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Weight Loss
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COMMITTED LOSERS [Group Open Again!]

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Hi guys!  I'm baaaack!  Basically spent about 6 months UNDOING all of the weightloss you all helped me with last year and am now at a whopping 148 lbs, 8 lbs more than what I started with last year.  I feel disgusting and totally ashamed.  Time to get back on track.  Hope to be down to 130 by the end of the summer.  Anyone new want to join me for weekly weigh-ins and daily motivation?  Anyone still around from last summer?

[OP from last summer: Well, I've been on CC for about a month now and have gone from 140 to 136.6.  I am female, 28 yrs old, and about 5'3.  My goal weight is 115.  I expected to lose more than 3.4 lbs by now, but I also expected that I'd be much better at staying under my daily calorie limit (1200-1400).  In any case, I'm realizing that I do a much better job of disciplining myself when I am able to regularly check-in with people who care.  I've been doing weekly weigh-ins in a couple of CC forum groups, but no one seems to want to offer support and motivation on any other day than weigh-in day!  Everyone checks in about once a week and that's it.  I need an active forum that I can turn to every day for inspiration.  I think it would be best to limit such a group to about 15 really committed members with similar stats and goals.  I'm looking for people who can check in and post regularly, people who turn to this group instead of binging, people who will share their weaknesses, rants, raves, progresses, and plateaus as often as possible.

I'm proposing that we weigh-in on FRIDAYS and that we keep "weighing-in" metaphorically every other day of the week.  Who's with me?]

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I'm with you! :)

I'm 18 years old, 5'6". I don't know what my current weight is because I fell off the wagon for a good two-three months and am just getting back into it, so I refuse to weigh myself until Friday (which will have given me 10 solid days of eating healthy and exercising before I weigh myself). I'm assuming that my current weight is somewhere between 140-145ish. My goal is to get down to about 120-125, and to be toned.

Anyway, I just got out of highschool and am looking for work at the moment. I may be starting a job next week working at a dental office with my mother, fun stuff eh? But yeah, so basically I'm on this site quite a bit every day because I'm bored! So, don't worry about me checking in because I will quite often no doubt.

Count me in. I have 30 plus pounds to lose too. I think having a support group really helps.

Great, colorblind and meagollum.  Let's start by weighing in tomorrow and maybe discussing our calorie limits?

Oh that's scary! Haha, but I guess I will have to face the dreaded scale at some point right?

*chugs back a litre of water nervously*

Oh no, colorblind, I forgot that you weren't wanting to weigh yourself until Friday.  Ok, nevermind.  Why don't we do a Friday weigh-in anyway?  That way we'll feel less terrible about weekend cheats.

If you want to do a Friday weigh in that works much better for me lol so of course I'm in! I just find that like you said, I don't feel so bad about weekend cheats. And also, weighing in on Fridays gives you extra motivation NOT to cheat on the weekends.

But yeah, I don't really care. Whatever you both want to do, I'll do.

ok..... I'm in!    Last year I used CC and lost 14 lbs.  felt great......  This time I want to reach my real goal of 27 lbs.  No excuses....

Started at 155..........i'm 5'2        Gonna be at 127lbs  Hopefully by my bday  April 11.

Good idea to start this support group.


I would be down for this if truely this is an everyday thing. Im someone that would post everyday(prolly many times a day). Im not a huge weekend person for CC but ill be here at least once a day on weekends if this group actually does a daily thing. And lets not forget I like talking to other people and getting to know them

Like colorblind, im on this site every weekday for hours because Im bored. My current weight is about 186, my target weight is 165. I started at 230. I am 24 years old (male) and 6'0''. 

hi idaloo and mediar!  congrats to both of you on the weight you've alreadly lost.  boredom is also my main reason for being on here so often.  that and procrastination.  i am supposed to be doing a lot of research, reading, and writing this summer for school but it's so easy to put that off!  one of my big problems is that i don't "work" during the summer, as in i don't have a job where i have to leave the house.  i just sit at home in my office all day reading.  well, my office is adjacent to the kitchen... and you know the drill.  soo CC is really helpful when i am tempted to go hunt something down in the fridge even though i just ate lunch.

anyway, i like the idea of a friday weigh-in.  but i can't help share with you guys that i had a really pleasant surprise on the scale this morning.  i was hoping to get below 136 (i was hoping for like 135.8) and it said 134.6!!!  i hope it lasts and that friday is below 134!  wish me luck!

