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Coming out of starvation mode...

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So I hear when you're coming out of starvation mode you gain weight.  Is it really just temporary? Is it enough that it becomes visible that you've gained or can you just tell because of the scale?

And, is there a way to do it so you gain the least weight?

I'm working on building up my confidence and stuff to build up from 1200 calories a day, and I figured the more knowledge the better!  I know I need to do it, I'm just pretty nervous about what could/will happen.

I've found I really need support and advice and other peoples' experiences.  I really don't get that at home, or at least not how to do it in a healthy way (they suggest just stuffing my face with cookies).

Thank you much =)
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Starvation mode means your metabolism has slowed significantly, your body tries to expend calories close to what you're taking in. For example it may slow to 800, so when you increase your calories everything over 800 can be stored as fat.

Your body has to trust you again before it raises its metabolic rate and dosen't need to store extra calories as fat right away. 

Thank you joanne

I was really hoping to hear from some people who have been through it, what you experienced, how you did it, and maybe how much better it made you feel =) I need a little encouragement..
Speaking from experiance---yes, the weight you gain back will be "fat." I was in starvation mode for a good 2-3 months and after upping my calories I also upped the fat on stomach and thighs... you just have to remain dilligent and keep up in your work outs and eating habits. It's hard because there's this sudden weight gain and physical change but once you work through that and the temptation to keep under eating, the sooner you see how wonderful it is to eat the proper amount, refuel your body, and look amazing while doing so.

Good luck!!!  
Oh goodness...there's no way to avoid the weight gain?
yes there is... you could actually keep the pounds you lost off.

gradually eat more calories, though don't eat any processed food.
eat fruits, veggies, maybe gradually add some 0% yoghurts (the ~60cal ones) sometimes..

you WILL feel hunger, keep reminding yourself to think with your brains and not your stomach.

also, work out regularly - I like to keep my muscles in pain for a while so my body also repairs something, it will also help boosting up your metabolism.

don't eat anything processed other than what you can control by knowing the calories, and if you eat something processed don't eat more than 100-120 cals of it in a meal, keep it natural.

each day increase cal intake by like 100 cals and you'll be fine.

hope this helps.

btw, your body has no "trust" mechanism, this part is controlled by the brain, conciously.
it helps to think of the body as an organism composed of small little engines (cells), when the cells don't get enough fuel they work slower.. then you throw out a huge amount of fuel at them when they don't process fast enough, and it then gets thrown to the storages (fat).
Thank you very much!  I'll try just gradually increasing and see how that goes!
I was wondering myself how long it actually takes to come out of starvation mode? Anybody know?
Oh that's a good question!  Thanks for adding it =)

I have been through it thank youvvery much~

The weight weight went straight to my belly, and now even though I'm out of starvation mode I have this fabulous little beer gut.

I'm guessing that since I lost my period my hormone levels dropped quite a lot. Meaning when I put on the weight it didn't go to my hips/butt/thighs like it usually does for females and went to my tummy like extra weight tends to for men.

But yeah. 

you don't reach starvation mode... you only begin to starve when all underskin fat is gone and muscle atrophy is at max.

only then your body starves and begins consuming vital tissues.

what you do manage to reach is slow metabolic rate.. takes about a week to get it back to normal.
What do you mean by "you people don't reach starvation mode" ? Who are you to judge the extend or mine, or anyone elses eating disorders? There is a reason anorexics are admitted to hospital their bodies are destroying themselves. I was almost admitted to hospital when I was at my worst so I think it's pretty safe to say I know my body was in starvation mode.

you reach starvation mode when your body thinks it's starving--that's whether you've got extra fat or not.  your body reacts "as if" it's starving when you eat too little or you exercise too much (when your calorie deficit is too big).

