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Constantly having to pee! Water & How to deal with it

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I know this may be TMI but since I've started drinking tons of water in an effort to be healthy, I constantly have to go to the bathroom!  I'm not kidding, I could have just peed and then three minutes later have to go again.  It's fine when I'm by myself, albeit slightly irritating, but when I'm out or around other people, it's really quite embarrassing!  Does this happen to anyone else?  If so, how do you deal with being around people and taking frequent trips to the bathroom?  I feel like people must think I'm some kind of freak!
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i drink a lot of water but i do it strategically like if i know i'm gonna be around a bunch of people watch a movie or in the car a while i back off but if i know i'm gonna have the chance to go frequently i drink a lot

But after you do it for a while your body will adjust to all the water. You'll still go frequently but not as frequently
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I know EXACTLY how you feel, I was thinking about posting this myself, haha. I drink so much water, and at my office, I'm literally as far away from the bathroom as you can be. It's such a pain. Sadly, I have no advice for you :/
Like robyneg said, "I know EXACTLY how you feel"  I have almost dubbed the bathroom at work my second home.  It seems like I am there about every 20 minutes or so and mine is as far away as possible too. ;-)

I do back off when I know I have to do something like phat_leah_kay does so I won't have to interupt to pee...it can really be annoying at times but I just deal with it.  I have been drinking a little over a gallon of water a day and my question is when will my body get used to it??  It seems like never...LOL
Your body should get used to it soon enough. It used to happen to me. but after a few weeks you're good.
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I have to pee right now and I really don't want to get up...

...thought I'd share :D
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Your body will adjust... I promise! Just keep drinking! (water, that is!) LOL!
how long have been drinking "a lot" of water?  Perhaps your system just hasn't adjusted yet!
Speaking of pee, I should really go do that myself.

Your body will start to adapt, or you will get used to peeing more often. I drink about a gallon of water a day, and I count walking to and from the restroom as exercise (jk).

You will adapt eventually tho. I'm just starting to and I started drinking tons of water about 2 months ago.  Just remember that it's good for you! Flush out toxins, flush.

I just make sure to not drink water 2 hours prior to going to see a movie at the theater, and 1 hour before I get on my hour commute home. :)
I've been drinking a lot of water for months, now.  It's really just a normal part of my lifestyle, extra peeing and all, I guess.  Maybe I just have a really small bladder.  Oh well, at least I know I'm flushing out my system and revving my metabolism.
I pee so much. I'll pee before bed, then as soon as I lay down and get comfy, I gotta pee again!

I hate that.

Starting tomorrow, I am going to count how many times i go pee throughout the day. Just a little expiriment. Anyone care to join? lol.
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Ah, I have found 'my people.'


I live in Phoenix and a 32 oz Nalgene bottle is my constant companion. I've learned to pee before I actually "need" to, to make it more convenient. Preventive peeing...lol, bet guys never even think about that.

I know exactly what you mean about peeing before bed and having to get up to pee in 15 or 20 minutes.

Actually it used to be worse before my hysterectomy. I had bad fibroids that pressed on my bladder. I literally got my sleep in 2 hour increments. Now I usually get up only once a night.

So of course I'm really dehydrated in the morning and the cycle starts all over again.
I pee a ton when I am at work and drink a lot, but that is because I am not working out and sweating it out. But it is nice in that I get a chance to get up and stretch my legs and walk away for the computer for a minute or two.

So, you are not the only one. :0)
I found that if you sip all day instead of guzzle that it helps to less the "Oh goodness, I have to go now!" feeling. Also, like pp, it is nice to get up and stretch on your way to the bathroom and it should even out pretty soon.
lizfm - I try not to do that myself (pre-peeing) - I feel powerless if I "break the seal" too soon.
Any big time weight loss with this for you guys? I have been going through this and have lost alot of weight. Everything I drink I pee and still wake up with slight cramps.
i stopped drinking soda/juices/etc when i was in 5th grade, as a personal choice. i'm 16 now, and all i drink is water and skim milk, with occasional fruit smoothies :) anyway, i normally don't have to be an odd amount of times a day. but when i fast, i obviously do because that's all i am taking in. however, i feel really good when i pee a lot even when i am not fasting because it means my body is getting cleaner.

if you are going through fast weight loss right now, it could be due to that, especially if it's unhealthy. ie, starving/fasting will made your body rid itself of toxins faster, through urine.

maybe your body is just trying to get rid of excess water.
Same problem here.  Starting to drink 6-8 glasses of water two months ago and have been running to the restroom at frequent limit of 10 times per hour.  I go to bed quite late (1am) so that help not waking up constantly at night.  When I'm in the office, I don't drink at all because it's so annoying to get up from my desk every 5-10 minutes.  I usually drink all water I need for the day between 6 to midnight.
I drink between 130-170 ounces of water per day When I first started I had to "go" like every 30 minutes or so.  I've been at this amount for a few weeks now and now I o more like 45 minutes to an hour.  At night I stop drinking an hour before bed, go before bed then usually only end up waking one time.  People keep telling me that eventually my body will adjust even more...but hrm I guess I just wait and see.
For the record though, I felt 98% better the day after I started drinking so much and each day after as well.  I have more energy. I crave and eat less, my skin is smoother with fewer breakouts.

I guess the way I TRY to look at it is I get a lot more benefits for the effort...and I guess I have it easy because I am a stay at home mom and have easy access to the bathroom anytime I need.  And on a funny note, my pedometer has a LOT more steps on it per day now
I am the same way! I just started drinking a gallon of water a day, and my boss makes jokes about me being in the bathroom 24/7. The sad thing is, its true! I am always in there-peepeepeepeepee.

How long does it take to get used to that much water?
Hahahaha, well Im glad Im not the only one!

I drink possibly too much water...maybe 5+ liters a day?

And the worst is that I wake up SEVERAL times during the night to go. Ugh that is annoying.

Plus I try not to 'hold it', as the Dr said its bad to do since Ive had Kidney infections in the past.
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