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I can cross my legs now when i sit down!!! Woo hoo!!

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Gosh you know how long it's been since i have been able to do this comfortably!!????? It's been a while!! When i started back here in 2006 i weighed around 266 i think (i left and came back this year) but now i weigh 248 and i can cross my legs now when seated!! I have not been able to do this in a while now!!


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Congrats!!  What's the next goal you'd like to hit???

wtg Clarice!

What a great feeling eh?

I LOVE crossing my legs now


I don't know what goal i want to hit next but it's funny i forgot how i missed crossing them and the other day i was over at mom's house and was sitting down and just crossed them (don't know what possessed me) to do it but i did and was shocked because i haven't been able to do that in a long time.  I guess i didn't know at what weight i would be able to do it!! LOL  Thanks Haley!! It IS a great feeling.  I can't wait till i reach under 200 that will be a nice feeling too!!


I know the feeling, and I didn't know how much I missed being able to cross my legs.


Congratulations! What a great step to achieve! Keep it going - you can do it!!! :)

I know! I was just able to cross my legs comfortably about 2 months ago, and boy it's great!

...but did you pull a Basic Instinct?

I know what i great feeling that is. I'm new here but a while back I had lost 25 lbs and had just started yoga when one day i crossed my legs and actually tucked my ankle behind my lower leg for the first time ever! I was so excited! keep up the good work, maybe set your next goal to tuck your ankle?

Yay for crossing legs!

I remember when I first found I could as my thighs were no longer preventing me. I had never ever ever been able to ever before & used to envied those who could.

please don't take this offensively because i am really just curious, but when you say you can cross your legs now, do you mean that your knees interlock completely and your calves are right next to each other? what bmi were you able to do this at? my top leg always sticks out when i cross my legs and i can't wait for it not to.

My BMI is at a 41 right now it says. 



good for you.  It takes a lot to keep going.  My girlfriend is having a hard time with her weight loss.  She just had knee surgery so no knee crossing anyway for her.  Hope in future she can have the success you have had.

Yay! Congrats!

Alexandra...my bmi is 23 and I can't do that. I don't think it has anything to do with my legs being too fat either...my legs are fairly toned and not too big, I just think it has to do with the length of my leg. My top leg sticks out and I don't think I'll ever make it stop :-P

I'm 175 pounds and 5'3". I can't cross my legs comfortably at all, I feel like my calf muscle/fat are getting ripped off when I do and like my hip is about to pop. I think it's a combination of huge thigh muscles, genetics, and obesity.

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