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Confused- odd/even pant sizes???

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I tried to search but didn't get an answer. How do odd/even jean sizes work?


For instance. I have a pair of 6's, a pair of 5's and a pair of 5/6's...I was told they are all the same and that odds are for juniors and evens are 'womens'. However they do NOT fit me the same. The 6's are big, the 5's are TIIIIGHT and the 5/6's are comfy.

So is there a trick to how to read jeans lol?! I'm trying to pick a jean size goal but I don't have THAT much to lose. I originally aimed for a 6, but they all fit great and I'm flabby now. My 5's are REALLY tight, but I was going to say 4 as a goal because I'm confused about the 5 vs 6 thing....



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Odds for juniors, evens for misses.  Your fitting issues make sense.  Juniors tend to be less hippy as they are still going through puberty.  Therefore, if you have a women's shape, the 5's will be tighter, the 6's will be looser and the 5/6's should be somewhere in between.

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