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Weight Loss
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cut sugar lose weight?

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Ive decided, begininng monday im going to quit eating sweets and sugar. Im not sure what Im getting myself into and would like to know what other peoples experience was that have done the same.

Has anyone else done this?

What were your results/ benefits?

How hard was it to stick too?

and did you get lots of cravings, if so how did you cope?
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Here's a great thread Lollipopfairy put together. Lots of info on sugar.:) .html
awesome thread thanks a bunch!!
No problem!!:) And thank you Lolli for putting it together!:)
For me, it was easy as a breeze and I am entering 4th week of no sweets. : ) What will help is to go low sodium as well. Keeping seasonings to the minimal helps supress unwanted appetite.

Remind yourself that a serving of regular ice-cream is 200 cal at best, and a single commercial cookie (the one that is the size of your palm) is 300 cal. Personally, I would rather have a nice piece of chicken breast for 200 cal.
has it helped you drop and maintain a more "ideal weight" ? I would think it would, and i mean i know its healthier speculating the weight loss it only seems to fit?
It'll be really hard, and inconvienient, but really, really good for you.

Best of luck!
thanks so much! do you mind if i ask you what your experience with it was from everything. i need ideas about what i mey be getting myself into hahaha!
Well, in response to that.. I am not overweight to begin with, at least medically. =_=; So I have not seen much change in weight but my tummy looks better - more flat and I see less of my muffin top, which makes sense because if your diet is high in sugar (or other 'bad' carbs) its your mid-section that suffers the most.

So I am hanging in there, waiting for the result to show on my thighs.
good for you! and thanks
and def. thanks to lolli
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I wonder if you lose weight quicker? I guess you would..I have often thought about doing this.
theashter, I've given up sweets and added sugar without too much difficulty.  I do use 2 tsp of organic brown sugar to sweeten my oatmeal, and Fiber One has added sweeteners, but that's just about it.

I do however enjoy lots of fresh fruit - - which has natural sweetness.  I hope you are still including fresh fruits in your program, as they are essential to good health.

I credit the fresh fruits with breaking the back of my sweets/sugar addictions. 
oh i def. do. im talking about added sugars and "junk food" ya know the high fat high sugar stuff, cookies cakes ice cream sugary cereals etc. just the stuff that really isnt need to live on lol.

manewell- did you find it helped aid in your weight loss/mood?
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I'm a vegetarian w/ a sweet tooth who just started getting back on track healthful-eating-wise, and sugar is one of the things I am kind of naturally/consciously cutting out by eliminating almost all processed foods.  I do eat some Barilla Plus pasta or whole wheat pasta here & there, lite hamburger/hotdog buns w/ my Boca Burgers or Morning Star hotdogs (lots of sodium there though), and Fiber ONE cereal... plus my Skim Milk (in cereal/cooking) has sugar in it as well.  But the rest of my sugar pretty much comes from fruits, and that has seemed almost immediately to make a huge difference in my mood & cravings for junk food. 

I know the poundage I've recently shed is mostly water weight since I just started, but I'm pretty sure this will lead to a much more successful weight loss process (& less rebound gaining).   I used to use a lot of "diet" foods like Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches, granola bars, etc.  but those tend to make you crave more of the same, and after you eat 4 of the 100 calorie packs & still feel "hungry," you realize that you could've avoided all that by just eating some berries or an apple, which fill you up much faster.  So I'm trying to stick to mostly whole foods now and it's amazing how little I miss the processed stuff (especially when "diet" food is so expensive!). 

To fill in for sugar when cooking, I bought Agave which I use in some baking recipies (made buckwheat pancakes this morning :) and I like it so far.  Click the link to read more about it (scroll down halfway through the page, since it covers all sweeteners).

My biggest internal debate right now is whether or not to have "cheat" days/meals - or rather, whether or not to include sugary stuff in those cheats.  I recognize the importance in "calorie spike" days, to keep your metabolism going when restricting & trying to lose weight, but I've heard that splurging those calories in sugary foods can hinder your progress in the long run.  Any ideas??

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Oh yeah (sorry I'm so long-winded ;)  Frozen grapes help w/ cravings for ice cream/etc.  Berries have always helped me avoid candy, and I read that most cravings only last 10 minutes, so if you find ways to do something else for that time you usually just forget you wanted the junk at all :)
dont worry about it. its very helpful. let me know if it aids in weightloss/better mood?
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Definitely will - So far so good!  I wake up happy, less angry/easily irritated, more patient... it's amazing, I tell you! :)  And so far lost 4 lbs...
good for you!i lost about 12 then it stopped i think its due to sweets
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How's your first day w/out sweets??  I'm another pound lighter - woohoo! :)
good for you!! well its not bad at all right now. i find i only crave it if i see it- so mind over matter hahah. do you mind if i friend you andi?
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