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I want to start getting into the habit of counting how many grams of sugar I am eating a day, so that I can work on reducing it. I currently count carbs already, and I want to aim for no more than 10% (what i read is recommended) of them from sugar.

My only issue is this. I love fruit, but have been avoiding it for awhile due to the high carb and sugar content. But I know it's healthy, so I don't want to eliminate it. So when counting sugar grams, are there any types that are "healthy" that shouldn't really be counted? Like I know carrots have sugar, and fruits like I said..

I'm starting to ramble now... so...bottom line! LOL Do I only count sugars in things like prepackaged foods and such?

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It's really the refined sugars in foods that are felt to be a bigger problem.  The sugar in fruit comes neatly packaged with lots of fibre and vitamins and it's gentler on the body.  However, that doesn't mean eating 20 oranges a day would be a particularly good idea.  Everything in moderation, etc.

Good tips...

  • Stick to about 2 or 3 pieces of fruit per day... don't go mad on the stuff
  • Eat plenty of vegetables - their sugar content is not very high and they are important for good health
  • Try to avoid any processed food (breakfast cereals, cereal bars etc.) with more than 10g sugar per 100g on the nutrition panel
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Gi-jane pretty much said it all. I wouldn't count the sugar from fruit, but I wouldn't go crazy with them at the same time. If you want to count your sugar intake, keep added sugar from processed foods at >50g.


I see a debate coming on.  Is it more than or less than 50 grams?

I take it as a typo and meant to be <50g.  Although I'm trying to keeps carbs lower so mine would be less.

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Yea. I meant less than. Sorry...

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