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I have been on a diet for two weeks and haven't lost ANYTHING, what am I doing wrong and how can I lose about 10-15 lbs FAST?

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I am 5'8" and 125 lbs. My measurements are 32-24-36 and I wear size 4 pants. I sent my photos in to a modeling agency last month, and they responded and wanted to meet me in person. I met them two weeks ago and It turns out they were very interested and liked me, but they said I was too big.

HOWEVER, the good thing is that they told me if I lose some weight, they will definitely sign me to their agency so I can become a model! They didn't specify exactly how much weight I have to lose, but they told me most designers consider 36 inch hips large, and that 34 is the ideal size and they did hint that 110 is the average weight for most of the models signed to their agency. After this, I immediately went on a diet and have been on a diet for 2 weeks now eating very little and taking an hour long jog every other day and have been doing my Pilates videos every day and I haven't lost anything at all! What am I doing wrong?


This is what I usually eat:


Breakfast: 8 oz cup of whole grain cereal with almond milk (this is a tiny portion, not sure how many calories though)

Snack: Usually a fruit or raw vegetable (no more than 50 calories)

Lunch: Salad with homemade lowfat dressing and a small bowl of soup (No more than 200 calories)

Snack: Usually a fruit or raw vegetable (no more than 50 calories)

Dinner: Protein Bar (200 calories)


I need to lose weight fast because I am already 19 years old and this is already considered pretty old for a first-time model. Most girls get in the industry when they are 14 or 15! I have to hurry because my agency doesn't hire first-time models that are over 21, so I want to get started while I am still in my "prime". My clock is ticking!


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There is no "quick fix" for weight loss and you are basically starving yourself and this will slow down your metabolism and make weight loss even slower.  All I can say is don't do this to yourself.  You will be doing damage to your body.  If you really think you need to lose weight, at least do it in a healthy manner.  Eat enough for your body to function properly and do it in a healthy way, even it it takes a little longer.  I might suggest a personal trainer and a nutritionist to help you.  Being a teenager and still growing, severe calories restriction is even worse. These types of diets are not part of calorie count's mission of promoting healthy and sustainable weight management.  I don't mean to sound harsh, just very concerned about the road you are starting down.  Please rethink this.

A protein bar is not sufficient calories for an evening meal and you are not consuming enough calories through the day for your activity level.

Cutting your calories as low as you have, is just making your body want to hold on to every calorie you give it.

Destroying your health now will have lasting detrimental effects on your health in the future. Lose weight in a safe and healthy way.

You will only lose weight and inches if you eat enough for your body to function properly.

Use the link below to calculate what calories you need:


At 5'8" and 125lbs your BMI is at 19. Any lower and you are underweight.

You aren't losing anything because you aren't eating enough. You are STARVING your body. This is dangerous for you.

You have to ask yourself which is more important, being a model or being healthy? I know it's glamorous to want to model, but find someone who will photograph you as you are. Any person who tells you that you need to lose weight is wrong because you are almost underweight...

This is not a forum for starvation.  I simply cannot and will not comment other than to request you remove your post.

Calorie Count's mission is to promote healthy and sustainable weight management. Please help our moderators follow this vision and respect the following guidelines.

  • Promotion of starvation diets or habits that exhibit signs of an eating disorder ("pro-ana", "pro-mia", etc.) is prohibited.


But I'm not anorexic and I'm not starving myself. I'm trying to do it the healthy way, but this is my first time being on a diet so I'm not sure what to do. I'm just looking for some tips since clearly my diet hasn't worked yet so far. Once again, I am not anorexic or bulimic, I don't think I am fat, I am just trying to lose a tiny bit of weight for a job. I don't think a size 2 is so over the top. I'm already a size 4 naturally, so its not a drastic change. I don't plan on becoming too skinny with my bones showing.

Original Post by supermodeldreams:

 I'm not starving myself.

The meal plan you listed has at most, what? 800 calories? This is a starvation level of calories. You may not feel hungry (one of the side effects of undereating is a depressed appetite), but that does not mean that what you are doing is healthy.

You are telling us that what you are doing is not working.
We are telling you that what you are doing is not healthy.

Therefore, we are all in agreement that you should not continue with this plan.

As others have said, you are at a very low weight for your height, and if you are being told that you need to lose more weight to be considered for a job, I suggest you consider a different profession. Just because they are telling you to lose weight does not mean that you can do so in a healthy manner.

You HAVE TO eat more than 1,000 calories per day, or your body goes into starvation mode and will hold every single calorie you feed it.  That's how many calories you need just to sit and breathe though.  Figure out how many calories you are burning with jogging, and ADD THAT to how many calories you are eating so that your body still gets 1000 calories MINIMUM to function on.  You can still jog, since jogging is going to replace your fat with muscle, which is much smaller and will help you get the measurement you want.

I'm on a 1500/day calorie diet, I am only walking 1 mile/day, and I've lost 4 lbs so far this week.  It's only because it's the first week of my diet, but it's working.

Try another agency. Just because you don't 'fit the bill' for one agency doesn't mean you won't fo another. Sounds to me like you just got lazy and are snapping at any chance you can get to get your 'face known'.

Models can be recruited at any age, any size, any color, shape, etc. It seems like your knowledge of the modelling world is only that of runway/fashion. Which even if you DID fit the mold, one 'slip up' and they can null your contract. It's cut throat, harsh and- dependign on where you reside- downright dangerous. Try other agencies, seriously.