Oo yea, I could totally understand the pains of having an office right next to the home kitchen. I don't know if I could resist much :P. CC is more my time sink at work, because I can't really surf anywhere due to this firewall, and I don't have too much work to do because I am a lowly intern! :P What are courses are you taking for summer?

Friday weigh-in is fine. I weigh myself everyday regardless, I can't help myself. Its EVIL to weigh yourself everyday tho. I have tried to resist, but I just havent been able to resist. Weigh flucuations can be a beast. BTW, todeinotaton gj and gl on 134 and hope you get below it!.

This is just what I've been looking for. I've been on and off cc for about a year. I've had a rough couple months but I'm REALLY ready to commit again. Im due for a fresh satrt my mom died on june 1st and I finally feel like the fog is slowly lifting. Im going to start walking my 5 mi 4x a week and getting ready to make a big pot of my lo cal veggie turkey meatball soup. Right now I am 29 yrs old weigh 158 am 5"2 and have a goal weght of 125 130 havent decided yet. Fri weigh in work for me. Good luck everyone and I look forward to reading about the progress.
Hello Idaloo, Mediar and Foxymama! :)

Foxymama: Sorry to hear about your mother. But that's good that you are getting back into a healthy lifestyle. Goodluck!

Todeinotation: Congratulations on 134.6! That's awesome. Hopefully when I weigh in on Friday I will get a pleasant surprise as well! Lol.

Hmm, I can already tell today is going to be a difficult one. My father took the day off work because we had inspectors coming to our house this morning. He's really unhealthy, so of course he made a bunch of greasy bacon for breakfast (I resisted thank god), and it's going to be like that all day. Hopefully I can stay strong! Haha.

This is exactly what I've been looking for! I was in another thread but they said that I didn't "fit in", so I have been searching for somewhere I did. This works perfectly :D Mind, I often jabber on incessantly but I'll try to keep that to a minimum.

Hi, I'm Lydia! I'm 21, 5'0" and I weighed in at 158-even pounds today. My highest weight was 187.6lbs in 2005. I spent a year trying to get my weight down from Dec 2005-Dec 2006, lost 52lbs and then my then-boyfriend moved in with me. I couldn't keep up with my lifestyle because... well, I don't know. Not enough discipline I suppose. I gained back 27lbs between Dec 2006-January 2008 and now I'm trying to drop my weight again. I've lost 9.6lbs since March and it seems like I'm going to be struggling to lose every fraction of a pound. I had a plateau from May 1st til about two weeks ago.

I eat everything in moderation and try to avoid white bread, fried foods, pre-packaged baked goodies, and potato chips. I find I can't moderate these foods so I find it better just to keep away from them. I drink lots of cranberry spritzers (5oz cranberry juice, 17oz club soda = 84 calories!) and ice tea since I don't really care for drinking plain water. I do drink probably 1/4 of my liquid intake in water.

I was working out every day for a couple months but the last two weeks have been... iffy at best. I've exercised two days in the last two weeks. At first it was because I was sick, but then I just got lazy. But I exercised for 30 minutes already today and I'm HOPING it won't get so hot today that I can't do 30 more. If I can't, well at least I did 30 more than yesterday! Or the day before! Or the last 8 days!

I'm married, unemployed but looking for work. I suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder which makes it hard for me to even go for a walk outside. I'm working on getting over that, one step at a time. This year I managed to lift a 7 year depression that has been hanging over me. I feel like I'm ready to finally get ON with my life. I want to lose weight because I hate not being about to do a lot of things I know I'd be able to do if I weighed less. I want more energy, and I want to be able to wear cute shirts that fit ALL OVER. My problem areas are my thighs, my tummy, and my upper arms. I have a ginormous butt that my husband loves and hopes won't go away, so I'm not too concerned with that :P

I look forward to getting to know you all. I'll be popping in here all the time :)

Hey i want to join! I'm pretty new here (just signed up yesterday) and yesterday was the official starting date of my plan. My calorie intake is 1200-1300 and I pretty much jog/walk about an hour a day. So far I've only done 30 and couldn't jog so much since I was reading. I find it easier. Instead of laying down to read, just go and take a steady walk. Time flys by. Well I'm 5'2.5. Weigh 140. My goal weight is 120 for now. Once I get to it then I'll probably have a lower goal. My mom is my watchout. She stops me from opening food and talks about bathing suits when I want to eat. Its good motivation for the moment. But I think support is great when in numbers. This is a new site for me but I think I'll check in at least a few times a day. Its summer so no school except my online classes so I shouldn't be too busy.

