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So..are there any diet pills that actually work?

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I've been dieting for a looong time. I've never tried anything like diet pills but I've been wondering about it lately. But, I don't want to waste my money. So I was wondering if any of you had tried any diet pills that really worked. I've been told about Alli...and about how it's basically a laxitive for people who eat a lot of fat. lol Which I don't. I eat very little fat at all, so it wouldn't work for me.....unless I changed my diet to eat only fat...Anyway, if anyone could give me some input that would be helpful. I'm not looking for something that is for massive weight loss, I only want to lose 20 pounds. But I'd like to lose it by Halloween. (Why Halloween, you ask? Because. 1. It's before the bad holiday eating and 2. because I want to dress like Daisy Duke for Halloween....just kidding.)


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It sounds like diet pills probably aren't a good idea for you.  Most are designed for extremely overweight people and can be detrimental to someone just wanting to lose 20-50lbs.  I would talk to your doctor about it - maybe there is something out there that he can recommend.
The only ones that work are a few, one that definitely works is xenical, but it has a major drawback. you have to take that pill allways when consuming high fat stuff then it will cut the cals from the fat by up tu 33%. That might not sound like much but it will be enough over time.

best Choice however would be, to just DON'T EAT that fat stuff in the first place! The drawback of that pill is that you will lose all that fat directly and by directly I MEAN DIRECTLY lol...

All other pills that use some magic wonder ingredient won't work! I was like this too half a year ago, I searched for the one and only pill that could cure me, but I was strong enough to resist and thought about changing my lifestyle instead, I lost 32 pounds since then :)
I disagree.  There's plenty that works.  Ill explain at the bottom of the page.

There's alot of diet pills out there.  Of coures none of these will show good results with out a proper diet.  But if you have the proper diet, it does help.

[we're all different so there's no "one" pill that will affect you the same as to another.  Its not magic, its science.]

Most common:
There's thermos (heats your core body temp) mostly based on caffeine/egcg [aka hydroxycut, xenedrine, stacker, etc.]

{{warning: thermos...no heart condition lol, discrection is advise}}

Appitite Suppres:
Many kinds... that block fat (reminds you of something...ahem alli) carbs... or make you less hungry all together (hoodia and some others). 

Go here to read more, read some reviews, whats in the pills and what the effects/side effects are.


PS.  One thing though, some may work for others but not for you.  Its a trial and error thing unforunately since we have different body types and different reactions to certain drugs.  As for dose, always go half and slowly build up to see the side affects.  Also if your using thermos check your blood pressure and heart rate.  Abuse and not knowing your body is why ppl mess up.  PM me if you got any other questions.

I've been on phentermine for 4 weeks and I can say it definately works.  It has given me the energy to work out everyday, sometimes twice a day, and I don't get food cravings so I only eat when I'm hungry.  I'm using being on the pill to my advantage and I'm literally working my ass off!  I'm not looking for a quick fix, just a boost into weight loss.  It's really helping me.  But my doctors got me under close surveillance and doesn't even give me refills every month.  Talk to your doctor.

Hi, this is my first post here, but I do know something about diet pills.  At New Years, I was 307#.  The dr gave me a prescription for phentermine, and it has worked wonders for me.  I've lost 65# so far.  Like any pill, it won't work for everyone, and there are potential side effects, but it controls my appetite, so I can eat healthy food, in the proper amounts, without all the cravings.

"if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it". I am a pharmachology grad student and let me tell you... pills are a bad idea. especially the ones you buy over the counter. I've taken them all, hun. ALL. When it comes down to it, it just has this generic for speed in it and it supposedly helps your lose weight  or curb your appetite. To tell you the truth if it DID work, why has the FDA not approved any of them? Cuz they don't work. It's a scheme.

There ARE FDA approved diet pills. Hurray. But, they have to be perscribed by your doctor. If you are taking pills then consult your or any doctor about it and if they think you NEED perscription drugs, they will give them to you.

Long story short, they are a rip off and you're better at just working out and controlling what you eat. It's all psychological. Know taht your stomach is only as big as your fist. You can't stuff so much in it and studies have proven that when your body is hungry, it wants NUTRIOUS (spelling haha) food. But, if you eat junk, your body requires MORE AND MORE food to satisfy the amount of nutrients it needs. Obviosuly a cup of milk has more nutriional value than a can of soda. Know what I mean?

If it's still difficult then take your favorite food. Let's say a slice of pizza. Take two big bites and chew but don't swallow. Spit it back out and see what it looks like and HOW big it is in reference to your fist. and then put it back in your mouth. Pizza will never seem the same to you.

That's all! =) I hope it's helped.
I agree with luvfoeva, but would like  to add that I'm pretty sure I remember hearing on the news that the FDA did just approve one for over the counter as well. 
personally I use green tea w/caffeine pills.  I don't think of them as weight loss pills so much as energy pills.  I take em sometimes to get me going to the gym.  I don't drink coffee so I'm not getting any other caffeine, and I usually only take it a few times a week.  it really helps to boost my workouts on mornings when I'm feeling lazy.

Yes, but they're highly dangerous, not available over the counter and shouldn't be messed with.

Weightloss can be achieved with a good clean diet and exercise.

Original Post by debelwell:

Everyone knows that "Weightloss can be achieved with a good clean diet and exercise."  The problem lies in the fact that most of us are not able to control our "cravings" for certain foods and are physically unable to control our appetite.  We know what we are supposed to eat, but do not seem to have control over our hunger.  Also, a lot of us want to exercise, but do not have the energy to do so.

I'm highlighting this paragraph because I have yet to see someone who experiences that who does not chronically undereat or attempt to unrealistically restrict intake by an extreme amount from what they were previously accustomed as the actual root cause of the problem.



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I use OxyElitePro Super Thermogenic, works GREAT! I've been taking these pills for about three weeks and have lost 11 pounds. I do however eat clean (organic, whole foods, free range cage free lean meat, high protein veggies and fruits) I drink a lot of water and exercise at least 5 times a week. I don't solely rely on the pills. I plan to stop the pills when I finish the bottle they've given me the boost I need but after that I'd prefer to be on my own. :) The pills work and I recommend anyone to try them however you should consult with your doctor prior to taking these pills as warned on the bottle.
Original Post by debelwell:
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lol Yeah whatever mate, besides I wasnt talking about ACE or whatever the **** it is.


I was talking about DNP, thyroid drugs and harsh stimulants.

They actually work and are scientifically proven, but if your ACE had any of that stuff it would be banned within a heartbeat lol


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Yeah, everything that has ever been proven to work has been banned by the FDA. Well, except creatine, but that's not for weight loss. So if you are getting anything over the counter, it doesn't work.

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