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Weight Loss
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Does diet soda increase appetite?

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I have been drinking diet soda for years. I always thought it was helping me in my weight loss efforts, but being that I have just yo-yo dieted and never got anywhere near my goal weight, I'm gonna guess that it hinders my weight loss instead. So, I've decided to begin replacing my diet, aspartame filled fizzy drinks with something more substantial.

I'm curious though. Is there anyone here who had a bad diet soda habit, and was able to stop? Did anything change?

I'm asking this because I was just reading that diet soda can make people crave sugar... and I always loved drinking diet soda while eating chocolate chip cookies...

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I think that diet soda is one of those 'YMMV' things. It has never triggered cravings for me, nor has diet soda/tea/sugar-free popsicles/jell-o/candy/whatever stalled my weight loss. I find that having something sweet (but sugar-free) while craving something sweet satisfies me without adding too many extra calories.

Double post!

Thanks for the reply... but what is "YMMV?" I am clueless!

Oh, 'your mileage will vary'.

I've never really noticed an increase in hunger from diet soda, but I know that for some people- the sugar can really hike up their insulin and make them crave more food.

The main reason that I stopped drinking diet soda is because of the artificial sweetner- it's very bad for your kidneys. I NEVER drink regular soda, and I might have a diet soda every once and a while, but that's about it.

So good for you for giving up diet soda! You're helping your body in more ways than one.

One substitue I've found for the diet soda is Sobe 0 Calorie Life Water. The pomegranate flavor is amazing, and I think they taste even better than Diet Pepsi ever did!

I was at a weight management lecture the other evening and they said that studies show that one group of people who drank diet sodas tended  to eat ( and gain more weight ) than those who did not.? They also tend to crave more.  Food for thought.

Artificial sweeteners are not good for you. I lost weight after I gave them up. Everyone has an opinion on this but my personal belief is that they wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels, increase appetite, are linked to a variety of strange symptoms and diseases. They are chemicals. If you believe in clean/balanced eating they should be avoided. 080210183902.htm _foods.shtml

For me, diet soda triggers eating binges. I do my best when I leave them out of the diet.

I drink diet coke and coke zero all the time...and did before losing the weight as well...I see no significant difference for me however, thats for me...I am sure others might be different.  The flip side would be sugar packed soda which is probably no better for a person.  I guess you could always drink water...personally the flavorless drinks have done ZERO for me...and I bet if you look up water I am sure there is something in it that is bad if someone has a solution I am willing to try it (beyond the flavorless water solution).

I am a diet Coke addict, but I can't hold a candle to my husband's Diet Dr Pepper habit. (I'm talking about 6-10 cans a day for him and 1.5 to 3 for me!)

We both acknowledge that it can't be good for us, and I would never tell him to stop. I have stopped all carbonated beverages once before when I had some stomach issues after taking too much ibuprofen. That lasted about 2 months. Once I didn't need the ibuprofen, I got back on the soda pop wagon.

I don't think it helps or hinders my weight loss except in the fact that if I was drinking that much of something else, I'd have to make sure it was water. And there's a psychological aspect to it for me as well. When you're limiting all sweets, snacks, etc. then sometimes it's the only thing I can consider a treat.

I entertain fantasies about giving up pop once I get to my goal weight, but it's a crucial tool for getting me there.

Original Post by lisajancsar:

I was at a weight management lecture the other evening and they said that studies show that one group of people who drank diet sodas tended  to eat ( and gain more weight ) than those who did not.? They also tend to crave more.  Food for thought.

I have also heard this to be true.  I mean, how often do we see a "skinny" person drinking a diet coke? 

And all the stuff they put in a "Diet" anything to make it taste like real sugar can't be good for you.  Aspartame has been linked to memory loss and a bunch of other nasty stuff. 

I figure that water or a fruit juice is going to be more healthy than anythin man-made, but that's just me.

Well, amocatte, everyone in my family drinks diet coke (as opposed to regular) and none of them are overweight. Some people, including me, just prefer the taste.

So how often do I see a "skinny" person drinking diet? Pretty often.

I don't drink diet soda as much as I used to because I've found the carbonation upsets my stomach, but I've gone through periods of drinking more or less, and it hasn't changed my cravings for sweets. I drink it because I like the taste (regular tastes nasty to me). I know that some people have a negative reaction to it, but I don't find it true for me.

Hmmmm how often do I see a skinny person drinking a diet coke....ummm daily...I drink them....and at this point in my life I feel comfortable to say I am fairly fit...not sure I will call myself "skinny"...I am at the best shape of my life.

As for the reports....who did them and what is their motive?  I have read several that say its bad...I read several that say there is no for me (the consumer) I made the decision to drink them...not because they are good or bad...because I like the taste...and I really dislike bland H2O.

My 2 cents - do what feels right for you....if after you have read all the studies make a decision what you feel is the best for YOU....and live with your decision....dont sweat the little stuff.

*edit I also forgot to add that I dont crave fact I dont eat candy or cake...its just something I dont eat...and hadnt for YEARS...I am sure its not the norm but no craving one way or the other.

I have had a bad diet soda habit for as long as I can remember. I have not tried to quit itcompletely, but I have replaced my AM soda with a cup of water and a cup of black coffee. (I now get fewer headaches than I used to, but there may be other reasons for that.) I still drink diet soda in the afternoon and evening, but at least I've cut back.

I don't find diet soda to increase my appetite at all. In fact, I think of it as a treat, especially diet Mountain Dew - mmmmm. If I've consumed too many calories on a particular day, I feel better knowing I can still have my DMD. As far as increasing one's cravings for sweets, I'm not sure. I pretty much always crave sweets and I drink diet soda on a daily basis, so there may be a connection there.... interesting....

To amo - I have to admit, I don't see a "skinny" person drinking diet soda too often, but some people consider me to be slim, and I drink it regularly. I'm a waitress, however, and most of my customers who order diet soda are not slim. Also interesting.....

I used to be a diet soda addict.  Coke zero, diet sunkist, diet pepsi...tried a bunch of caffeine-free versions as well.  I would always say that it didn't affect my hunger and even that it filled me up a bit (with the bubbles, I guess!)


That was then.


After months and months of drinking it, my body went crazy.  I would feel satisfied when I had the soda initially.  But hours later, I would feel a tension in the back of my arms and an insatiable urge to binge.  I stopped drinking the soda, and the urge to binge just disappeared.

Use with caution!!!

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I used to be a Coca-cola addict.  I switched to Diet Coke because I thought it was healthier.   I drank it for years and years.

When I started my lifestyle-change, I cut out all artificial sweeteners, including my beloved coke.

While I cannot contribute any of my weightloss directly to the cutting out of soda, I think I can make a direct correlation in the improvement in my teeth.  Every dentist appt would result in several cavities needing to be filled.  Since I quit the soda, I have not had even one cavity in over 2 years.  I can only wonder what was that stuff doing to my bones!

On a very rare occasion, I will have some diet coke, but it tastes yucky now!!  You will lose your taste for it.  Trust me.  We used to joke about how I had coke flowing through my veins and here I am anti-soda, and especially the cola products.  Miracles do happen. 

For me, it surpresses my appetite.

For a co-worker, it increases it.

Everyone is different. 

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