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Daily Fiber Intake?

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My average fiber intake is like 11 grams. What should I be aiming for and why is this important? Also, any ideas on high fiber foods I should incorporate into my diet??  Thanks
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I was reading the back of my cereal box the other day(giggle), and it said recommended daily intake of fibre was 25g.

I don't think I've ever hit that, but if I can hit 20g, I'm happy as a clam.
Yes, 25-35 grams of fiber per day is the recommended amount and if you can reach it, you will really see a dramatic difference. You'll feel fuller and it may boost weight loss efforts (assuming that calories and exercise are also on track).

I started trying to up my fiber intake last year. It's best to do so gradually, to allow your system to adjust to the work it must do to digest it.  I average about 27 grams a day.  A couple of foods that help me reach my fiber goal --

1. Uncle Sam cereal (available at WalMart for about $1.87 per box - it costs more at places like EarthFare or Harris Teeter) has 12 grams of fiber per 3/4 cup and I actually like it! It's not like most other high-fiber cereals, which are just too dense for me. I put it on top of a light n fit yogurt for a filling breakfast at 236 calories.

2. Broccoli, which I love, has 6 grams of fiber in 2 cups at 60 calories.

3. Beans are a great source of fiber. Most average around 300 calories per cup and give you between 11 to 13 grams of fiber.

4. Double Fiber 100% Whole Wheat Bread by Nature's Own - you get 5 grams of fiber per slice ( & 40 calories) and it tastes just as good as regular whole wheat bread.

5. Snacks - a small apple or a cup of berries will give you 4 grams of fiber and about 60 calories.

Plus, foods that have a lot of fiber usually have lots of other good things like vitamins and minerals that you need too.  My main strategy is to count calories, stay above 25 grams of fiber, reduce saturated fats, eliminate trans fats, and increase omega-3 fats.  This means that I do my grocery shopping mostly around the edge of the store (produce, meats, low-fat dairy).  I only go into the aisles for my double fiber bread, uncle sam cereal, beans & other canned vegetables, and my bottled water.  Sometimes I have to go in the frozen aisle for frozen veggies, frozen blueberries, and soy burgers, which also have 4-5 grams of fiber per patty.
And the /best/ side effect of fiber....(other than making you feel full...) is that it absorbs fats and cholesterols in the stomach, and, because it's indigestible....none of it stays there.  :: frowns :: but I can't remember how /much/ it absorbs.....
Something to remember...

Eating Fiber is like running a garbage disposal - if you do it without water - you'll cause blockage!

Drink, Drink, Drink water with your fiber intake!

That being said - here's my favorite way to get extra fiber:  Blue Bunny No-Fat, No Sugar Added Ice Cream!  90 Cals per serving (1/2 C.) and 5 g. of fiber per serving.  Woo hoo!
Great Post " nomoreexcuses" :)  I copy and pasted it to keep. Good information!  BettyJean
I found this article about daily fiber intake on MSN.com today.
I usually get between 35-45 grams a day, thanks to All Bran Extra Fiber, Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal, Fruits, Veggies, Beans, Veggie Burgers
Thank you all, especially you, nomoreexcuses! I'm a little ashamed of my measly 11 grams a day now. lol. Something new to work on! Last month it was getting my sodium down and I accomplished that. Thanks again.
I know this is an old post but though I would comment because recently I was having the same thoughts about problems with fiber.  I bought Fiber One cereal which gives 14grams of fiber for only 1/2 a cup of the stuff (60 cals).  I cut up a banana for sweetner in it since I dont use much sugar and 1/2 a cup of milk.  With the banana and cereal thats already 17 grams of fiber.  By the end of the day, I usually have 25-30 grams of fiber.
I average 35 grams a day now.  Fiber is addictive because it makes you feel so full--makes calorie counting feel less restrictive.  And it's GOOD for you!

Buy double-fiber whole grain breads, cereals (Fiber One is great), and bars.  Veggies, most of all.

And drink extra water if you do up your fiber intake.  :)
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I am learning so much, I just joined a couple of days ago, I just learned that I must cut my sodium intake down alot!

Now I see why having lots of fibre is so beneficial!

Thank you so much everyone!!! :)
Great thread, I was wondering the same - can anyone recommend which bread contains the most fibre/least calorie ratio.

The one I'm eating gives me 120 cals per thick slice and I'm worried that if I choose one with a lower cal content it won't fill me up?
I'm not satisfied with those super thin sliced "diet" breads either - my favourite bread is Dimpflmeier 100% Rye with Sunflower Seeds.  It's 90 calories per slice, 1g fat (0 saturated, 0 trans), 2g fibre and 2 g protein.  On the down side, its 220mg sodium and 22g carbs per slice, but I can still have a two slice sandwich every day and stay within my limits.

That's the problem - balancing the carbs with the fibre.  There are better choices for fibre than bread-but lets face it bread is sooo good.  Just make sure you are eating "whole grain" (not whole wheat).
Actually, the magic word to look for on the label should be "100%" ... as in 100% whole wheat, or 100% whole grain. If it just reads "whole grain" or "whole wheat" legally it doesn't need to be 100%... it could be a lot less.

Even if it reads 100%, you still need to read the labels. I find not all 100% breads are created equally - they vary a lot in the amount of fiber per slice.

In addition to the great list nomoreexcuses posted, I'll add:

1) Brown rice

2) Buckwheat groats

3) Quinoa

4) Oatmeal, preferably steel-cut or instant with oat bran added

5) Bulger

6) Barley

Barley is particularly good in soups and stews. We use it a lot as a replacement for soups calling for rice or pasta. Very easy to just throw in 1/4 cup into any soup you're making.

We have a fuzzy logic programmable rice cooker, which makes it really easy to make up a goof-proof batch of perfectly cooked whole grains, and then keep it warm for a few days.   This week we noshed on buckwheat groats. I made it with chicken broth instead of water, for added flavor. My DH likes it with a lot of butter. Nice nutty taste.

I've got some quinoa to try out at a later date - this is one I've never tried but it's supposed to be very high in complete protein.

The recommended fiber intake is 25-30g per day. It is important for proper bowel functions. Unfortunately in my case the lack of fiber in my diet has cause diverticulosis. So now I have small pockets in my intestinal way that can lead to infection. The fiber in your diet will prevent this from happening. The common knowledge is that only older people need to worry about colon problems. I am 27 and have just been diagnosed with diverticulosis.

Yes fiber can help you lose weight by making you feel more full, but more importantly it can prevent diverticular disease.

"Nature's Own" high fiber bread is really good. Its high fiber and lower calories

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