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Weight Loss
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consuming 1,000-1,250 calories a day.

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I'm 24yrs, 5'3", 252lbs, I exercise 4-5 times a week and am currently consuming 1,000-1,250 calories a day. I aim to burn 1,000, but average anywhere from 450-850. I started about 3.5 weeks ago at 260lbs. The first week I lost 3lbs, the second week I lost 4 lbs and the 3rd week I gained 2 lbs and lost 3lbs (new years drinks and snacks).

I am wondering what is working for others as far as calorie intake and burned. According to my BMR for 260lbs I can consume 2,512 calories to maintain.
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You should be eating a minimum of 1500 calories. Any less than that and you risk actually slowing your weight loss because your metabolism starts to slow down and your body holds on to every calorie you take in. You want to aim for a calorie deficit of somewhere between 500 - 1000 calories a day to safely lose 1 -2 lbs per week. 

Oh, yes I've heard of this "survival/starvation mode"

Yesterday I had 1097 calories and didn't exercise. I was @252 when I weighed yesterday morning (I always weigh in the morning right after I pee). This morning I was 249. So I hope I don't hit a plateau or go into the survival mode lol.

I always have a protein shake (muscle milk) within 30 minutes of my workout.

I'm actually having trouble reaching those calories. I feel like I'm eating all day just to catch up.

The more heavily you restrict, the harder weight loss tends to get further down the track, potentially even stalling out.

No one generally gets overweight by eating too little - there is no real reasons to say you can't meet X calories now either. Adding a little olive oil, a few nuts or a piece of avocado really jacks up the calories quickly without adding extra bulk.

If you're having trouble getting enough calories in, have a look at your foods. Are you having 10 or more serves of veggies/fruit to fill you up? They're great low cal food but they're certainly not all you need for a well rounded eating plan. Cheese, milk, yogurt, juice & nut butters are all options for adding in more calories too.


Well I already use olive oil and avocado. I'm lactose and tolerant so the milk, cheese and yogurt are out. And I'm watching my sugar because I'm borderline diabetic, so juices are out as well.

About once a week I have what I suppose is a cheat day.

Hehe, okay a few suggestions :P

  • You could try swapping items like leaner white fish for fattier salmon or fresh tuna (depending on budget)
  • Egg whites for whole eggs
  • Adding a tbs of peanut butter or other nut butters
  • Adding nuts like almonds, walnuts, etc
  • Change veg to include sweet potato (Low GI) which has a relatively high amount of cal
  • Adding olive oil to more items such as salads, cooking vegetables or meat
  • swap a lower cal fruit for a banana, they're higher

Just get inventive :)

Under-eating is as bad as over-eating, and it will keep you from achieving your goals. Your BMR is 1950, so eating 1000 calories makes no sense at all. You are ruining your metabolism and your health, and it is going to be very difficult to keep this up. If you eat your BMR of 1950, you'll get the nutrition you need and still have a 400 calorie deficit. If you exercise, then you could bring that deficit up even higher.


Thanks for all the tips guys. I least use egg whites (egg beaters) instead of an actual egg. I use olive oil of I'm cookting something that's low cal. And I use pam if I'm cooking something that's a little higher in calories.

I find that when I am low for the day I grab a shake because it's filling. And they are 172 calories a scoop. More if you add add bananas, berries and yogurt.

You are doing yourself no favors, as the other posters have pointed out.  What you are doing will work, for a time.  And then it won't and you will either drop your calories more, or you will revert back to higher calories.  If you go back to how you were eating before, you will gain weight rapidly, probably more than you lost. If you drop your calories you will find yourself spiraling into a full-blown eating disorder, where 1000 calories didn't work anymore, so you ate 800. And then that stopped working so you ate 600. Then you stopped losing weight on that, so you ate 400. and then 200, and then you died.  and you might have still been overweight when you died...

Shortcuts don't work.  Fads don't work.  Drastically cutting your calories doesn't work.  Ok, well -- they all work for a time, because calories in less than calories out equals weight loss, for a time.

lactaid or other dairy digest tablets do a wonderful job of alleviated the lactose intolerant problems.  While I still can't drink straight milk, I can no eat cottage cheese and other cheeses -- yogurt is not usually a problem for any lactose-intolerant.  I notice you put it into your shakes...

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Coach_K: Maybe I should've mentioned that I am banded and Am under the supervision of a doctor and dietician and have been told that I should consume anywhere from 800-1200 calories. I wouldnt want to offend anybody with my "disruptive, and frivolous" posts.

I also believe in calorie confusion and allow myself a day to have between 1350-1700 calories.

Also, I was only asking to hear what is working for others. I never asked for advice.

I know that what works for some (i.e. me) might not work for others and I am in no way endorsing this as a diet plan for others.

I'm sure you had good intentions, but I must say I am feeling slightly threatened.

I would not weigh yourself every day.  As you gain muscle mass from working out, and simultaneously lose fat, you may not see what you want on the scale. Fluctuations in hydration levels can also mean the scale is not accurate.  I agree with the post telling you to eat at least 1500 calories a day, because you may be eating too few calories and could slow your metabolism down.

By all means follow what the doctor is telling you, and make the doctor aware of what you are doing as far as working out too.

Srut: My official weigh day is on Tuesday's, but every once in a while out of curiosity I might weight 3 times a week, but the numbers don't matter to me except on those tuesdays. I have regular monthly appointments with my doctor and dietician. I will be sure to let them know about my diet and exercise.

They have equipped me with the greatest food and exercise diary/log that accounts for all my calories, carbs, fat and protein. That log along with CC is my new weapon to battle the flab. Lol

Thanks you for your positive comment and advice.


Horizon: Lol yeah I had trouble recognizing signals of being full and over eating. That's why I got the weight loss surgery. My previous eating habits were bad to say the least. I was living with my boyfriend and we would only eat 1-2 times a day. Maybe have a small snack, but the foods I was eating was what did it for me. I would eat wings (I was addicted to buffalo wild wings), pizza 3/4 times a week because it was so cheap, 1-2 dollar menu burgers, food that his family members would give us (asado, menudo, chili verde, tamales, carne molida or ground beef w/ potatoes). I have always felt the need to finish my plate. When I was in daycare I remember being told that a clean plate is a happy plate. Although bck then the plates were significantly smaller and weren't covered with horrible food.

So even though I wasnt eating enough meals a day, they were high in fat, calories, sodium and everything else that's bad for you. It was hard living with someone who has different needs that you. He didn't need to lose any weigh, nor did he want to eat healthy.

Eating the calories that were recommended for me with my lapband works great for me. I feel satisfied and I rarely feel hungry. I still feel the urge to eat everything on my plate so when I'm serving myself at home I go for a smaller plate. And when I'm at a restaurant I either order a kids meal or grab a to-go box.
Everyone seems to be avoiding a huge factor! You should really try to exercise at least a half hour a day. Even if its a brisk walk it will help tremendously. You can even split it up into segments such as two 15 minute walks.

Regardless of what your doctor advises, eating a very low cal diet tends to lead to a significant amount of muscle being used for energy as well as fat as your body can only convert so much fat to needed energy on a daily basis.  For no other reason alone, it's better to eat more cals.  When/if you reach your goal weight, your metabolism is lower because you have lost so much muscle, making it harder to maintain your new weight.  You might bring up some of these questions at your next checkup and see what they have to say. 

I usually walk anywhere from 35 minutes- 60 minutes. I do this 3-4 times a week and alternate that with aerobics, weights and ab excercises on the days that I'm not walking.
I'm down to 249 flat today! Out of the 250s. Can't wait till I get to One-derland!


Lol it's cool thanks horizon.
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