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Corn chips - how many in an ounce?

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One thing about CC is it's hard for me to get the calories in what I just ate!  So I had a morale event for work and it was mexican food, which was way to spicy so I ate alot of corn tortilla chips.  SO i would like a ballpark about how much it cost me in calories, and every corn chip listed on here is in ounces.  I have no idea how many ounces it was!  Anyone know any other way to figure it out?
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I just happen to have a bag of corn chips.  Once serving is 140 calories and that's about 16 chips.  These are those little ones though.  I would say 5 calories a chip is a good guess. 
140 into 16 would be almost 10 cals each... yes?
Be careful, though, "size matters."  Sorry, couldn't resist.  Tostitos Bite Size Gold chips have 140 cals in 16 chips.  Tostitos Restaurant Style white corn chips have 140 cals in 7 chips.  These are the really big tortilla chips, whereas the others are, well, bite size.  Both servings equal 1 ounce.
Oh yeah duh, I wasn't thinking, haha!  And if they are restaurant style they are probably more because of the extra oil.  And the small gold bag is what I have here, that's where I got my numbers from.
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