Can i join???

Friday weigh in are good. :D

starting weight at cc: 145
Current weight: 142.6
Goal weight: 126

I'm 5'5 1/2 :p, dunno why I always have to add in the half. :D

My cal intake is about 1,200 - unless I excercise, and then I add on about 400 cals. Depends how long the excercise is for and cals burned ect!

I'm currently doing the learn to run program, and doing that 3/4 times a week. :D

oh, and i'm 20. :D

May i join? Innocent

I have been looking for a group but every time I find one I always seem to miss the cut off and then cant participate!

My name is Kelly

I am 25

Started last Monday at 150lbs even

I am 5’7

Goal weight is about 130-135 by October. I give it a 5 lb grace amount due to fluctuations.

I am eating around 1200 to 1300 calories a day and prob more like 1400 to 1500 on Sat and Sunday. (weekends are a BEAST)

My last weigh in was Sat afternoon (after I had eaten and not you know what) and the number read 146.2. Yesterday my TTOM started and I am house sitting at my parents house so I don’t have my scale. I plan on picking it up tonight after work when I stop by my house to feed and water my kitties and plants.

I know it may seem like 3.8 lbs is great for week one but I have been drinking so much water that I am certain it is water weight!

Also, I log onto CC just about every day to log my calories and to check out the boards. I am also VERY supportive of others in their weight loss endeavors because I know how important it is. I have NO ONE supportive of mine so I am doing it all by myself and it is ROUGH!!!

So I look forward to getting to know everyone in this group. I log on at work and home.


lozzle: Wow, we are really similar in terms of stats and age. :)


So, I swam laps in my pool today for the first time. It's 40 feet long and I swam 50 laps in about 20 minutes (including a couple minute break lol). I guess it's decent for just starting out. I'm planning on swimming alot more this summer since I have a pool and it's really good cardio. I don't know why I wasn't swimming laps before!

And thus far, I have managed to stay away from my father's unhealthy foods today. Mainly I've just been hiding out in my room reading Stephen King's "It." I've tried to read it several times when I was younger but never finished, so I am determined to finish it this time! Lol, back to reading!

Wow!  Welcome to everyone who's chimed in since the last time I welcomed people!  I took like a 6 hour long break from CC today to get some of my reading done (I'm a PhD student and summertime is for dissertation research and writing) and when I checked back in there were a ton of new posts on this thread.  That's great; I'm really glad.  It looks like we've got a really interesting and diverse group started here.  I sort of feel like we're all the "rejects" of other support groups on CC.  Hehehe.  That's perfectly fine with me! 

So, a Friday weigh-in it is, then!  But remember, this is the also the place you can come if you need support/inspiration on any day of the week.  For example, I myself will most likely be posting in this thread every time I find myself wanting to order an eat an entire pizza.  Warning: this happens to me way more often than it should for any sane individual.  :)

Anyway, between the bunch of us let's see if we can keep this thread lively on a daily basis!

I am new to CC, but would love to join your group if there is room? I'm 28, 5'9 and need to lose about 30 (I'm 170 now). I've always been active, but three babies in rapid succession (and graduate school) have left me alot heavier than what I need to be. I'm also an RN married to an NP who refuses to let me own a scale because I'm a bit obsessive about it. I'm on a 1500 cal a day diet, and am a runner but don't see that it's done me much good. The last 30 is STUBBORN!!!

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hi there!i hope im welcome here!im from philippines,im 24 yrs old i have 2 kids ages 4 and 1 yr old..i want to join here i hope im welcome,i want to have a new friends here i just started my account just lately..i hope we can help each other to reach our full time mom and very busy to take care my family..anyway my weight is 160 i want to be 118,my height is 5 3 ..please welcome me here and thank youi very much..i will scale my weight this friday !

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