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Corn Chips Calories

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Hi All!

The reality of the calories in corn chips, even if it's organic, stone-ground corn with high-oleac safflower oil and no or little salt added is:  1 oz = 140 calories.  Of the 16 oz bag I purchased Friday night for the following day, there is 250 g left, including the packaging.  So that makes:  454 g (16 oz) - 250 g = 204 g eaten in two days, or 102 g or 3.6 oz per day.  Even if other people ate 1 oz, that leaves 3.1 oz eaten per day, or 3.1 oz X 140 calories/oz = 435 calories of corn chips per day.  I ate that much, and barely noticed.

This forum is good, because heavy people tend to underestimate their calories.  I am one of them.  It seems like only a couple handfuls of chips enjoyed each day for a total of 4 oz, but weighing it out, the reality is 7.2 oz are gone.  It must be 7.2 oz consumed.

Thought that might be helpful for others here, too!

This is a great site!

Thanx everybody!

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Reality bites!

I've taken to weighing and measuring my guilty pleasures...

If my ice cream says 110 calories per 1/2 serving, then I measure out 1/2 cup and be thankful I can have even that much, and not everyday!

One half gallon now lasts me over 2 weeks instead of the 3 nights it use to last...sometimes not even that long...

If in doubt, measure it out!  It can be quite an eye opener.
Not all corn chips are equal.  Fritos, for example, has 160 calories in an ounce.  Guiltless Gourmet Baked Blue Corn chips have 110.  Tostidos Baked Scoops have 120.

Now one ounce of corn chips may not sound like a lot, but today I had one ounce of the Guiltless Gourmet chips and that was 18 full sized chips.  It certainly seemed like a lot more to munch on than those ā??100 calorie packsā? that are so popular right now.  I had it with some Guiltless Gourmet fat free bean dip, and it made quite a nice mid-afternoon snack.  The trick is to take the time to count your chips and make sure you only eat one serving at a time.  I never eat straight out of the bag.  I either break the bag up into single sized servings and put them in zip-lock bags as soon as I buy it, or I count my chips out onto a plate before I eat them.  Itā??s easy to overeat anything by accident if you donā??t measure it first.
Hee hee, as soon as I started logging everything here at CC I took the bag of corn chips I had just bought, taped the package shut and put them down in the basement until I can learn to do exactly what plaidpooka suggests above and be satisfied with a proper portion.  I reeaally like tortilla chips because I love tomato salsa. 
gypsy, that's why, when I was buying snack foods like corn chips, I bought them in the single serving size.  Much easier to know just how many calories you are getting, and to better control intake. 
People, thank you!  Your answers are encouraging and entertaining!  Thank you for the good suggestions, like create single serving size, or buy them in single serving size.  I need to check out Guiltless Gourmet, too!

Really I should know better.  It's easy to give up on yourself when you've been heavy a long time.  Plus I love to indulge!

How did that first box of GOLEAN Kashi Crunch cereal I bought Friday night disappear in the same time so fast?  It was 425 g - now it's 60 g left!  Tomorrow's weigh day doesn't look too promising . . . I'll take your advice, and shoot for a more disciplined next week!

Louise :)
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