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A Cry for Help!!!!!

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I'm having a little trouble losing weight.  I'm getting back into exercising, so I have been working out with Gilad's Total Body Sculpt 3 days a week for 2 weeks. I try to watch what I eat, but I crave sugar so sometimes I binge. I do well in the mornings, and at work. By the time I return home, I am extremely hungry. Do I need to increase my protein intake? Do I need to increase my exercise time? I know I will not lose weight overnight, but I'm getting frustrated. Also, how do you count for using oil, such as olive or canola oil, in cooking?

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaze Help!!!!!Cry

Ms. Frustrated!!!!!!(trd74)


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from what I've read, losing weight is a slow process. Just eat 1,600 calories a day with nothing but fruits and vegies with exercise in between. try and throw away the snacks.

Wait, First of all we don't know how much trd weighs or what her height is so we can't tell her to eat 1600 calories based off of nothing. Secondly, she needs to eat more than fruit and vegetables. You can still have snacks if you choose to eat them. I would suggest, you do try to eat more protein and then see what happens--that what I did and guess what I'm not hungry--Also if I have a craving for something sweet I chew sugar-free gum, or sometimes I will go to the store and get those 100 calorie snacks or sometimes a piece of fruit like an orange does help my craving. So it can be a combo of things and it is honestly different for everyone --it's not a one size fits all--so you might have to play with it and see what works for you--Good luck!

If you're starving by the time you get home from work, you may need to eat more earlier in the day.  I find a nice big bowl of cooked oatmeal keeps me full until lunch, which should be a good-sized (but healthy) meal too.  Hope this helps!
Hey Trd74 I know what it is like to crave sugar that is my weakness as well. If I may recommend to you a different workout and meal choices I think you could see a faster improvemnet. Lets address the sugar cravings first. If you tell yourself no you will only want sugar more. With that in mind allow your self some sugar, because we all need a little sugar every now and then, Am I right. The trick is to kick excess sugar from your food, and have some sugar in things you notice it in. Maybe you are craving some sugar so a cup of tea with 2 tsp or hell 3tsp and milk, the good thing is you know the sugar is there you can taste it and if you have 2 cups of the tea yo know how many calories you are consuming. the exercise is the imporant part of your diet. While I like Gilad he does not really challenge your body the way you truly need to. If you do not have a heart rate monitor I reccomend you get one less than $50 is great. Go out in the morning before your day really starts and get a brisk walk in or if you are able to jog and walk. you will burn more calories and have more fun seeing the real world around you. The heart rate monitor is great because you can see how much you are challenging yourself. If your heart rate goes down to far pick it up if it gets to high and you are getting out of breath slow the sugar train down a bit remember all of this is for you. Another quick idea for you, weigh yourself every morning and write it down along with how much exercise you did that day. that way you can see your activity going up and your weight going down.
I weigh 151 and I am 5'4''. When I eat oatmeal I'm usually hungry 2hours later. Bosster 1 recommended eating more protein. Can you suggest some healthy sources of protein? I do like Gilad because he challenges those areas that I don't work on very often. In the past worked out to Walk Away The Pounds, but it is hard to measure the calories burned.

Ya, I eat oatmeal too and am usually hungry 2 hours later also--I just usually eat a piece of fruit to help.

Good souces of protein:

Almonds, Walnuts, Eggs or Egg Whites even better (I put fat-free cheese in mine because I hate plain egg-whites)  --If you mix egg whites and fat free cheese it's over 20 grams of protein, Cottage cheese, Chicken of course, lean steak, Fish if you like fish--, brown rice, flax seed, peanut butter , turkey lunch meat, yogurt and beans all have great sources of protein--that's all I can think of for now!

And since you did give your weight and age : do you know you can click on the Tools tab and then the calorie target tools and you can play around with that to see how many calories you can eat. It's a nice tool. Ok, good stuff--

What do you usually do for exercise? How many times a week/day/duration ?

It definitely doesn't sound like you are eating enough during the day, or it could be your choice of foods, it's hard to say since we don't know how much or what you're eating.

One more tip for sugar cravers:

whenever you have a snack make sure there is protein. So if I have an apple I also have a cheese string, if I have an orange I'll include a laughing cow cheese wedge or I have carrots with hummus.  The protein will help regulate how fast the sugar from the fruit is processed.


What I tell my clients to do if they are craving suger at night is to drink a small glass of skim milk with a tablspn of chocolate syrup. You can even go buy a low carb protein shake supplement and drink that at night, this will give you a good boost in protein without taking in any empty nutritional calories. If you have any more questions i would be more than happy to help.

Sorry, I would have responded early if I saw that you wrote more!

4 days a week I go to spinning/cycling class and 3 days a week I see a personal trainer.  One of those days it overlaps where i go to a spinning class and a training class on the same day---so I always have 1 day off--also I don't spend that much time with a personal trainer--only like an hour a week----

Let me know if you need anything else! You can always email me also.

When you get home and you are craving sugar, try making a quick shake. It will fill you up and get rid of the sugar craving too...its worth a try and seems to work for me..hope it helps!


1 cup skim or lowfat milk

1 cup ice

1 banana

(you can add a few blueberries, strawberries, etc, but not necessary)

1 tsp vanilla

1 or 1 packets of equal or other sweetener that isn't sugar

 blend it up, add a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg and chug a lug!!


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you may need more protein, but it may be the sugar that makes you hungry. I hardly eat any sugar. I just don't naturally have a sweet tooth. When I do eat sugar, I've found that I get ravenous soon after. In fact, I get hungrier than if I hadn't eaten. I've learned to not eat sweet snacks unless I'm eating some protein with or right before it.
When I cook with olive oil, I measure it and count the entire amount, e.g, 1 tbsp extra virgin organic is 120 calories. Most of it is being absorbed into the food if I am stri frying or something like that, so I try not to "cheat" by counting on having some portion burn off.

I myself have struggled with the sweet cravings.  But I have noticed that once I diciplined myself from not eating processed sugar for like 1-2 weeks, I no longer craved it.

I agree with making a smoothie.  I have used Herbalife, slimfast and rightsize (all in the vanilla flavors).  I usually put 1/2 a banana or strawberries in them, you can use 1/4 to 1/2 of fruit of your choice.  I also use organic soy milk which will add another 9 grams of protein.  The smoothie can serve as a meal replacement and they have nutritional value.  Try making one right when you get home from work and then eating something very light for dinner. 

Hope this helps. 

I was having the same problem... I'd be fine all day, but by the time I got home after working out I wanted to eat everything!!  I started eating a Luna bar right before or right after I workout and it seems to work wonders! 

Luna bars are made by Clif Bars and come in lots of flavors... you can get them at Walmart or Giant Eagle... My favorite flavors are Chocolate Peppermint Stick and Lemon... 

Good luck!! :)

Original Post by trd74:

What do you usually do for exercise? How many times a week/day/duration ?

I usually break up the week with different exercises during lunch since I'm at work all day. I work in a large building with stairs so I take time to do stairs for 10 to 15 mins. now. I hope to add miniutes in the future, but that activity burns 140 to 200 calories. If you feel tired simply sit on the stairs and wait for your heart rate to slow. Other days I cycle during lunch for an hour which burn lots depending on your speed. Other times I have hand weights by my desk so I lift for 5 to 10 mins. It all adds up.

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You should do some cardio stuff... like running! You can substitute oil for butter with the same amounts--- just experiment!


When you crave sugar, grab a fruit-- when you crave sugar+carbs, find something that is whole wheat and sweetened with fruits! No corn syrup, white (refined) sugar-- etc! Try to cut out white bread! 

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