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Weight Loss
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What is the danger of losing weight too fast?

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I am 52 6'1 240 lbs and have put on a 50 lbs extra weight in a short time (6 months). It was due to a number of things. Bad diet, no exercise and I have a slow thyroid that I never knew about kick in big time.

I have started taking meds for the thyroid and it seems to be working. I started back at the gym about week and a half ago and started tracking my calories. I have never been on a real diet in my life so this is a first for me. I cut out all the crap and I am eating healthy. In fact I have a small website complaint with the items in the calorie counter for the log, the are all package products and I have been making everything from scratch.

I have been loosing between 1.5 to 2.5 lbs per day. In a week I have lost about 12 lbs. I have an aggressive goal and the site will not allow me to enter my goal saying it is too aggressive.

I have been working out (lifting, stair master, cardio )every day for at least an hour. I started targeting 2000 cal per day just as a guess, but I am averaging 1300 cal per day and some days down to 800 cal.

I keep seeing that you should not loose more than a couple pounds a week. Why? what is the danger? I feel fine, in fact have more energy, I am taking vitamins and the analysis of my diet is A.  I am basically  burning the calories that I consume for breakfast and lunch at the gym. I don't know how many calories my body consumes a day, and my dinners run about 500 cal so I guess I am negative the difference.

Is there a problem with what I am doing?



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The quick answer is that your body can only metabolize a certain amount of fat in a day, and if you are losing more weight than that limit, you are more likely losing some muscle, which is only going to hinder your fat loss.

For men, the recommended minimum calorie intake is 1500. Try this calculator (created by cc member phord) to get a better estimate of how much you should be eating - I think I set it with your stats preloaded, but I wasn't sure what to put for your activity level, so you'll have to play with it mp;q=m-52-185.42-109.09-1.55-0-0-

due to your weight and the tyroid issue being corrected, I don't see a huge issue with a lot of weight coming off right away.  I do see a problem in the future if you don't start eating enough.  1600-1800 should be your min. 

The 1 or 2 lbs a week works more for people closer to thier goal and that don't have issues such as your tyroid that are now some degree your body is just fixing itself, but eat more...stay healthy...give your body something to burn so it can fix its motabolism too!

Great job and be encouraged!

Yes, there is a problem. There is a very specific limit to how much fat your body can metabolize for energy in a day - exceed this limit, and the rest of the energy comes from your body cannibalizing muscle tissue for fuel.

 With 50lbs to go it's vaguely possible that you haven't exceed the limit by much, but you're potentially causing yourself long-term problems by taking an unsustainable approach to weight management.

 Try using this calculator: to see your maximum safe and sustainable rate of loss.

 That said - with the readjustment of your thyroid it's possible that you will initially see a larger than normal rate of loss as your metabolism returns to normal. Make sure to follow up with your doctor on a regular basis - hyperthyroidism is as harmful as hypothyroidism.
There are several reasons why it can be unwise to lose weight too quickly.  Often it's a sign that someone isn't eating enough (starving) which puts them at risk of malnutrition.  Vitamins, incidentally, are no substitute for real food.  Or it's a sign that they're over-exercising and risking injury.  Or it's both together... the worst of both worlds with the body and organs under stress from all quarters.  The other downside to losing weight too fast is that the dieter tends to regain the weight lost very quickly at some point. 

Very overweight people will tend to lose weight quicker in the early stages than someone with say 10% of their body-weight to lose.  (3lbs a week wouldn't be unusual for someone starting at 300lbs.)  But a loss rate of 1 - 2lbs a week is generally advised as a safeguard against nutrition problems, over-exercising and ultimately...  rapid regain of the weight lost..

Thanks you all for the advice and the link.  I really want to find a healthy way of eating and I think this will really be helpful.  As a follow up to my original post, does anyone have a link to a calorie counter target more for home cooked food?

I cook almost everything from scratch and have used the recipe analyser to save my favourites.  But it's quite easy to take the main ingredients of your home-cooked meals and enter them individually.

The recipe analyzer on this site is good. Personally, I use to keep track of my calories eaten, because I find the format easier and quicker to add food. But if I'm making a recipe, I'll come back to this site to add it all up.

take it from a big guy, my 1st week of excercise (2nd week of dieting) i weighed myself previously at 341- 7 days later i was at 329 and i was far from starving myself, i didnt eat the fast food like i used to but i still found good nutritious food which kept me satisfied and i excercised 5 days a week.

One thing i can say is my sodioum intake was through the roof before my lifestyle change, and as we all know salt reatains water. My trainer said the 1st week of training was me de-toxing with all the salt in my body and the water that accumulated with it. I agreed cause after 1 hour work out i was soaked and i could actually taste salt as swat dripped down my face (ewwwww). If you sweat out a t-shirt and leave it outside and check on it after it dries, if you see alot of white stains thats a good indication you have alot of sodium in your diet.

Now a days when i sweat it tastes a little salty but not like before.

im no professional but if your diet was previously like mine (alot of sauces, gravy, dressings...) with alot of sodium you will retain water and that will be the huge weiight loss you see initialy. Now i average about 2lbs a week as opposed to the 11+lbs my 1st week lol.

Thanks.. I am sure you are correct as the party is already over and don't think I will have to worry about losing too fast any more. Since I posted two days ago, I have only lost a pound or so. It's too bad the whole 50 lbs could not have been that easy lol.

i wish i could continue to loose the weight  that fast, id be close to half way into my overall goal...that woulda been sweetCool


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