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So You Think You Can Dance... the weight off?

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I am addicted to the show - "So you think you can dance". 


The whole thing got me thinking about how different all these dancers look.  All of them are in great shape - they have to be to do what they do - and the dancing probably is their main "real" exercise.  Maybe each kind of dance causes a different exercise result.

I couldn't use dancing as an exercise - mainly because someone would call the ambulance thinking I was having a heart attack or seizure or something.

Has anyone here ever used dancing as their main exercise?  What were the results?

I think this is the least offensive post I have ever made - hmmmm - maybe I should add something - hmmmm -

1) CHRIS SHOULD DIE - or at least get voted off
2) I am in love with Comfort and I hope she stays.

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I love LOVE that show too!  Last night was great, a few really solid, entertaining routines.  I dance around in the morning, also while I'm cleaning, or whatever else I might be doing.  However I did start taking a partner dance class for beginners that takes you through all of the styles.  It's a lot of fun and a great work out.  My body isn't 'there' yet but the dancing is helping, I know that.

Oh and when you have passion, or REALLY enjoy your work out, I think you're going to have better results no matter what you pick.

HA!  I love that show, too.  Its amazing how, even though I know nothing about dance, I really notice when a performance is really, really good, vs. not so good.  I always thought expressive dance was a little lame, til I started watching that damn show.

I've never danced for exercise before, so there.


I used to dance when i was younger.. and i miss it so much! I got a whole bunch of dance dvds and used to do them in my living room. At the time i actually didn't have tv (well i had a tv i just couldn't get reception, It was my first apartment and i was too poor to afford cable ) so i literally worked out every night as a way to entertain myself. I lost a ton of weight. ... Sometimes i think about cutting off my cable to bring me back to that state of mind haha....Anyways you absolutely can use it as your main form of exercise you just really need to push yourself. like when you do the moves don't half ass it really get into it. And who care what you look like your in your own house!

Good luck! and i think you might have inspired me to whip out the dance dvds tonight!

I love that show too  My main form of exercise is actually belly dancing.  I like watching them dance and seeing how many bellydancing moves I can find in each routine.

Being the oldest form of dance, Its in everything.  Except maybe the Viennese Waltz.  That one is way to stiff and jumpy.


I "latin dance" for exercise, used quotes because I haven't taken formal lessons but I know the basic steps for dancing to these rhythms.  It was the Mambo that really showed how out of shape I was before I started exercising.

These dances work the quads and calves because I keep my knees bent while I dance. I also work my core/abs by twisting.  I incorporate Tae Bo moves (punching, squats, kicks and speedbag) and jogging when I get going. 

Besides the burn in my legs, the fun I have, the main benefit is the cardio workout.  I have increased my endurance greatly by incorporating dancing at home.  I find music to be very "medicinal" anyhow and it helps with the mental consitpation.

I think dancing is great exercise.  When I was in my early 20's, I went to the clubs and danced all night.  I was in the best shape ever!  Then I got married, had a baby and stopped dancing. (got fat) Sometimes I turn off the lights, turn on the music and dance.

Original Post by ellek:

I think dancing is great exercise.  When I was in my early 20's, I went to the clubs and danced all night.  I was in the best shape ever!  Then I got married, had a baby and stopped dancing. (got fat) Sometimes I turn off the lights, turn on the music and dance.

We should all enroll in Samba dancing... that s*** is hot - and looks like a calorie burner.

I took ballet pretty seriously for a while. It is good exercise and is really good for your body but it doesn't create too much of a caloric deficit. The great thing about it is that it tones your body. It takes immense core strength to perform most of the moves a ballerina needs to look good while dancing. It takes extra work sometimes to attain that core strength to do certain moves, that's what to be a truly effective work out you need to dance for hours each day. I recommend it, but only if you're really working hard at it. A casual dance class can help you towards your goals, but in order to use it as your main exercise you need to do it really seriously, like the dancers from the show.


And dancing at clubs is so much fun and great exercise too! Especially the way I dance :-P

Haha, I love the title of this thread.  Nice work, legaleli.

