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cutting 1000 calories per day ?

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If you're reasonably active and do a little exercise most days you're not sedentary.  Even by adding back the exercise you can get an underestimate that way.   Set the activity level to a realistic 'light' and see what comes back.   If you want to lose weight permanently it's always good to take it steadily and not go for anything too drastic.   A calorie deficit of 500-700 seems to be the most efficient one to operate with which, in your case, would be an intake of about 1700-1900.  Go too low on calories and you can get all kinds of minor problems...  the most frustrating of which is a weight-loss 'stall'.    As you lose weight you'll need to trim your intake anyway.  Start at 1700-1900 and redo the calculations every 15-20lbs or so.

Eat regularly, choose good foods and keep the exercise up... those 37lbs will definitely be gone by the summer.

Good luck



That's right.  If you're 'lightly active' most days of the week you don't need to add the exercise on top.  1750 sounds a lot more pleasant than 1450.   Weight-loss shouldn't be a miserable thing... enjoying yourself will mean you keep going. Smile  As I said before... eat regularly (don't skip meals), choose good quality foods (as natural as possible - dodge the processed stuff), and be as active as you can.   

I'm sure you'll be really successful.  Keep us all posted.

karen, start slow, don't deprive yourself, and if you can stay away from fried foods, large amounts of bread and pasta's, and not eating after 7:00 pm, except fruit,  you will see a difference....but the major advise...Plan...write down everything you eat...it seems to keep us all in line....i still think no one gains weight from not eating... habits...try to replace them with better habits....good luck...i m also new at this CC site, but have lost alot of weight before, just by eating right...not saying the DIET word....Just EATING Right....Good luck!!

Keep in touch!

If you have will-power of steel that's okay, but I'd start with a less drastic cut.  If your goal is to cut 1000, I'd cut 200 for a week, then next week 400, and when you're successful for 5-7 days straight, lower it by 200 again until you get there.  If you make yourself too hungry, you're setting yourself up for failure.  Good luck!

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