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Depo Provera shots causing extreme weight gain?

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I just wanted to know what peoples thoughts were on the shot i have gotten it in the past and it really messed thing wup for me. has anyone else had simmalar side effects .. extreem weight gain and also problems with sdeeffects after going off of it .. i am scarred that this drug has effectd me permanaintly. ?
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I just started the shot a month ago and so far so good. My gyno told me that it doesn't necessarily make u gain wring but it can increase ur appetite so that u gain weight. I have been eating right and exercising regularly and iactuallyam losing weight..

I would really appreciate if you could update on how you are after you come off it, I too have had my last shot after 2 years. I thought the depo was great..no period=no pain. I have put on weight through eating badly at university although I am always hungry.

Im only 20 and my weight loss seems slower than past attempts. Ive stuck at it this time and lost 11lb in 9 weeks. However the 11lb was my lowest recorded weight, generally shows to be a 6lb loss despite my calories of 1600 calories a day and much more exercise since the 4th Jan.

The water retention is pretty bad when I have it,almost painful. Im coming off depo in favour of the coil (either less or no hormones) and after having it put in thats it for 5 or 10 years. I am worried about the bone density too and thats added to my decision. I dont blame the depo but I do believe its making my weight loss more difficult, whether its making me hold water or calories. If not its definitely making the motivation harder as Im always hungry.

Hoping to see some changes and maybe hit a more steady rate after im off it. It better be worth going back to having periods!

I Got the shot ONLY to get my butt fixed!!! I have four kids and ALWAYS went right back to my original weight of 135..my entire life as i remember since highschool i have been the same size,same jeans,same everything..I take the shot,no problem,right? A few weeks go by and im gaining so much weight,I thought maybe it was something I was doing,the pepsi?? WEll...no,i have been drinking pepsi forever.I haven't changed a thing I have been doing,except taking care of four kids instead of three..well i already lost baby weight and was at 135 well its been 2 1/2 months and i weigh 160..i can NOT beleive it can be anything else..i have NEVER in my life had to think of ways to lose weight,i have never weighed this much without being pregnant..and like the rest of you,i thought i was crazy..but this is the only explaination..i usually eat whatever i want when i want and gain nothing,but even with that said,i usually dont have time to eat much,i have one cup of coffee in the morning,maybe 3 pepsi's and half of dinner if im lucky ..and i have four kids,and a house i clean constantly! so ..bs??  I dont think so..i do agree that everyone reacts to it differently,obviously or every single pill ever taken everyone would have the same side affects,you would be gaurunteed to have them...and my body obviously got the gaining weight one that i wasnt even warned about because it wasnt supposed to be my drug of choice to fight off having a baby..now im scared to death about these other stories on here claiming it gets worse or doesnt get better after i stop the pill..im mad as hell that i look the way i do...and the whole sex drive thing?? im glad i read that on here,because i wasnt told about it either and now it makes sense!!! so i can stop looking for diseases i thought maybe i had out of no where LOL thanks girls and yea wether you might or might not gain the weight..i would not chance it EVER..if i could turn back time?? id rather never have sex again then take this shot!!! goodluck!!


I lost 48lbs last Spring, and maintained my goal weight for over 7 months, it was easy.  However, I had complications with my mirena and had to have it removed.  I chose Depo since it was the easiest most reliable form (no more kids for us) of BC for me.  I noticed the day of the shot I was an emotional mess.  This continued for almost a week.  Then I thought things were fine, as I adjusted.  I took Depo shots for a full year, and gained 3-5lbs with EACH shot.  I had enough after a few months, and tried desperately to loose the weight, trying everything I had done before to loose it.  I would only loose about a pound here and there, after exercising 2-3x per week and dieting.  Nothing was working, it wasnt even worth the effort anymore.  Hubby got snipped, and I was able to stop taking Depo in June.  It is now 5 months later, and I have been trying for a month now to loose the weight I gained back, and JUST NOW I am noticing a difference.  I have lost 7lbs of it so far.  It isnt as easy to loose it as it was before, but atleast it is coming off finally now.  I cant wait for this crap to get out of my system completely I still havent had a period so I know it is still in there.  DONT GET DEPO if you are concerned about weight gain, it WILL make you gain, and it is impossible to loose it when you are getting the shots.

