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Weight Loss
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Delayed weight loss with working out?

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Last week I restricted myself to 1500 hundred cals and worked out every night.  I fluctuated most of the week and lost 1 pound.

This week I have increase my cals to 1800 hundred and haven't had time to exercise because of work and classes.  I have lost 1/2 pound for the last 3 days. 

Is it possible that the weight loss is from the working out last week?  Can weight loss because of working out be delayed a week? 

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From what I understand when you start a new fitness routine and stress your muscles they can retain extra water temporarily.  I have nothing to back that up, as I don't recall where/when I read it, so hopefully someone else will come along to corroborate/dispute.  :)
I would say that with eating only 1500 calories and working out that your body might not have been getting quite enough nutrition but when you upped your calories to 1800 it said: Okay, time to get rid of this excess. I don't know if it could be delayed, but I do know that muscle burns more calories than fat so if you built muscle maybe that is why?
I rode an exercise bike every night for an hour for 5 days and barely lost a pound.  That is not very motivating.
If you are exercising an hour a night, you need to eat more than 1500 calories on those days in order to lose fat.
What is your calories burned vs calories consumed differential? If the gap is too wide, your body will hold onto every morsel because it think's you're starving it.  Also, what's your sodium intake? alcohol? Any number of variables can affect weight loss.  1 lb in 5 days is a pretty healthy weight loss, you really don't want to see a drastic change downward in such a short period of time, that usually means somethings not right.  I'd say keep doing what you're doing, keep your deficit around 500-750 calories per day, if you start feeling achy, overly tired, then up your calories a bit. Stay the course.  1 - 2lbs per week is a GREAT average weight loss :)

good luck!

1500 is the minimum a man needs to feed his body.

A 1 hour bike ride into work for me is 600 calories burned.  That means that my overall calorie for the day is down to 900.  (I actually have to bike back home, so its down to 300, but thats besides the point).

At 900 calories, your body thinks that it is starving.  You will not lose weight this way.

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand.  Up the calories by the amount you are burning off.
I read this, I know it's true, and yet I always explode a few brain cells trying to believe it.

Thank you for posting this. I need to remember this regularly!
When I started working out again quite hard recently, nothing happened for the first three weeks, my weight even went up!!! Only then did I start to loose weight. I'll eat 2,500 cals on a typical day, but I will have run 5 miles, worked out with weights, and played some tennis.
When I see questions like this, I usually wonder if people have used the tools so generously provided, for free, here at 

Use the tools to determine your calorice expenditure and to set your goals. 

So many times people think that eating less and less is the answer.  I'm living proof that your weight loss will slow and stop until you give your body the food it needs. 

You lost the weight because you ate more.
I agree with claire 100%.  Adult males should not go under 1500 calories a day.  That's NET calories.  That means if you consume 1500 calories, but burn off 300 in exercise, your net calories are now 1200 for the day, and that is TOO low for a male.  At that amount, your body will go into starvation mode.  And the more exercise you do (without upping your calories) the more your body will hold onto whatever food you put into it, in an effort to keep your body functioning.

You might want to read this thread for some important information about starvation mode and how to lose weight in a healthy manner.

I know it doesn't sound right - it goes against everything you have probably heard - but you really need to take in more calories to offset what you are burning in exercise so that the net cals for the day do not go below 1500.
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