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20/30 Diet Success (or not) Stories...

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Started the 20/30 Diet and was wondering if anyone out there has tried it.  My daughter swears by it and she is showing a dramatic weight drop but I've heard so many pros and cons on counting fat, fiber, calories...you name it.

I've tried the calorie count before and stopped mid-way to do the 20/30...

Comments please

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I've never heard of it... what is it?
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It's a daily diet based on 20g (or less) of Fat and 30g (or more) of Fiber.

I'm loving it.  I've never heard of 20/30 before but hey.  I'm getting in the neighborhood of 15g of fat and 70 to 100g of fiber in a day.  My weight is shedding like crazy and I've got tons of energy (not because of the 20/30 thing, but because of all the nutrients I'm getting).

If you're wondering I'm doing it by eating a whole foods, plant-based diet.

it seems a doable thingy. do you have a link??
i'm always looking for new imput

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OMG!!!  What types of foods are you talking about?!?!?  I'm eating tons of fruits, vegetable, whole grains, etc.


I've never seen a loss of 70-100g of Fiber in one dayFrown

Please share...

A loss of 70-100g of fiber?  No, I eat 70-100g of fiber a day.

I'm eating tons of leafy greens, other vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, and grains.  It's so delicious and crazy good for me.  I love it.

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Sorry about that mikelane...I did mean a consumption not loss. 

BEANS...there's where I can pick up a ton more fiber grams! Nuts may have to many fat grams albiet good fat but I'm afraid in my book it's still fat.

What kind of seeds do you eat?

halloskinny my daughter is the one that turned me on to this diet and she said they used to have a web site but no longer do...I'm heartbroken about that.  However they do have several books out there.  I have the latest one: By Gabe Mirkin & Barry Fox.

What I like about that diet is that you truly DO NOT starve...and believe me I LOVE to EAT!!!!


Fat is essential, though not in the quantities you regularly see prescribed here on these forums.  You need about 15% of your calories from fat.  Make sure they come from whole foods sources (e.g. olive oil is not a whole food so avoid it).

As far as seeds go, sunflower seeds are good.  I read that Quinoa is a seed.  I can't think of any others right off the top of my head.  Poppy seeds in a smoothie maybe.  Things like that.

And yup, beans are the magical fruit.

Hi the book she is taking about is called:The 20/30 Fat & Fiber Diet Plan: The Weight-Reducing, Health-Promoting Nutrition System for Life (Harper Resource Book) (Paperback)
by Gabe Mirkin (Author), Barry Fox (Author).  you can view this book on amazon.com.  It is very interesting.



I've tried this plan and I think that it is valid. It worked but I was unable to keep up with it permanently because it is fairly strict. That is, it is not a diet for those who do like to eat dairy, meat and carbohydrates like bread. 30 grams of fiber may be difficult for some as well and keeping the fat intake to 20 grams - permanently. The thing that I liked about it though, was that you were allowed a couple of meals during the week that were not typical (i.e. you could cheat a little). I enjoy eating a lot of meatless dishes, but I like to eat a few meat dishes during the week. But if you're going to eat dairy and meat, then you're going to likely exceed 20 fat grams. Gabe Mirkin has a web site and his wife is a nutritionist. Her recipes are on the site as well.

I just bought the 20/30 Fat & Fiber Plan book for $1 at the thrift store. Looks very doable and interested. I have Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (colon polyps that have to be removed every year or turn cancerous). My doctor is always telling me I need MORE fiber, less FAT and to lose weight. I think this may finally be the eating plan for me! So glad I saw this discussion. May actually save my life, if it works.

Wow!!! I'd love to eat more fibre I've been so hungry lately. What food is high in fibre?

Beans, fruits like apples, veggies and whole grains.

Awesome I brought rice paper rolls and am filling them with stirfry cabbage and black beans. Yum

I just read about a study where they looked at people after that had been eating about 20% fat for 4 weeks and found significant drops in their metabolism.  Like 300kCal a day.  There were several other problems found with that diet as well.  A low glycemic diet was found to be the healthiest without damaging your metabolism.

Read the article here

Of course you will lose weight eating 20 grams of fat a day.

That's ridiculously low for anyone.

Personally I am more satiated and eat less when healthy fat is added to my plate.

In the early 90's I lost a lot of weight eating 30 grams of fat (or less) a day along with high fiber. I was unable to eat that way long term. I also had horrible digestive issues from all the low fat and fat free foods.

If 20/30 works for you great, but I know I would feel deprived. I enjoy fat:)
I don't want to damage my metabolism!
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