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Weight Loss
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Cutting out sugar?

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So, I realize that I'm posting this on a website called calorie count, but I can't help but wonder whether it's not so much just the actual calories we consume, but rather more importantly the ways in which our body metabolizes foods that affects weight stability and healthfulness.

I decided yesterday to go at least two weeks without non-natural sugar and forms of non-natural carbohydrates (i.e., I'll eat fruit and some starchy vegetables, but not bread or chocolate). The evidence that copious amounts of sugar wreaks havoc on the body by raising blood sugar levels, secreting insulin, converting glucose in the liver to fat immediately -- all make a scarily compelling case to give it up for good. And the neurological addiction to sugary foods (I'm was legitimately addicted to chocolate) is also pretty icky. 

If you're still reading this, my question is this: Has anyone found that the actual composition of their diet, rather than obsessive tracking of calories, has helped with weight loss, maintenance, and/or overall wellness of being?

Thank you! :)


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Absolutely! The change in foods was more important than counting of calories for me. I did log food for 6 months, during my fastest most consistent weight loss. After that, new healthier food choices were good enough to continue to lose, then to maintain, and to improve my health and fitness performance.


Just shifting to eating healthy, cutting out processed foods n sugar can amount to a significant drop in calories and for many can result in weight loss without having to worry. The trick to counting calories is not to have a fixed number of calories from whatever source it is to eat a minimum (preferably BMR) of a balanced diet giving your body the correct amount of calories from the correct amount of macro n micro nutrients.

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Thank you for your replies!

I already eat relatively healthily; I love vegetables and maintain a vegan diet for ethical reasons. I'm just now working on wheedling out the last vestiges of bad habits that persist stubbornly, and have found the 'strictly numbers' approach to not really work for me. It's heartening to hear that this approach has worked for you. :)

Old habits die hard but at the beginning of February I quit smoking and quite drastically reduced my sugar intake as well as almost all processed foods.  I was losing weight.  Over the last week though, after some stresssful life events, I have been almost eating the way I used to and when I weighed myself this morning (same as I always do on Saturday), I had gained two pounds.  So I totally i agree with you.

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