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Dieter's Edema!

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So, for those who don't know, Dieter's Edema is when after a while of cutting calories, your body starts holding crazy amounts of water. Because it hates you. I'm currently going through as much as 15 pounds gain/loss regularly. I'm confident that it's not real weight because a) you can't lose 15 pounds in a day, and b) it hurts.

I've tried all the classic stuff. I've tried soaking in baking soda and drinking lemon water and eating cranberries and drinking lots of water. I've tried cutting back on caffeine and increasing caffeine and drinking green tea. I've tried yoga and putting my feet up and lots of walking and minimal walking. This has been going on for a while. I list all those things not to irritate anyone, but to say what I've already tried--does anyone have anything new? Anything? Please?

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I get like this sometimes even when im not dieting. My dr thinks i have pcos.

For me, it gets worse if i stop drinking coffee. I turn into a constipated water balloon haha.

Ive also heard good things about roasted dandelion root tea! I think ur supposed to drink a lot of it. Its caffeine free too.

Good luck!

What is your sodium intake like? Might want to log your food with salt being paid close attention to just to see if it is surpassing your recommended amount by a fair margin or something.

Otherwise, it sounds like something a doctor might be interested in hearing about.

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Absolutely go to a doctor. I've never heard this happen on a normal diet, except for people trying to increase their calories from periods of excessive restriction.

Agree with all the above comments, just want to add: when you do changes in your diet (like cutting out of caffeine or adding more to it, etc) make sure you don't just do it for 3-4days and say "ah no change, maybe I should try this [Insert method] Instead". Your body won't have the time it needs to adjust to the changes so don't rule one method out as non working until after at least 1-3 weeks - depending on your body and what the change is.

Thank you! I do tend to try stuff for three days and give up, so I should probably switch that to weeks, instead.

I do the bouncing one but usually during that time of the month... as much as 6 or 7 pounds... I have been drinking more water and seems like is helping a little... I do eat a lot of salty food and I guess is time to cut back.

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