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Do you count the decimals when you weigh yourself?

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I have been keeping track of ounces decimals on the scale, because my scale shows me the numbers, and I just mindlessly log them. But today I realized the decimals are distracting me from what I want: the lbs to be gone! So I stopped looking at the oz and I feel better already!

I'm not saying that I'm lying to myself, but tracking such a minuscule amount makes the goal seem so much harder to obtain and takes away from the big picture.

It feels good to not be so nit-picky.

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My scale doesn't show oz but does show first decimal point such as .2 or .8 when talking about these numbers I use it as an indicator I am headed in the right direction still. A half pound loss from one day to the next is a pretty good feeling.

282.2 Jan 3rd

238.4 This morning.

Hm, you're right, it's not oz, because then it would go up to 16 (per lb).

But that's what I mean: I'm disregarding the decimals when I log my score. For instance, if yesterday I was at 138.9, and today was 138.5; that .3 difference stresses me out!

Why would losing .4 stress you out? You're down nearly half a pound in one day. I use the decimal as an indicator of direction. I'm sure they become less important as you approach your goal weight but not when you are still 50 lbs or more from a healthy BMI.

think of that .4 going up or down. Obviously down doesn't stress me out, but when I've had too much salt one day, and my weight goes up .4, it's BS. 

If it works for you, power to you., but I'm going to keep it simple.

Doesn't seem like the decimal is the problem then, as the same thing would upset you if it was on the other side of the decimal.

I would recommend weekly weigh-ins instead of daily if you cannot handle perfectly normal weight fluctuations.

I have an old scale that only does lbs, no ounces so I don't have to worry about it!  If it bothers you, just watch the lbs :)

nope. like weighing daily. been doing it for years.

I just want to keep it simple by just thinking about the lbs. whether I'm off by a 1/4 lb one day from the next can have to do with regular weight fluctuations, so going to look at lbs only.

This is a new routine I started today so I want to test if doing this will inspire me more.

Original Post by tina0367:

I have an old scale that only does lbs, no ounces so I don't have to worry about it!  If it bothers you, just watch the lbs :)

yes, I use to also. It really doesn't matter what the decimals say. I think decimals just make a scale look "fancier". :D

I love it when my scale ticks along at 0.2 for a 3/4 days in a row. 

I use a scale that is not digital, so it's hard to tell the exact weight. Sometimes I can tell it's about halfway between two tick marks, but so far on my official weekly weigh-ins, it's been almost exactly on a mark for a certain pound.

If it makes you happy then disregard them.  For me a minor indiscretion can mean a 3-4 pound variation from day to day, so it doesn't bother me to keep track of the decimals. 

For instance dinner out on Sunday meant the scales said 167.4 on Monday, but this morning it is back down to 164.6.  I logged them both. 

I log the "points"... that's what I call them.

I weigh daily too, sometimes I do get discouraged when they fluctuate, but I've been doing better with it.  I print my google calendar every month and I write my weight down every day, that way, even if I'm up .4 from the day before... I can still see I'm down 1.2 lbs from the previous week (or whatever the number may be)

If you think that it will help to ignore the points, go for it!

I log them. I don't experience very wide fluctuations, which means that sometimes progress really is found in those decimals, so it's worth it for me to track.

I am with amethystgirl.  My fluctations are generally small so I definitely count the decimal point.  For example, two weeks ago I weighed 163.8 and then in the following week I weighed 163.2. That showed me a deficit of over a half pound and that encouraged me.  If I had just seen the 163 for both weeks, I would have been a little down thinking that the scale had not moved.


Yup.  Don't mind the daily fluctuations, but when it finally goes down, even by .2 pounds, I'm a happy camper.

Wasn't always so happy about .2 of a pound, but then one day I realized .2 of a pound is only slightly less than an entire stick of butter.  So each decimal I lose has an equivalent butter serving to go with it Tongue out 

I also weigh daily and count the 10ths on the scale.  If I am up one day, I quickly look at what I ate the day before for to much sodium or if I ate to late.  It is a guider to me to be able to evaluate how I am doing.  I would hate to weight myself daily and see the same number.

I count the decimals, because I'm in a metric-using country and there's a big difference between 63kg and 63.8kg. Practically 2 pounds. So yeah, I do tend to pay attention. But if I was in an lb-using country, I would probably not bother with them.

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