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Dance Central for Kinect good for weight loss?

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I gotta admit, I'm a DDR girl. But Dance Central looks pretty good too and I'm curious! Is it a good cardio workout? How much space do you need available to do it without knocking something/someone over?

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It is! when you learned the moves of all the songs and you just "perform" them you are gonna burn alot of calories. There´s even a caloriecounter you can turn on in the game.

I would say 3x3 meter, then you have all the space you need.

Dance Central really makes you work up a sweat and you're so busy having fun and concentrating on doing the moves that you don't realise until you get to the end and you're hot and out of breath.

I would definitely recommend it!

And I agree that 3x3 metres is the perfect amount of space.


       I don't have any of the dancing ones yet, but I did get the "Fitness Evolved" one. Lemme tell you, it's so addicting. I've only been doing one or two toning and sculpting exercises everyday because I don't have time to do much after school. Most of the sessions are about 7-9 minutes long, with 2 routines, and the calories burned really start to add up. For me, it's not like I'm just working out either, because I always try to get a real good score. It's more of a game to me. It might be because I'm 16, but the whole Kinect thing is a real good way to get up and moving. Kinectimals is adorable, by the way.


-new here-

Your Shape: Fitness evolved is indeed awsome!. Using it everyday, been loosing 1.8 kg the past week! And im in good shape. don´t really need to loose weight but i need to get that sixpack back;)

And Necromanceh explains it pretty well, it´s addicting... Youre doing routines and after it asks you if youré done or if you want to keep going. It´s so easy to just think that "it´s only a 10 minute workout, i can do one more". In the end you burned 300 kcal without even thinking of that you are working out.

achievements helps a lot as well.

love love love my Kinect especially Dance Central. and yes its part of the calorie burning end of my weight loss. That Zumba Game is a really good calorie burner for the Kinect as well :)

I just got Dance Central last night and it is so much fun.  I wore my HRM with it and burned 350 calories in about an hour.  That was using the Easy setting and with some breaks b/c I was playing with my kids.  I am going to use it again tonight and see how many calories I burn just dancing straight thru....but it was a blast!  (Just as an FYi - It does have a setting where you can put in your stats like weight, height and it will tell you the calories burned so you don't need a HRM).


 Exercise in general is not very helpful for weight loss. Run the numbers.

Consider what it takes a 170 lb person to burn 1200 calories or roughly 1/3 of a pound. You would need to go out and run at a clip of  10 mph ( 6 minute mile ) for one hour ( 10 miles ).

Those same calories can be consumed in 15 minutes( a soda, few slices of pizza, and a dessert) without you even realizing it. This is why calorie intake control must be established first and foremost. The exercise is a lil bonus, not the foundation.

I haven't gotten Dance Central for my xbox yet, but I do have both Just Dances for my Wii.  I wore my heart rate monitor a few times while playing, and for a 5'3, 160lbs, 27 year old female, it said I burned about 400 calories in an hour.  From what I hear DC is a lot more intense because you can't cheat by just moving your arms ;)



So, yeah, I'd say it's a pretty good workout :D  I'm looking forward to getting it!!

Dowerphi, you gotta get over your anti-exercise attitude.  Unless someone says "I want to lose weight without cutting calories" telling them that exercise won't help isn't really productive.  Weight loss is 80 to 90% diet, granted, but that doesn't mean exercise isn't important.  Most successful weight loss efforts and programs combine a calorie controlled diet with exercise.  Those who exercise while losing weight are far more likely to keep the weight off than those who lose weight with diet alone.  So, I have to disagree with you and say that exercise is, in fact, very helpful to weight control.

Any exercise that you enjoy and will continue doing will help you lose weight.  I don't know anything about Dance Central, but if it's like most video game workout type of things, and you have fun with it, then it will be a good thing for you.  Just make sure that you warm up first!

Dance Central is okay, but I might be biased because I also have Just Dance 2 for the Wii and had gotten that one first. I find it far superior, oddly enough.

The problem is that because the Kinect has that full-body scanner, your dance moves have to be PRECISE. You lift the wrong leg, or wave your arm in front of you instead of to the side, you lose points. You have to move EXACTLY how the sim is moving.

The Wii game, on the other hand, reads the swinging motion of the Wii-mote in one hand and one hand only. So that means you can jump, kick your legs around, do whatever you want, and it still counts.

If you get tired with the Kinect game, it shows because you stop being able to copy the moves and thus, lose points. If you get tired with the Wii game, you still push through and keep "dancing" because as long as you're waving that Wii-mote around for dear life, it still works.

I do like playing both of them (Dance Central has more "real" dance moves, including some from the actual music videos, which is pretty fun) but I find Just Dance 2 to win out in the "sweat" category.

And that is my humble opinion. :)

I LOVE Dance Central! I use it everyday for an hour or more! So far with diet, exercising on my eliptical and using Dance Central everyday, I have lost 8 pounds in 2 weeks. The time flies by when you're dancing with Dance Central and before you know it you're covered in sweat and wondering where the hours went. Great workout!

Original Post by lyric_gillies:

Dance Central is okay, but I might be biased because I also have Just Dance 2 for the Wii and had gotten that one first. I find it far superior, oddly enough.

The problem is that because the Kinect has that full-body scanner, your dance moves have to be PRECISE. You lift the wrong leg, or wave your arm in front of you instead of to the side, you lose points. You have to move EXACTLY how the sim is moving.

Which means that you actually have to do the motion with your entire body, not just your arm and when you don't push it as hard, you get instant feedback. That's partly why it's been proven that Wii doesn't burn nearly as much calories as people think it does - you only move your arm around, for the most part.  

If you're playing games just to score as many points as possible, you're gonna get that with the Wii. If you're looking for actually burning calories and exercise, Kinect is more precise.

Ha, that's not what I was saying at all. I don't play either game to "score as many points as possible." And neither does anyone else I know who uses either for exercise. And yes, of course, if you want to cheat and stand there and just wave the Wiimote around, of course you're going to get less exercise. But if you're playing them FOR exercise, like people seem to be asking about, who's just going to do that?

Wave your arm in the air like you're spinning a lasso. Hold the rest of your body still, but just do that motion.

Now do the same while jumping in place, back and forth, from foot to foot.

The first action is the type of thing you do with the Kinect. The second is the type of thing that you CAN do with the Wii. Which do you think burns more calories?

Again, I have both, and I use both. I am absolutely dripping with sweat after the Wii workout. The Kinect doesn't even compare.

Also, I should clarify what I meant by the "lose points" comment. With Dance Central, you CANNOT play the harder, more complicated dance moves unless you score high enough in the first place. So yes, losing points is actually a big deal, whether you're playing for them or not.

The Wii has its dances rated from lowest to highest sweat-factor, and lowest to highest technicality. You can choose the order. I order them according to sweat, and start from the bottom and work my way up. By the time I get to the end, I'm dying.


Hope that cleared up what I meant.

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