That's why there are different birth control methods, not one thing will work for everybody. Wink


As for me. After I had my daughter 13 years ago, I had an emergency csection and was back in my size 5/7 clothes within a week. I decided to get the depo so I wouldn't have to deal with it more than every 3 months. I took it for about 2 years. I gained about 70 pounds in those two years, my sex drive was also pretty non-existent and the worse part was my hormones were crazy. Like psycho where I would be happy one moment and crying/screaming like a lunatic the next and it was all the time! I became so crazy I would become violent with my husband (like trying to throw things at his head). I didn't make the connection that it was the depo making me so crazy. My crazyness eventually led to my husband and I separating, I moved out with my daughter to my parents so we could get some space. Of course once I moved out since I was no longer having sex, I decided to stop the depo shot (basically when I moved out it was almost time to get my next one and I just didn't). And pretty much once I missed my next shot and the hormones subsided I became normal again. My husband and I started "seeing" each other again to try to work things out and I decided to go on the pill so I didn't have a whoops. I stayed normal person on the pill but after I moved back in I talked to my doctor and they recommended an IUD, specifically Mirena.

I stopped gaining weight once I stopped depo but the damage had been done and I haven't really tried to lose the weight until now, but I did stop gaining. I had the Mirena in for 5 years, then we decided to have another baby and now I have the Mirena again.

I didn't have a period with either the depo nor do I with the Mirena but I'm not crazy psycho either and I only have to deal with the Mirena once every 5 years. 

I don't know from my own experience but my older sister was put on them when she was 15 for extremely bad menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding.  I remember her just laying on the couch wanting to die cause the pain was so bad.  Anyway, she told me she was around 115 then (she's about 5'6), and while she was on the Depo she probably gained 30-40 pounds.  But you could also equate that with just getting older and a more womanly figure.  I mean with her height 135-140 is more reasonable anyway.

But she also soon after starting the Depo started getting breast lumps, and she's had 2 removed so far, but she has plenty still in the breast tissue.  They are not cancerous, thank God, but you have to wonder where it came from. 

I myself suffer with pretty terrible menstrual cramps, I need to go to the doctor to check for endometriosis.  Although I'm guessing I don't have it because my period is relatively light and only lasts 2-3 days.  And besides the cramps, which only happen the first day, my period is not bad at all.  So I just pop 4-5 Advil right when they start.  Sometimes that's not enough though.  I've taken 8 in a 2 hour period before. I've also been using the hydrocodone from my gallbladder surgery that I didn't use.

One of the reasons I'm hesitating about going to the doctor is because I know they are probably just gonna throw birth control pills at me.  I'm 20 and a virgin, and I'm not planning on being sexual active for a while.  I know they're a lifesaver for many women, but I'm not at the point where I want to go on them. 

I gained 70 pounds on depo after being skinny my whole life

For those of you that are saying the weight gain is BS...maybe you are just one of the lucky ones...or maybe you haven't been on it long enough to notice it yet. I was on it for a year before I ever noticed any weight gain. And when I noticed it, it was all at once. within a couple of months I had gained 20 lbs. I have always been small, I was a size 0 when I graduated high school. Any weight I ever gained in the five years since was a small amount and I lost it quickly....until I went on the shot. I have been working out for a year now and cannot get the extra weight to come off. I eat right and work out (weightlifting and cardio) five to six days a week. Now...try and tell me weight gain is not a side effect. Even my personal trainer is baffled by the fact that I haven't lost a pound.

So. If you have been on the shot for more than a year and haven't gained any weight...then good for you. Just remember everyone's body is different and just because YOU haven't gained weight doesn't mean all these other women are BSing this. If you haven't been on the shot for more than a year, why don't you wait before you speak up. It could still happen.

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Okay, lets go ahead and get this out of the way. Depo only affects your hormones, tricking your body into thinking it's pregnant (in a way). You feel hungrier but it's your choice to eat or not. If you gain weight it's your own fault. Now gaining weight isn't always a bad thing, if you're a gym junkie and you eat pretty well, the weight you're gaining is probably muscle (even if you can't see it yet). weighing on a scale is not always a good thing. muscle weighs a lot more than fat. don't blame depo! Ive been on it for 3 years and have noticed small weight gain, but i have accepted that its because i eat more. Now I've lost 5 pounds in a month just from limiting calorie intake. Also, remember your metabolism is going to start slowing down regardless of depo. so it might just be that you're getting older.  My advice is if you've already had children, go with the iud, if not go with depo. if depo has horrible side affects with you, then go to the three month or one month pill. still, id take the weight gain over a period any day. :)

I was on the shot for 5 years ... I used to weigh 130 but with the shot up until 2010 I had gained 50 lbs ending at 180...I'm pretty sure I had something to do with it but if I wouldve known my body would have this effect I wouldn't have got it. I am still dealing with the side effects of it
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When i got the shot for the first time i thought every thing was gonna be fine but then i started getting bigger and bigger . When I first started I was 120 pounds I now weigh 150 and every three months it fluxuates from 150 to 148 or 152. I still need to get off of it but i haven't been to the doctor since my last shot. DONT GET THE DEPO!

