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crystal light bad for you?

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Over the last few years my weight has only fluctuated a few pounds between 118-122.  I've been really good about watching what I eat and working out (3-5 days a week) but in the last 2 months I just keep gaining.  I'm now at the heaviest I've ever been at 127 and I'm really frustrated because I've been eating right and working out.

To make a long story short, the only thing that I've really changed in my diet is that I've tried to drink a lot more water only I hate drinking water so instead I use those crystal light packets.  I probably drink 50-70 ounces of this crystal light water mixture every day.

It says it doesn't have sugar or calories but could this be the problem?

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i think it's safe, maybe it's just water weight/times of day you are weighing your self?

i find that i *think* i retain water when i drink a lot of those aspartame drinks.  i def weigh more so i tried to limit myself to one of those small packettes a day! its hard but i dont think all thats aspartame is very good for you!

Crystal Light (and similar sugarfree drink mixes) is a great crutch to use to wean yourself off of sugary drinks and onto drinking water, but too much could make you retain water as it does have sodium and artificial sweeteners. 

Have you considered stretching one packet over more water?  When I switched over from sugary drinks, I made up the drink mix full strength but these days I tend to go with half strength or so.  And now I'm having plain water half the time and dilute flavoured water the other half of the time.  Eventually, I'll be drinking plain water most of the time and flavoured stuff just as a treat.  I found this much easier to do than switching from full sugar drinks to water "cold turkey".  As you slowly dilute out the flavouring, your taste buds get more sensitive and you'll find you just don't need as much.  (I kind of hope I am retaining water because that means I'm really lighter than I think...  :-))

Crystal light has a lot of sodium which causes people to retain water.

Yeah! I do like Susiecue does. I will make one packet that is supposed to be for like 16.9 ounces of water last for about 2 16 ounce cups of water and i usually drink it at my lunch because sometimes depending on the food i need my drink to have some flavor! i also find that if i were to mix it one packet for just the 17 ounces of water it is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to strong!

Crystal Light has sodium but you'd have to be driking an insane amount to have it make you retain water. The human body can survive on 500 grams of sodium(minimum) and you can easily go up to 2000 2500 in a day and NOT retain. This is average. You have to really be pushing it get some water retention going.

Crystal Light is a staple in my weight loss regimen. It says 5 calories per 8 ounces and no carbs. I can work with that.  I don't think the crystal light would be causing continuous gain. Perhaps if it is water weight you may be gaining a lot of sodium elsewhere where you least would expect. A friend of mine was eating a package of grilled chicken which when added up was only around 500 or 600 calories but the sodium for the whole pack was some where around 1500 grams. Do that 3 times a day and then add some sodium in your drinks and THEN you might have water retention issue.

I take it that most of you are from the US... here in Canada Crystal Light has 5-10cal per serving and 1-3g carbs.. still not much, but where those calories and carbs are coming from is the problem==>> chemicals

everything in moderation, yes... but if you're drinking too many of those, it's not going to be good. Aspartame is linked to various health problems.. and although I do think it is better then refined sugar, it tends to make me feel rather sickish after I drink it. I can just tell that it is not supposed to be consumed. It's a foreign substance, and un-natural.

I feel much better if I switch to just straight water with lemon/lime or tea (sweetened with stevia if necessary)

I think you should try just drinking one packet a day, and make sure you use more then 500ml of water to dilute it so that it's not so strong and the chemicals arn't as concentrated in the drink... and then drink plain water flavoured with lemon/lime/mint/orange/etc or unsweetened/no cream tea for the rest of your fluids.. you will feel much better

I'm in Canada too, but Crystal Light in the US is no different.  It still has ~5 calories per serving.  They just have a silly law that says that manufacturers can claim something has no calories as long as it has less than 5(?).  So 4.9 calories = "calorie free". 

Original Post by susiecue:

I'm in Canada too, but Crystal Light in the US is no different.  It still has ~5 calories per serving.  They just have a silly law that says that manufacturers can claim something has no calories as long as it has less than 5(?).  So 4.9 calories = "calorie free". 

 it's like that though on a lot of products.. for example things that contain fiber in the US subtract the fiber calories from the original calories, so your fibre one is 60cal and ours is 100cal... some people say that fiber isn't digested in the body so therefore has no calories... but i don't know about this. Perhaps you guys are eating more calories then you think you are; or we're eating less.

ive noticed this on quite a few products (we go shopping in north dakota every year) and the same products, same name, same ingredients, have different caloric totals

but whatever, i'm sticking to the natural unprocessed stuff now anyways though.. less confusion; less chemicals; less sugar/fat/salt/additives

Right now, I believe the only flavour sweetened with Splenda is Black Cherry Pomegranate.  the rest still use aspartame, which can cause all kinds of health side effects.  I only drink the cherry pomegranate.

Some people are sensitive to aspartame, and they should avoid it.  This is a fairly rare condition, actually, and most people can consume aspartame with no side effects.  There is no evidence linking aspartame to any healthy problems in people not sensitive to it, and even in those who are the side effects are not serious, though they can be quite annoying. ame.html

As others mentioned, Crystal Light does have some calories, so you should probably track how much you consume, though it's probably not enough to impact weight loss it's still good to know how much you've had.

I can't answer your crystal light question, but I do have a suggestion! Fill a big pitcher with water and drop in different slices of fruits and other things to flavor it. If you store it in the fridge and keep re-filling, the water consistently tastes like what's in it!

Favorite Adds:

-Mint leaves + Lemon or Lime wedges

-Pineapple chunks

-Halved strawberries + kiwi slices (no skin or leaves)


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