I photograph models and do some freelance work for some of my aspiring model friends- here's a few tips I can give to you as a photographer, as well as tips given to me by my model friends. You seem to need it.

Send in your headshots, call in frequently, try and talk to several of the agents there to get more feedback on that agency.

Also, DO YOUR HOMEWORK, I see a LOT of girls and even guys trying out for just ONE modeling agency when they may not fit the bill for that agency. It's a tough fact, but true, you may not have the look a certain agency is looking for. This goes for every bit of modeling- fashionwear, advertisements, 'alternative' and fetishwear, plus-size- many agencies have a certain 'look' they stick to, and while it is not unheard of that one person who isn't part of that mold get a contract with the agencies. it is difficult. one agency might only want Afrocentric models between the ages of 15-17, 5'8" - 5'11" and sizes 2-4. Some might stick with brunette models. No one is saying you will NOT get a contract with these agencies, but if you don't fit the mold and you keep pressing, you might not get the answer you want from them. SO, turn in your headshots and portfolio of work to multiple agencies, keep in contact with all of them- the more places you turn in your portfolio, the higher chances you will find an agency to pick you up.

Another key factor to keep in mind ALSO, with doing homework is make sure the agency is legitimate. just because they have a big building and fancy business cards does not mean they will treat their models well. Ask an existing model about the agency, ask photographers about it as well, go in and ask questions about contract agreements, contract lengths, ask to get a tour of their facility, look at portfolios of work, ask to talk to the photographers or the people you might be working with. Rarely will you be met with static, but prepared to hear 'no'. Even then though, there are plenty of options to hear whether or not an agency is right for you. If an agency tells you to do something you are uncomfortable with (Nude modelling, losing more weight than you are comfortable with, doing something illegal, etc) Skip it. TRUST ME, NO AGENCY OR CONTRACT IS WORTH LOSING YOUR MORALS.

Next you need to make sure you have a GOOD PHOTOGRAPHER. Good photography is just as important, if not more so, your own looks when it comes to your portfolio. Be sure to have a photographer you trust, who's work works best with your looks and can play up your best features and downplay your negatives by means of lighting and lenswork. Typically, you can find professional-grade photographers using yellowpages, word of mouth, or even friends if you are fortunate to have a photographer student as a friend. Hell, even go to colleges and other schools that offer photography courses and ask the instructor of the course to see if you can seek out a photographer amongst the group. This is a good means to not only make your protfolio look amazing and at it's best, but will help advertise your photographer's work and help them get work later on as well.

While photoshop is OK, use it VERY sparingly for your portfolio. Use lighting, make up, posing, and lenswork to play up your best features- don't always rely on a computer to do that for you. Also, include a shot of yourself without make up, hair done, photoshop, etc or a 'bare shot'. This will give the agency a bare-base to see what they can work with in terms of make up, lighting, posing, etc. If you're wearing a LOT of eyemakeup in your headshots to play up how green your eyes are and don't include at least one bareshot, the photographers, make up artists, lighting directors, etc will have a VERY hard time working with a clean slate when you come in.

If you ARE concerned about the physical appearance of your body, focus on toning up. No, you don't need to be cut like a diamond, but making sure your body is strong and well-kept is the key to keeping you happy in life. No agency or contract or 'big break' is worth losing your health. if an agency says you are too 'large' for them, then move on to a new agency. Some models naturally fit the bill for that agency- if you don't, you will for another agency. A model's greatest weapon is her body, you abuse it and your carreer, and life, will suffer in the longrun.

I'm sure you know all of this, but i just want to make sure you keep your options open. What you are doing now will even LOWER your chances of getting picked up. As a photographer, I HATE working with starved models- they don't take direction, are complete divas, loose-headed and have barely any energy to finish a shoot without CONSTANTLY complaining. You don't look as nice when you're starved- agencies have to plug in MORE money for makeup artists to keep you from looking chapped and dry, hair artists to work with horribly thin hair, and (while it means more money for ME) they have to pay out some big bucks for ADDED photoshop touch ups to keep their sickly models looking voluptuous and sexy. Hell, I've even had to ADD weight onto some models when dealing with some agencies because the models were too thin. Ever have to airbrush ribs out of an image on a girl wearing fishnet? Not pretty...

Focus on HEALTH if you are concerned. Balanced diet of fruits (for vitamin C and other good things), veggies (for all that good stuff), healthy fats like nuts, seeds, fish, oils (Hair and Make up will THANK YOU), Carbohydrates (for energy. Photoshoots take a LOOOONG time, and you better NOT take the chairs of the support crew. Good way to get on the '****-list', so be prepared to stay on your toes). Don't look for escuses to starve yourself- there ARE other options.

^A Thousand times THIS^

Be healthy, learn your industry, and take care of yourself while you pursue any dream.


My sister is a model and works for an agency that specifically told her not to go on any crazy diet plans or starve herself.

They said that they want healthy looking girls, not stick waifs.


You need to find another agency. Trust me there's better ones out there that realize you're already at an ideal weight.

Also, maybe your hip size is simply 36 inches. Like that's how wide your hip bones are, not that you have an extra 2 inches of fat around your hips.


Instead of eating a protein bar at night for 200 calories, why not try a HUGE salad with some chicken. Add in lettuce, tomatoes and artichoke hearts and some olives, a little bit of goat cheese. Its a really big amount of food for around 200-300 calories. And its much more fulfilling than a protein bar.

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