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Weight Loss
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Diabetes and weight loss.

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I was wondering if there were any Type 1 diabetics on this website and if they had any tips on weight loss.  I have had the hardess time trying to lose weight for as long as I can remember.  I am currently on the insulin pump and my doctor says that insulin is the one thing that makes it hard to lose weight.  I was just want to hear some positive weight loss results in diabetics, so I won't give up. Thanks.
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I have Type II Diabetes and use 2 types of insulin. Since I have started the lifestyle that I now am on, started May 23, I have had need for less insulin and have lost 7 pounds on this program.
kejank ~ it is possible but tight glucose control is crucial to future health and your ability to lose weight.  It's hard to lose if you are suffering from low blood sugars and have to eat extra to pull out. 

Do you have a meal plan from a dietician that is tailored to your preferences?  that spreads food out in meals and snacks to help keep your blood sugar control easier and more stable?

So, you understand how to mix and match foods and how to adjust insulin based on how much and what types of foods you eat?

asuming all this is a yes, then look at the mediteranean types of meal plans ~ they use heart healthy types of fats and lots of the *legumes* for protein ~ these can help... both physically and to help you feel satisfied :)

hang in!  it is possible, but it means daily control and steady eating...
Thanks guys.  I just think it might take me alot longer than other people to lose weight.  My diabetes doctor told me that since I am giving myself insulin (instead of my body automatically producing it), I may have a much harder time losing.  She recommended this other drug called Simulin, which is an injection that I would have to do before every meal.  However, I went on the insulin pump to get away from shots.  This is definitely a last resort.

I went to a dietician and I lost 1 1/2lbs in 2 months, but she found out that I was not eating enough. Since my insurance doesn't cover visits to her anymore I decided to try this website.  So far I have lost 2lbs (in ~2 1/2 weeks), but tomorrow I'm going to weigh myself and I think I may have gained it back.  Nothing seems to stick when I lose.  I just wanted to get some sort-of support out there from other type 1 diabetics in the same situtation.

Thanks for the advice, and I'm going to try other things like drinking water instead of diet pop, watching sodium intake and walking more.

I have Type 2 and control with diet and exercise.  If you post on the ADA message boards, you might find someone who can give you good advice.  There is a Type 1 board and a board for "pumpers".

Where is the ADA message boards?  I looked all over this website.

I get mean american diabetes association website.  Thanks!
Hi kejank, I just found your post & was wondering how you were doing.  I am also a Type 1 on the pump, & have had trouble losing weight.  I tried the Symlin on my endo's reccommendation & it just made me feel really nauseous (I guess thats how you lose weight on it).  I finally just buckled down & am losing weight now. I started January 11th & am down 20 lbs now.  I cut my calories to between 1400-1700 a day, eating alot of small meals.  I get at least 60 min of cardio a day, often more than 60 (I bike to & from work 5 miles R/T-walk 30 min at lunch & climb stairs -15 flights in am & 15 in the afternoon) & usually go on a 30 minuted bike ride after dinner.  Once a week I go on a 20-30 mile ride (about 2 hours).  I've had to adjust my insulin frequently, I don't go anywhere w/o my glucose tablets (I usually suspend my pump on 30 min or longer bike rides) & I drink lots of water. I've given up my Michelob Ultra beer, though occasionally will have a couple vodka & diet sprites (only 50 cal each) at social occasions. I still have 30 more lbs to go, but I'm hoping I hit that by summer.  Good Luck to you.
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