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is there a delay period before I see a loss?

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Ok so I've gotten back on the whole calorie counting thing this week. I'm eating 1500 calories a day. What I'm wondering is if I should be able to see a loss at the end of the week or if there is some delay when you first start cutting calories to see the weight loss? I'm really seeing the same weight fluctuations that I saw when I wasn't sticking to 1500 calories so I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong.
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you should see results right away
i always do
in my experience, you might, or you might no.

seriously, when I started dieting in 1980, I went about 2-3 weeks before that scale budged.  it was so frustrating.  and it came off so slow at first -- then wham, it was like my body kicked into 5th gear and I was cruising.  then it slowed way down again.

this time, i did see immediate results, quite dramatic, and then it slowed way down, then dramatic results again, then slowed way down.

but don't get discouraged -- just keep at it.
I really think it depends on your body! And I don't know, I agree with manewell. Sometimes I lose quickly, sometimes I don't...even when I don't change a thing....it's frustrating, but hey, that's body chemistry.
I have seen delays going both ways, seems for me that any change takes about 48 hours.  Like say I go out to a resturant and eat a litttle to much, seems like I peak two days latter and when I work it off, again it's like two days latter before I see the results.
Are you excercising too? because if you are you'll see results alot quicker however if you try ands loose weight by just cuttign out the calories the weight loss wont be very quick.
i'm starting to get back to exercising but it's a lot harder because of my work/school schedule. I made it once last week so this week I'm shooting for at least twiced. finals are in 2 weeks so its going to be a really difficult couple of weeks to stay on course but I'm determined! Thanks everyone!
Mar 04 2007 20:54
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I usually see it in spurts. I'll be the exact same weight for what seems like forever, then BOOOM, minus 7 pounds. Unforunately, it works the other way as welll
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