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Should I count my vitamin calories?

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I know this sounds obvious, but here's my dilemma. I take several vitamins each morning, the most damaging calorie wise are an Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement. None of the vitamins are geared towards my weight loss goal but rather for health reasons (I have lupus). In total the vitamins add up to nearly 100 calories. I keep taking them and recording them appropriately, but I keep thinking that I would love to have that 100 extra calories! I worry that my diet plan, and counting vitamin calories, is contradictory to staying healthy. Its like I'm discouraging myself mentally from taking the vitamins becuase of the calorie intake and there just seems like something wrong with that. So my question, how important to my weight loss is it to include the calories from my vitamins?
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Vitamins have no calories
Vitamins dont have calories, yes. But the omega 3 supplements do but it's soooo little I can't imagine how your's could add up to 100 calories. For example: my tablets contain 1000mg of EPO (and other EFA's). All fats are 9 calories per gram, so every tablet (1000mg = 1g) is 9 calories. If I take 3 a day, thats still only 27 calories...I really dont think you need to include this unless...yeah, you are taking like 10 of them (90 calories). It would be a good way to check how much of these EFA's you are getting. I read in a JAMA paper that at least 2-2.5% of daily calories from EFA's is recommended for them to be beneficial. But honestly, I wouldn't even worry about that!
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Okay, here are the details. My Fish Oil Supplements have 25 calories per pill (I take two), Centrum has 5 calories, Fiber Choice Supplement is 16 calories per pill (i take 2) = 87 calories.

Forgive me if I used the wrong term and should have stated "supplements" instead of "vitamins".

I didn't post this without  looking at the bottle first.

Thanks for the other info.

Hmmm...87 calories....well, since you know what the figure is - you might as well add would really make that A+ for the analysis!! Otherwise, I dont think 87 calories makes that much of difference if you're having a 500+ deficit anyway. But a calorie is a calorie!!
hmmm i don't know if i would just because like you said mentally it's going to make you not want to take the vitamins because of the calories!  i'm not sure what your exact goals are but if this is a consistent amount of calories couldn't you skip it?  it's like i don't add in my walk to work everyday because it's consistent and not aiding my weight loss...
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That's a great point. I hadn't really thought of it that way. I've been taking them long before I decided to lose weight.

Thanks for the advice!

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