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Weight Loss
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I have been counting calories and can't seem to lose weight

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I am a vegetarian. I have thyroid issues that are being managed by a doctor and I take synthroid. I am 5 foot 8 inches tall and 42 years old. In the past I have been fairly athletic. Currently I am pretty much sedentary and I weigh 182 lbs. I have been eating between 1200-1500 calories everyday since last September and have stayed consistently around 182 lbs. I am rigorous about portion control and writing everything down-- even prior to starting on Calorie camp. If I eat more than 1200-1500 calories I gain weight-- quite rapidly.


Questions: 1. Every time I start to exercise, I get sick. This seems to be the only way that I am going to get my metabolism functioning again. Does anybody have ideas on how to get an exercise program started?

2. I am meticulous about my nutrition. Most days my diet is graded with an "A." I had a doctor look at my diet and she suggested I eat more protein and I have been in the form of nuts and legumes. I am not going to eat meat, but does anybody have any ideas on foods that I should eat that will support my thyroid and help me lose weight.

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In view of your thyroid issues I don't know how things would work for you because based on your stats you have a BMR of 1,569 n you really should not be eating below this level. To complicate things you are a vegetarian making it harder for you to get some of your required nutrients. Protien, which your doc pointed out, being one of the macro nutrients. Do add on a suplement that covers vitamins n minerals. I remember a friend got some form of thyroid issue resulting from malnutrition. Remember you are getting n A based on a 1,200 calorie diet you are still not getting enough on the basis of your BMR of 1,569 where you should be eating at.

For exercise I'd recomend the obvious solution, Start Slow. Really slow. Walk 15 min a day for 1 week. Even if you feel you can do more don't. Increase by 5 minutes the second week and so on. How ever tempted you get,  do not increase intensity faster than your original plan. Set original level well below what you feel your body can handle without getting sick.

ajith thyroid issues means she cant eat that much. i have similar issues, eat 30 net grams of carbs, and still have to watch what i eat to maintain(stay under 1600). my advice is start slow with the exercise like 15 minutes at a time

I didn't want to suggest it as obviously this is a special issue. But going also by what you are saying a low fat n carb diet may be a way to go about keeping calories low. Being vegetarian will make lowering carbs difficult for veridianninja. She is going to have to use supplements to ensure she gets required nutrients. Maybe even a whey protien as her doc say she low on that. Common problem for vegetarians. 

I'm hypothyroid as well and the only thing that seems to help is exercise.  If I don't move it I don't lose it lol! 

I know you said you had gotten sick after exercising so perhaps it was a case of too much too fast?  I started off walking and probably only about 3 km at first (I started at 272 lbs).  I walked every single day after work and when it began to seem too easy, I would increase until I was doing about 5 km a day.  When that seemed too easy, I started the couch to 5k program.  Once your fitness levels go back up to where you are comfortable, then you can change it up, add classes, weight programs etc). 

Don't give up may be slower than most folk and we can't eat as many calories even on maintenance but you'll get there!  Good luck!

Thank you to everyone who has replied.

bren9587 thank you for the words of encouragement. I am currently still on antibiotics from this last week. I am going to take it easy for another week and then try starting to walk again. It is very frustrating because I used to be a long distance runner and I feel I should be able to do more. The last few times I have tried to start walking, I have started with 45 minutes at a 4mph pace. I have gone for a few days and then I get sick. I will try increments of 15 minutes and increase from there.

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