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Confused about deli meat and weight

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I like to eat the Jennie-O sun dried tomato lunch meat that I get sliced in the deli. It says 50 calories per 2oz serving.

I'm a little confused about how many slices that would be so I assumed it = 1 regular sandwich meat slice of turkey? So every time I have 1 slice of turkey I add another 50 cals to my log.

Can anyone tell me if I'm doing this correctly, or if I'm cheating myself out of some calories? Approximately how many slices would be around 2oz? I'm so lost.


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If you don't have a scale, try and get one.  It's the only way I can figure out things like this. 
if you get it at the deli they sell it by weight, right? So next time you get some divide the total weight by the number of slices and you will know how much each slice weighs (this will vary depending on how thick they slice it)--a little more math and you will have the calories per slice.

OR. like claire suggests, get a scale ;) I use mine all the time.
I use a food scale to measure it because each piece is sliced different, usually.
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I bought deli meats that said they were 'about' 50 cal per slice but when I weighed them and did the math according to the actual weight they were 40 cals per slice. That's a big difference if you have several slices every day for lunch, and again for snacks...

So yes, if you buy prepackaged meat of any sort and can't do the deli scale trick, gotta weigh it.

It really depends on how thickly they sliced it... if it's thick-sliced or very large slices, then one slice is an ounce... if they're smaller or thinner then it might be 1-1/2, or even 2-3! If you've got a kitchen scale, weigh one slice and then you've got a representative sample and you can just multiply it out by how much you eat... (I don't have a 'kitchen' scale so I use my postal scale with a plate sitting on it...)
Thanks guys!
I don't think that I could do this without a scale.  It takes a lot of the guess work out of things.  I have also come to not totally trust the weight of a package, etc.  So, I do it myself before cooking.

two ounces is anywhere from 5-10 thin deli slices of meat

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