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cranberry juice

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Has anyone ever heard of or tried un-sweetened cranberry juice mixed with water as a fat flushing tool, and to help with cellulite? I started putting a couple capfuls in my bottled water and it actually taste o.k. Just wondering if I'm wasting my time and money on it.
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Its good for a UTI...

Its high in vitamin C if you are catching a cold...

I dont think a couple capfuls would do anything though especailly for fat flushing/cellulite..
I completely agree with pelirroja. Great for antioxidants, Vitamin C and great for UTI, I never heard of the celulite thing, I would drink it because it's good for you.
I think there used to be some fad diet that was all about cranberry water.  I doubt it does much to burn fat, but it is good for you.
Forget about the cellulite "cures" -- nothing will make it go away, not even liposuction. If there was something that could get rid of it, it would be national news. It's definitely good for you but it's not going to flush fat away. If you want to get even REMOTELY close to a so-called fat flusher go for CLA, and even then I wouldn't expect much. 
I've never heard of that either - it sounds a bit suspect.

On a cranberry juice related note, though - I recently found "diet" ocean spray cranberry juice at the grocery store and it's great - it tastes the same as the regular to me but it only has ten calories a bottle - yum!
ny68- That is strange I wonder what makes it diet?  What's the ingredients?
I'm not sure - here's a web page though... spray.aspx
I wonder if they've used less concentrated juice (even 100% fruit juices use concentrated juice to boost sugar content) and added something like Splenda?  Too bad the website doesn't have an ingredient list.
I'd still drink regular cranberry juice, and squeeze it in. I drink apple juice all the time. It's not as bad for calories as I thought it would be...

I have this rule that if I put something in my mouth, it has to be worth it. Watery cranberry juice just won't do. :P
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Even with all this said, it has made me drink alot more water, so I guess thats a good thing anyway...thanks for your input!! :)
ktobelost - do you think it tastes watery? I honestly can't tell the difference.
I have heard of cranberries reducing the apprence of cellulite. I'm not sure where I heard it from. I think a website. So about a year ago I began taking a cranberry suppliment. I got it from the Vitamin Shoppe. I thought my cellulite looked a lot better while I was taking it. So yes, I agree with you that cranberries can help with cellulite.
Here what I have found about cran juice from " fat flush plan" book:

it eliminates water retention , cleanses accumulated wastes and helps to clean up cellulite.

It is great. I believe.
yeah, i am going to start taking and drinking pure cranberry everyday. Thanks for the facts!
There was an article in a magazine a few months ago that said:

Daily consumption of the flavonoids (healthy plant compounds) that are in cranberry juice and lemon juice improved fat metabolism in the liver to increase HDL cholesterol by up to 20% in one month, according to multiple Canadian studies. "Raising HDL cholesterol helps improve blood circulation to fend off fatigue and brain fog."

To reap the benefit of both juices, simply drink a cran-lemon cocktail three times daily. To make: Mis 1oz pure cranberry juice (like R.W. Knudsen Family Just Cranberry), at least 2Tbs pure lemon juice 7 oz water and natural sweetener like stevia, agave nectar or honey, if desired.

BTW: Curry/Curcumin the antioxidant that gives curry its burnt orange color also raises HDL cholesterol by as much as 29% in just one week.

I've also heard that drinking cranberry juice on a daily basis helps the appearance of cellulite.

Hope this helps!
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I've ended up drinking so much cranberry juice that I needed a more concentrated form to fit my needs into the fridge! I won't advertise, but a "farm" mails it cold. Google for it. I don't recall the concentration, but a shot in a very large glass of water is still almost too strong, so if cost has been an issue, it will no longer be.
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