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Dehydration = water retention???

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Sorry if this has already been asked somewhere but i couldnt find another post on it.

Could anyone tell me if being dehydrated causes you to retain water. I struggle to keep hydrated as i have an ED and dont eat much. I also struggle to keep my fluid intake up so am often dehydrated. Does this cause water retention??

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All I can say is it does for me.
Yes it does. Being chronically dehydrated is a lot like being in starvation mode. In starvation mode your body says "I'm not getting enough calories so I'm going to store as much fat as I can" and when you are dehydrated your body says "I'm not getting enough water so I'm going to hold on to as much water as I can." The main problem is that, since your body is holding on to water, it isn't using the water to flush toxins out of your system (through pee). So basically, the longer you are chronically dehydrated the more toxins build up in your system. This can make you feel run down and lacking energy. Depending on your height, weight, etc.  your body can hold 15lbs or more of extra water weight. That is equal to TWO GALLONS!!!! of water.

Also note that once you start drinking enough water after being chronically dehydrated your body may try to store some more of the water making you feel even more bloated then before. Don't worry about it. Once your body gets enough water for about a day it will flush the extra water out of your system.

To make it easier to drink water you can flavor it by making unsweetened tea (which has great nutrients in it and no calories) and it also helps to always keep a bottle with you and to drink a few gulps every 20 mintues. You will be amazed at how much water you can get down by just drinking a few mouthsfull three times an hour.

Thank you, that really helps!!!!
I haven't stuck to it this year, but last year I lost a lot of weight on the Fat Flush diet and it has you drink three glasses of water in the morning, one with lunch, one with dinner, two afte dinner, then one before bed. I haven't lost a lot of weight this summer, but I haven't been drinking much water and I've been hiking a lot, so I think that's my problem; not enough water.
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