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Discovered a wonderful appetite suppressant

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And not a chemical one!!!   It's a LIME!!!!

I've started sucking a piece of lime... cut a lime into quarters and suck on one quarter... it refreshes your mouth and somehow cuts into any craving you may have...

I've also been drinking water with a piece of lime in it... keeps me drinking water...

getting lots of vitamin C
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My mom's doctor swears by lemon water.  He told her to add two tablespoons to 12 ounces (I think) of water.  He said it will help the weight come off.  I was adding the lemon juice to my bottled water (.5L), and I found that it did keep me feeling full longer.  It was hard to do at first because it was so sour, but I like sour, so I got used to it.  My friend tried it once, and that was enough for her.  My mom thought it sounded gross, so she never did it.  It also helped me up my water intake.  I should start drinking it again.  I kind of slacked off.  =\
hey my moms nutrition person told her to drink lemon water too!

its like amazing, not sure how it works, but something like it can help u lose an extra .5lb a week or something.
sounds good I'll have to try maybe the limes first I like them better than the lemons.
My doctor and my nutritionist told me to do the lemon thing!  I like the limes better myself so I've been substituting them instead.  Haven't been back to ask if there is a difference.  Anyone know?
Ok so how much lemon do you put in how much water? I want to try this thing.
Ok time to start buying more lemons and limes.  I drink water all the time now and that helps, but it is so boring so lemons and limes will keep it interesting for me....

thanks for the tip!
Just be careful about sucking on too many citrus fruits!  The acid can ruin the enamel on your teeth--just an fyi...
My doctor recommended the juice from half a lemon in a cup of warm water.  You could adjust that up depending on how much you want to drink.

I also put the unsweetened cranberry or black cherry juice in my water.  A couple of tablespoons per 34 oz.  (The real juice with nothing else added).  It's a little tart and an acquired taste, but it is good for flushing out the lymphatic system and the liver!
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I like to slice lemons thin, freeze them, then use them like ice cubes in my water.  It gets a lot of lemon juice into the water.  The reason citrus fruits help you lose weight is because they are diuretics, so it is water weight that you are losing.
Well that explains why I was always in the bathroom when I was drinking lemon water!  I wasn't weighing myself, so I don't know if I did lose any weight.  It did help me to drink more water, even though it was so sour.
does that taste good to do the frozen lime slice thing in your drink!?
Does it have to be fresh lime/lemon or can you use that concentrate stuff in the little plastic bottles?
thanks defrog3 for the advice re too much citrus being bad for my tooth enamel ... I have maybe 1/2 to 1 lime per day...

to yellowfrog: I prefer fresh lemons and limes, but have use the concentrated bottled stuff in my water...
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