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2468 Diet

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Not many have heard about the 2468 diet because most think it's too risky... but hear me out before you judge.

There's a diet, commonly called 2468 where you eat 200 calories one day, 400 calories the next, 600 after that, and 800 for the last day, then the cycle repeats.

The diet is used by most people who want to loose weight fast and who want to keep it off. The purpose of it is to keep your metabolism guessing because all it knows is what was consumed the day before and doesn't know what the future holds.

Of course, like every other diet exercise must still be included. On average a person who abides by 2468 should loose 10 lbs per month.

Now that you know about 2468 let me know what you think.

Note: This site states woman should not consume less than 1200 calories per day
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Thats nuts!
You need minimum 1200 as you said.
Maybe an adaptation would be adding 1000 cal to each of those if your daily intake was 1800 usually.
I can so see people having, what, a bowl of porridge and that's all to eat, and collapsing when the exercise.
People in comas dont even eat that little.
Muscle would be lost instead of fat - you'd put it all back on!
agreed, it's nuts.
ditto - it's nuts...200 cals a day? no, sorry...
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You can't even live on 800 cals a day, never mind 200.  And how are you expected to keep the weight off when you lose it? As soon as you go back to eating more cals a day, you'll put on weight.
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very bad idea.  not healthy at all.  really, really stupid.  don't do it.
Yeah, sounds like zig-zagging, but in a nutso-kinda way.

I think if you put a 1 in front of all those numbers, it'd be perfect:

1200, then 1300, then 1400, then 1800, then back to 1200. In fact, this sounds like a GREAT zig zagging method and I'm going to try it! Maybe it was like that, but you misunderstood it as 200, 300, 400 and 800?  
I hate to tell you this but that ultra low calorie diet doesn't work.  In my quest to lose weight, over the course of the past 25 years, I've tried just about everything except drugs.  All that happens on this diet is, you drop all your water weight overnight, then drop about 10 pounds over the course of a week.  Then what happens is, nobody can keep it up for longer (unless you are mental) and the weight comes right back on, within a remarkably short time, even if you are limiting to 1200 calories, plus 5 more pounds because you've "tricked" your metabolism into slowing down instead of speeding up. 

Diets like this are one reason I'm so fat today.
I agree with everyone else.....it's nuts....I think I would end up passing out if I tried this. Stick to AT LEAST 1200 calories a day. But I think even that's too low.
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Just doing the maths.... say you need 2000 cals a day for maintenance. take february with 28 days gives you

28 x 2000 = 56,000 cals to maintain weight in february

A four days cycle of 200, 400, 600 and 800 = 2000 cals.

There are 7 cycles of 4 days in february, so...

7 x 2000 cals = 14,000

taking maintenance and deducting the 2468 diet -

56,000 - 14,000 = 42,000 deficit for February

3,500 cals = 1 lb

42,000 divided by 3,500 = 12 lbs or 3 lbs a week.

This is based on a female doing no exercise, and being pretty much bone idle all day. Add in exercise or a job, and.... well.... you get the picture.

Bye bye fitness, muscle, bone mass and any form of socialising.
What would you be able to eat in a day to keep at 200 cals? Ouch! 2 bananas? a bowl of cereal with milk....
If you do that, you can kiss your metabolism good bye. 
Don't recommend it.  While you may loose weight quickly because your body will be in ketosis, you NEED TO BE UNDER MEDICAL SUPERVISION if you are going to stick with something like that overtime.  Not only will it go crazy on your metabolism, it can cause other problems as well.

Here's an idea. 


2 - exercise

4 - yourself and your health

6 - days a week and

8(eat) - for nurishment and your health only

Calorie restrictive diets do not work long-term and can be very dangerous to your health.
Good one Salome...:)
Yeah...the 2468 diet sounds really scary to me.  Before this site I definitely did the diets where I tried to limit myself to 1000 calories, but I know that killed my energy (and apparently wasn't healthy).  I couldn't imagine trying to eat 200 calories in a day.  Sounds like a bad and dangerous idea. 

Hope you find what your looking for here!  A lot of people have a lot of great tips and this site it amazing.  Good luck!
People in comas at hospitals are given 1200 calories a day. That sounds like a horrible diet, and will screw up your metabolism quick. Your body won't have to guess it's not getting enough calories any of the days.
Just FYI, a little research will tell you that the 2468 diet was developed on the pro-anorexia forums http://community.livejournal.com/proanorexia/
Thanks, saldelmundo, for doing that research.

Geez louise, what an incredibly stupid diet.
when i went to weightloss camp they taught us this rhyme

when i want to lose some weight

6,5,2,2,2 and few

water i will drink my 8

6,5,2,2,2 and few

i will love myself not hate

6,5,2,2,2 and few

then its time to celebrate!

6,5,2,2,2 and few

sure, that has nothing to do with this post, but those numbers are    a lot more realistic!
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