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Ive been on it for over a year now. Still not gaining and am Actually losing with workout and eating healthy. Depo has not had any negative side effects for me- i love it!

I had my daughter in November of 2011, and got the shot in january. Since then, I have gained 50pounds. I work out on a daily basis, eat right, count my calories, and I never even went back to get the shot for a second time. But nothing helps stop the weight gain! My doctor also told me that once I decided to stop the shot then my periods would be irregular. As of today, I am now on my period for 7weeks STRAIGHT. I got the shot because I could never remember to take the pill. I personally don't think that all these side effects are worth it. Especially the weight gain, i didnt even get this big when i was 9months pregnant, a week after I had my daughter I was back at my pre-pregnacy weight. Advice anybody? 


i would just like to say maybe you lost weight on it by just eating healthy but even though i ate healthy and exercised i kept gaining weight so with some people controling yourself has nothing to do with it that birth control ruined my confidence completely at such a young age. and even though im off of it now i still havent lost all the weight and i dont think calling it "bull" is the right way to say it.

i think you should just keep working at it i know how you feel i gained so much weight way too fast it wasnt healthy now i found a fun way to start shedding the weight i do zumba a couple times a week and i think its starting to help

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I was put on depo when I was 19. At the time I was really fit and training as a a competitive athlete (I was the leanest I had ever been). I was on depo for about 2.5 years and gained over 5 stone (about 75 lbs). I was constantly hungry, had unbelievably intense cravings for food (like cheesecake, which I hated before depo and hate now) and did not feel "full" from eating for over 2 years no matter how much I ate. I was really concerned with my weight. I dieted, went to weight watchers, worked out daily, starved and could not really lose weight. I went to the dr every 2-3 months because of the side effects, but wasn't advised about the potential connection between my weight and the depo for over 2 years. After about 4 months off of the shot I began to lose weight and dropped about 50 lbs in 5 months or less - no dieting or exercise required. Other side effects I had were: terrible acne on my face and back (which I didn't have before), migraines, no libido, horrible mood swings, hot flashes, constant fatigue, constant bleeding. I have been off the shot for 8 years. After stopping, I didn't have a period for over a year, I now have very irregular periods, and have had about 3 or 4 bouts of rapid weight gain, acne, more frequent migraines, and constant spotting - these stop after about 4-6 months, but I feel similar to when I was on depo and they seem to clear up on their own. And the weight tends to come off (slowly if I don't put any effort into it). My alternative was the copper IUD. No hormones or hormone related side effects (weight gain, headaches, acne, bone loss, etc), you can get one even if you've never had children, it's good for 10 years, it is the cheapest method in the long run, based on their current design the dalkan shield fears are no longer an issue and pelvic inflammatory disease is very rare, you only have to go to the doctor once to put it in (rather than once every 3 months or remembering a daily pill), and it only takes like a minute to implant it.

My experience was bad enough that, if I were asked to recommend depo, I wouldn't for fear that you might experience even a portion of what I went through. It was a miserable time in my life and I wouldn't do it again for anything.

Hi everyone, I'm a new user here but I like to read the forums from time to time.  After reading this thread, I felt compelled to make a user name.

I was on Depo from ages 19-23 exclusively with no breaks.  

For reference: I am 5'5, and in high school I weighed about 140 at my highest and about 120 by the time I graduated.  After getting on Depo, my weight varied from 115 down to about 95 briefly (stress!) and holding usually between 105-118.

Then I moved to Sweden for almost a year and it was easiest to just get on a pill instead of doing the shot over there.  I gained about 10-15 pounds, however - my exercise routine went from LOTS to almost none.  

Upon returning to the states, I have promptly lost the weight in a matter of 2.5 months and am back to about 113 which is in MY normal adult weight range.  I credit exercise, lots of sweat and exercise without adjusting my eating from the time I left, to my time overseas, to my return.

I don't know what to make of all the people who gained weight and had issues losing weight on Depo.  I had no problem losing and gaining on Depo and I did it for MORE THAN 4 YEARS!  I have friends who have not been on it as long as I was, but they have maintained their normal, slim weight.

I don't doubt that it affects some women's weight, but I have to disagree that it's a given that Depo makes you gain weight. I certainly did not and have known others who have not as well.  Part of the reason I started Depo was to see if it would help me hold a few extra pounds.  It just didn't work that way for me.

I just want people to see that not EVERYONE is so negatively affected by Depo.

I second waterphoenix.. I got the shot for 3 years (2 years ago) no real big side effects, very convenient.. But got off because of what I read about the bone density loss.... A few pounds you can always get rid off... Getting strong bones in your senior years .. Not so much
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