I absolutely LOVE So You Think You Can Dance...and I KNOW I could dance the weight off, because dance was my only form of exercise for a good 8 years of my life.  I danced from the time I was 12 to 20, and it was amazing what dance did for my body.  I know I know, we shouldn't judge our weight/health/metabolism etc currently against our weight/health/metabolism when were were teenagers, because most of us ate all the crap we wanted and were thin anyways, but still - I definitely noticed the benefits of dancing during that time in my life.

When I danced, the differences were noticeable immediately when I stopped - during the summer months, when there were fewer classes offered, my body would react pretty radically.  I'd come back with weird stretch marks all over and I'd just feel crappy.  And of course, I was toned as all get outTongue out

One final note, I'd like to say that I also like Comfort.  Anyone else think she looks like  Rudy from The Cosby Show all grown up?  'Cause I sure  do.  My favourites are Will and Chelsea Hightower.  Oh and I also LOVE Josh - he's great because he looks like a big scary wrestler or something, but that boy can move! 

Ok, I'll end this novella now haha.  Thanks to anyone who actually read my whole postTongue out


Pishhh...Forget Comfort...you all KNOW it's about Twitch!!!:o)

Don't know ANYTHING about dancing- but I did do gymnastics for years and a lot of their moves come from floor routines- especially the contemporary ones.  And, yes, of course my body was void of fat- but I was 9...so...LOL

I am in love with Will on the show. He is smoking. Josh ain't bad either. Myself, I stick to elliptical and weights-I can't dance to save my own life. Maybe some day I'll take classes, but I am so bad I'd need an instructor all for myself. In Italy we say 'dances like a broomstick', that's me. But oh, that Will!!!

I love this show! I find it to be immensely motivating (those kids are fit--and not much younger than me). Am such a fan of Joshua! and Chelsie, Twitch, Mark, Katee ... almost everybody else!

I took salsa lessons all last year and lost a little bit of weight. There was a big difference though in my muscle tone--especially my stomach. Spinning and twisting are much more effective than crunches. Also, learning to move intentionally (rather than tripping, walking into furniture, like I do) was such a confidence builder. Wish I could still afford lessons.Yell

Dancing in her living room is what Kirstie Alley did to lose the weight when she was the Jenny Craig spokesperson.

I made a dance playlist in iTunes from my music collection of all those songs that you can't help but dance to when you hear them. Remember Kevin Kline in that movie In & Out where he was trying to deny being gay and they dared him he couldn't avoid dancing to "I'm so excited"? Hilarious.

I put the music on in the morning, lift some light free weights for toning, and then start bopping to the tunes. I quit once I get out of breath or my legs start to feel wobbly or burn. Make a big playlist and play different sections of it each day. It won't become boring. Cheap form of exercise too.


 Twitch & Kherrington - the Venetian Walz!  It was anything but stiff and formal.

It was awesome.   That man really brought it!  (I remember him from last year, this is not his style and he nailed it)

It was the most beautiful thing I have seen on that show. 

As the one judge said - they breathed together.

I pulled a copy from youtube to watch again.

They are my favorite couple.

well well well this is my kind of post!!!!!

I am a dancer. I have been dancing for the past ten years, I am 19 now. I am currently doing a scholarship program where I basically live, eat, breathe, and sleep dance. I am dancing for a minimum of 8 hours a day in all styles... jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, tap, the list goes on. It is great exercise but I think most of us dancers have the worst eating habits! I am having the hardest time staying away from the junk food I used to eat, but its slowly changing. Also I think after a certain amount of year, your body adjusts to it. It could also be the age thing too but I recently started working out with a personal training and going to the gym each day on top of  the 8 hours of dance. I know, crazy huh? But its different exercise so my body is starting to change from it.

Anyway I like the show to bust mostly just cause I know a lot of the people and choreographers! lol It's a lot of fun to watch your friends on t.v. and maybe next year I will audition if I'm not touring with Justin Timberlake or Janet Jackson or maybe doing Rockettes in NYC(hahaha those are some of my dream dance jobs!)

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