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Devices that measure how many calories you burn

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Hi, all. 

I've been researching way on how to accurately measure how many calories I burn throughout the day.  I've heard Polar's heart rate monitors are not really that accurate and can be off as much as 30% for calories you've burned.

So, after lots of research, I found this neat little device called Bodybugg.  I'm sure some of you have seen it on the Biggest Loser when they're wearing some kind of armband.  I also found another device, made by the same company just a different brand, called Gowear Fit.  These device are supposedly 90% accurate on how many caloires you've burn throughout the day.  You can even wear these when you sleep!

I'm wondering if any of you have one of these and how you like it.  I would really appreciate any info and opinions regardless if you have purchased this or not.  Thanks.


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I got the GoWear Fit 3 days ago and am still in the analysis phase.  I still don't know just how accurate it is.  However, I LOVE the calories burned graph on the site!  It is so cool to go on there and see just where and when you burned calories throughout the day.  It is also very motivating to me to see lots of peaks and not many valleys. It keeps me aware of how long I am not moving and reminds me to get off my butt!

As far as accuracy goes,  I'll know in a couple of weeks.  If the calorie deficiency matches up with actual weight loss, then I would deem it accurate.  I did wear the GWF with my Polar HRM that I have had for a few years during a workout on my elliptical.  The elliptical said 581, but those are always wrong and mine won't even let you enter your personal info so it's useless.  The HRM said 450 while the GWF said 300.  That is a huge difference as far as I am concerned.  I don't know if the HRM is over-estimating or the GWF is under-estimating or what.  We'll see.


Hi, just wondering how you like your Gowear.  Mine is arriving tomorrow and am very excited.  This deficit thing has had me reeling.  I'm hoping the gadget will take all the uncertainties out of it....making it a clear cut to knowing exactly how many cal to consume for a 500 per day deficit.

I bought a GoWear Fit recently and have been using it for the last four days, and so far I'm very pleased.  Since I already count calories, I now know exactly what my deficit for the day is.  I've been more active than usual the last couple evenings, and I've also snacked less in the evenings, because I wanted to get as close as I could to a 1000 calorie deficit. 

I've created an Excel spreadsheet (yes, I'm slightly obsessive) with my daily calorie intake and calories burned, so that I can track my daily deficits.  The GWF will calculate your daily deficit based on an estimate of how many calories you eat each day, but as I eat somewhere between 1200 to 1500 a day, I like doing the calculations manually so that I know my exact deficit each day.

Also, just walking around burns a surprising number of calories.  I've realized that I don't need to do a hardcore workout to burn more calories - just going for an extra walk in the evening helps a lot.  I'm finding the GWF to be an excellent motivator to get off the couch and move.

If you have any other questions, please ask!

Thanks!  I've been counting calories since the beginning of June.  But I've been using the CalorieKing Nutrition and Exercise Manager software (not the on on CC).  I've got obsessive too and measured everything when eating at home.  So, I've got that part down for the most part.  On the software, I've alloted myself 1200 cal/day.  When I enter my activity (workout), it bumps up my allotment.  Say if I burned 300 cal, then it has me consuming 1500 cal (1200 + 300).  I've been going with it since June but have seen very little drop in my weight.  Now, I'm wondering how was I suppose to have a deficit if I'm eating all the calories I've burned?  I supposedly burn 1390 calories per day by just "normal living" according to CC.  But if I'm putting back everything I've burned, doesn't that basically say that I don't have a deficit by working out?  As I understand it, I'm only burning ~110 per day (1390-1200=110).  When I realized that I freaked out.....the last 2 months have been useless basically.  Anyway, this is when I decided to invest and purchase the Gowear.  The deficit thing got me very depressed.....I've been doing this all wrong I guess.  I still don't understand why the software had me eating what I've been burning.

m4mitchell, i have a couple of questions for you after having only worn my gowear full-time for the past 5 days.

1) does your arm (where sensor meets the skin) get irritated at all?  after 3 days, mine was itchy and welted despite not having worn it too tightly and i take it off during showers and give breaks now and then.  right now, i've switched it to my right arm even though the directions say to wear on the left arm......seems to work fine.

2) gowear seems to give much lower calories burned than my elliptical machine (which was to be expected since the machines are often inaccurate).  but also lower than my HRM which i "thought" was somewhat accurate.  any thoughts on this?

gowear has also motivated me to be more active....i even park the car in the corner spot so that i can walk....i never used to do that.


The GWF always leaves red indent marks on my arm when I take it off, but they go away fairly quickly.  I haven't really had any problems with irritation - sometimes the armband feels a little itchy or uncomfortable, but it generally goes away when I loosen the strap.  Have you tried washing the armband?  It's possible that your skin is reacting to something in the nylon.  I'm not sure why this would only happen on one of your arms, though!

I don't use an elliptical machine, so I'm afraid I'm not much help.  The main  structured exercise I do is at Curves.  That said, I use a program called CurvesSmart that *claims* I burn 300 or more calories a workout, whereas the GWF says I typically burn about 150.  That's a big difference, and I think part of it is that some of the machines I use at Curves only target the lower body, and so the GWF doesn't realize that I'm getting as much of a workout.

The calorie discrepancy doesn't really bother me, because I am still definitely more active than I would be without the GWF, and I think the calorie burn total probably averages out in the end.  I'd much rather have it underestimate my burn than overestimate it, anyway.

If it bothers you, you could take off the GWF while working out on the elliptical machine (it would give your arm a break, too!) and then just enter your activity for that time manually.

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