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Ok, I have been drinking iced tea and water for the last seven weeks.  I was a diet soda addict.  The most I have had in seven weeks is maybe a cup of diet coke, when iced tea was not available, as I only drink water after working out.

My question is this.  For some reason, yesterday I was craving a diet soda.  I had two. UGH!  Now, last night and this morning I have a major headache.  Could it be from the diet soda? 

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From the caffeine more then likely. 

Either the caffeine or the artificial sweetner. The latter is a migraine trigger for me.

If you drank tea as you have been for the past 7 weeks and had two additional diet sodas, you probably overdid it regardless of whether it was the caffeine or sweetner.

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yes, it could definitely be from the diet soda. That stuff is nasty & chalk full of chemicals and crap that could easily give me a headache! But don't worry I understand the addicting nature of diet soda. The aspartame acts as a neuroexcitotoxin, which ties in to our pleasure/reward pathway. It is highly addicting.

Your body was getting used to not having it, and when you had some & it didn't like it, hence a headache. That's my opinion.

It will take some time, but I strongly advocate for a whole foods, all natural diet. Even weaning off the ice tea, which if powdered, had loads of sugar & added ingredients that are likely not good for you as well. Maybe try some actual green tea, sweetened with a natural sweetener like Stevia, maple syrup or honey. Your body will love you for it!

All the best :)


Thanks!  It is amazing how bad this headache is.  Hurts to breath.  I usually drink iced tea from tea bags (Lipton) and use stevia sweetner.  I won't touch that diet coke stuff again.  It is actually an off brand of diet soda (Aldi's).  I am sure that is packed with crap.

Diet sodas give me HORRIBLE headaches.  Are you succeptible to migraines?

If you need caffeine, I suggest buying liquid caffeine off e-bay and mixing it with club soda.  You can add your own stuff to change the taste.  I have some extremely low calorie recipes that sound odd but I like and work well.

Alternatively, try using something like soy milk and soy protein with the liquid caffeine.  It will keep you wired and provide some real food for the same calorie price as a sugar soda and it really fills you up.

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