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What is considered "Normal" sodium intake?

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I was just wondering if there were stats out there about what was normal sodium intake.  I think I am high in that area.

I weighed myself this morning and I am still the same weight even though I have given up diet sodas for the last 2 weeks and watching my calorie intake (1500) and doing something active everyday for at least 30 minutes (working in the garden, serious house cleaning, etc....).  I feel great, have more energy and my cloths are definitly getting looser.  I HATE scales !!! :)

Thanks for any info you all can give me.

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I read somewhere that it was 2400mg. Someone else may have a better source though :)
Most days I am around 4,000.  I thought it was high, but didn't know for sure.  Thanks.  I guess I will need to drink from the garden hose to flush out all that sodium. ;)
It depends really on your overall health! If you have any problems with water retention (?sp) or problems with High blood pressure, try to stay araound 2000 mg. Otherwise anywhere between 2400 mg and 3000 mg is allright, that according to my doctor.
WOH, 4,000. that's way too much. It should be about 2,400 but I try to stay below 2,000.
BE CAREFUL though! You don't want to go too low! I posted this in another forum topic the other day:

yes... you should on average have 2400mg of sodium (based on a 2000 calorie diet of course) based on the FDA. Although a little more won't kill you. You can see how much your daily intake average is under analysis in the account toolbar. This will show you how much carbs/protein/fat you have for the day in percentages, as well as sodium in mg's.

Going *over* the sodium amount won't do anything very harmful unless you have high blood pressure and diabetes I suppose (I'm not a doctor but my mom is a nurse so I know some things...) It just adds on water weight!

Please note though, taken from here:

Sodium deficiency (not enough) can result in:
appetite loss
eye problems
heart attack
intestinal gas
irregular heartbeat
low blood sugar
low resistance to infection
muscle wasting

So don't be scared of the sodium! Just keep an eye on it :)
I should also note that by "going over" 2400 mg I'm talking 2500-3000 should be fine. 4000 - not good!!
you only need 500 mg a day, but should never exceed 2400 mg.

This is a quote from Delia Hammock (who is the Nutrition Director for Good Houskeeping):  

"Some people are definitely more sensitive to sodium than others and those with high blood pressure or a family history of hypertension should make watching sodium a priority.  Others can take a more relaxed approach."
MVDB - do you have a source for that? It feels like 500 is really low...

Maybe you meant 1500?

Edit:: Nope looked it up - you were right! Wow! I still feel weird about that tho..

Taken from here:

For non-athletes, the body only needs 500 mg sodium and the U.S. Dietary Guidelines recommend no more than 2,400 mg sodium/day.
gemini- it's from the University of Pittsburg Medical Center website based on RDA guidelines. 
Thanks again for all the great info.  I do not have High blood pressure.  Not sure why I don't since I am so overweight and have problems with insulin resistance (who doesn't when they get to this point) and thyroid problems.   I just count my blessings that I don't. :)  Less to worry about!! :)

I will definitly be keeping a closer eye on the sodium.

Thanks so much for everyones help.  Trish
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I do have high blood pressure and I manage to keep my sodium around 2200, but it still needs to go down.  The problem is, I don't like salt, so the sodium is sneaking into my food.  What foods are high in sodium so I can avoid them and which are low in sodium so I can find them?
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cian, try the www.nutritiondata.com website. you can do comparisons of foods for those highest or lowest in many things, including sodium.  look under #3 on their home page.
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