.  For example, I feel terrible if I eat an apple (high sugar, even though it's natural sugar).  But, if I eat an apple with peanut butter or cheese, I'm okay.  Even better is a whole-grain cracker with pb or cheese. 

Anyway, I don't know if you wanted to know all that. =)  Rebecca does have a good point, though - check your iron, too.
Wow, thanks ladies! I just learned 2 new things.
I will check with my DR. next time I go.. Of course, that requires me finding a new one since i recently moved. That is a good thing though, I couldn't stand my other doctor... thanks again for all the insight here!
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I've been fighting this "dizzy after I eat" thing since I was a kid (I'm 59 now). I finally figured it out what triggers it in December (at least in my case) after getting extremely ill. Here are my symptoms in order of increasing severity: dizzy after I eat, ringing in ears, headache, mild sensitivity to sounds, mild loss of hearing, severe sensitivity to sounds, severe loss of hearing, vertigo, vomiting (no fever or chills). I never have any of the latter symptoms without having the previous ones on the list at the same time. What I've figured out, in my case, is that every time I eat something with what seems like not that much fat, oil or protein in it, I get dizzy / light headed. As far as alcohol is concerned, all I can take is a few sips of wine or beer. I think I may have some sort of liver-gall bladder thing going on. I never connected all my symptoms to what I ate before because I always had a proclivity to dizziness and especially ringing in the ears including sensitivity to noise and loss of hearing. My ears always seemed to ring. Well, in December I couldn't eat anything for a few days except to drink water. After a couple days on water, 100% of every single symptom disappeared completely. This was unheard of for me. After a couple days on water I started juicing carrots along with a little beet. To it I add a little special protein powder, ground flax seed, ‚??green food,‚?Ě and some Brewer‚??s Yeast. This kept me going for 6 weeks since I was eating no meals. I lost 14 pounds. I have slowly started integrating meals into my diet again but still drink the juice mixture every morning and throughout the day. I am not cured because today I got dizzy after I ate a salad with some tofu (protein) in it as well as a small amount of salad dressing. Yesterday I barbequed a small pork chop for a sandwich ‚?? I got dizzy. If I do get dizzy after eating, I take 1-600mg capsule of N-Acetyl Cysteine and 1-300mg capsule of Alpha Lipoic Acid and the dizziness pretty much disappears within 5-10 minutes. I know this is not a cure. But it will do until I can find the right doctor to see (who doesn‚??t just say ‚?? all the tests show normal). I am going to try acupuncture again. They have helped with things before and always told me that I have liver weakness. Someone also said I might have what is called stage 1 or stage 2 liver detox problems. I forget which. I am going to look into that further as well. I hope this experience and info helps someone who reads this. ...Steve in Sedona
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whoops, I double-posted and don't know how to delete, so I guess this will suffice.
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Thanks undertherainbow. But nope, not dehydrated. I drink plenty of water/liquids and always have (but not too much). I have 1-liter water bottles all over the house, in the car and also the garage. Sweets and coffee don't make me feel light-headed either. What gives me the symptoms is always too much food (for me) in a sitting, and anything other than a small amount of protein or fats (oils).
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thanks sdparquet. your information will help me a lot too. i suffer from dizzy spells during and after eating meals.. outside.. but when i am at home.. it is often ok...

i will update the group if i do fine a result to this. maybe it is low blood sugar.. or it is when i am eating blood is rushed to our stomach and we have lower pressure?
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Have you taken your blood pressure when you feel dizzy? There is a condition called postprandial hypotension where your blood pressure drops after eating.

It may also be a spike in insulin after your meals that is causing a sudden drop in blood sugar, especially if you ate a lot of carbohydrates. If you have the equipment you can test both of these theories at home. Either way I would definintly find a good physician and get it checked out.
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Thanks for your reply, canonelle. I don't think that's it, but I will check it out just the same. I am very cautious with my diet and don't eat much at one time. I don't get dizzy every time I eat, but when I'm having dizzy spells, I get dizzy every single time I eat no matter what I eat or how much or how little I eat. This most recent bout, I have been dizzy for three days now and i am down to hardly eating. I think I have some sort of liver or gall bladder malfunction. I am going to go see a doctor.
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if it's not blood pressure - do you drink caffeine? The naturopath doctor I saw had me go off caffeine and ever since I've stopped having it my energy has gone through the roof and I stopped getting faint after meals and in the afternoon. Just a thought
Who have you been eating? ;)

(j/k on thread title)
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Hey Guys,

32 male/asian/not overweight

I am feeling the same way.. when it hits me.. i get dizzy no matter what i eat, how much i eat. it gets worst if i dine in a restaurant , if i eat at home it doesn't bothers me.

Also, sometimes when i skip meals or stay empty for a long while i get gas and it makes it worst, the dizziness.

The gas from my stomach also seems to make my heart flutter.. not sure if increase heart rate is one of your symptoms.

Oh! Drinking alcohol makes it very very bad if i have too much, i will cut alcohol from my diet now.. i have cut coffee from my diet.

What do you think? anyone has any advice?
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Nope, it's not a caffeine problem. And yes, alcohol is really bad for me. I get really dizzy. Did I mention that I'm also chemically sensitive to fumes - paint, perfume, gasoline, exhaust, etc.? If I am around that stuff for very long, I get dizzy and then really exhausted, sometimes for days. I really think I have a liver/gall baldder problem and an inability to process protein and chemicals or something. I recall now that this most recent attack was triggered by eating way too much protein that day (protein powder, meat, dairy). So I am cutting back drastically on the protein intake. I have a doctor's appointment on the 10th of August and should know more after that.
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