i have experienced "coming out" of starvation mode many times and in many different situations (high weight, low weight, actually starving, not actually starving).  this most recent time, i was exercising a lot and eating a lot.  then i upped the exercise and decreased the calories and lost a few pounds.  i was excited, but knew it couln't last bec my deficit was so big.  so as soon as i stopped losing weight, i upped my calories back to where they used to be.  at first i TOTALLY gained the few pounds i'd lost.  but i was convinced the heavy weight training would "get my back," and it did--i've lost those few pounds plus one more!  i'm hoping it keeps up.

when you raise your calories, you're just waiting for your metabolism to kick up to speed, to burn them.  once it does, you're set.  that is, until it doesn't.  ahh, the fun of weight loss...  i do hope you gain the confidence to eat more than 1200 calories a day.  i know some people live on that, but you look young, and i don't think any teenager can develop/learn/have fun w/a nutritional profile based on that.

So do you think it would be best to take my calories up like, right away, but keep exercising like I do?  Or gradually increase and keep exercising?  (I can't give up exercise...it's the only way I get my extra energy out! If I don't do it I get really restless)

As of now I exercise 6 days a week, 3-4 days are strength training (with weights or resistance bands or a blow up ball) and they last anywhere from 30-50 minutes, but they are cardio at the same time so...yeah.  Like, the one with the blow up ball is 30 minutes intense kickboxing/cardio stuff but the last 20 minutes are sculpting with the ball.  But on the other days I do about an hour of intense kickboxing with weighted gloves (which gives it the potential to burn 1000 calories! INSANE!) Some random days I'll do 30 minutes on the stationary bike too if I'm bored...Gotta mix it up!

I realized I didn't really post much up there like, about my stats, but I've lost 40 pounds...How much would I be likely to gain back once I do it?

Thank you so much for your post =) It was very helpful!

well from my own experience I would probably say gradually increase it. I increased up to around 1200-1500 right away and it left me a little bit shocked because I gained right away and it scared the crap out of me.

So I wish I would have let my body ease into a normal healthy diet. and avoid the big leap. I gained about ten lbs at first but I'm sure it wasn't pure fat, a lot of it was water too because I steadily lost five lbs of that after a couple of days. 

Could you really see the weight gain or did you just see it on the scale and feel it? 
I could notice a little. You'll probably notice some just because we're always so quick to critique ourselves. But no one else will ever notice you gained even a pound. So its not much to worry about.

oh, so much to reply to!  if you're really thin and you start eating, you will see the difference in your body.  whether it's water, fat, whatever, it's like your body's been dying to wear something on its bones, and you've finally given it the opportunity.  but, when it comes to girls and the mirror, we see fat even when we lose weight, so how can we really coach each other on that one?

when it comes to metabolisms/physical bodies, they like to do things gradually.  it's a nuisance, bec my head and my heart love to change things up drastically and RIGHT NOW (like, how about a chocolate bar?).  i don't know if you need to gain weight.  if you do, then i would suggest just upping the calories and staying strong--you'll get to a healthy weight in just a few weeks, if you can just be patient.  if you don't need to gain weight, then i'd suggest increasing your calories gradually but consistently (don't flake out after gaining an ounce two days later!).  this will coax your metabolism.

and, it's essential that you believe me, trust is as physical a factor in your body as calories and blood and glucose.  we women have lots of hormones running around, and when they get out of whack, they need to be rebalanced.  it's the rebalancing of those hormones that makes the trust.  stress (physical and psych), trauma (physical and psych), nutrition, emotions, activity choices and level, those all affect your hormones.  trust is 4real

Awesome!  Thank you both so much!

So I'll increase slowly (100 a week maybe?), keep exercising, and hide the scale for a little while lol And I'll see how that goes!
sounds great.  100/week might be a little too slow, considering you may need to increase by like 500 calories (i don't mean to scare you, but it's more than likely).  how about 200/week? after a month, you can stay static, and then after a few weeks start increasing again?  how's that?
Umm I could try that =)

Would that make me gain more than if I did 100/week?

Another thing is, I really don't know when to stop increasing.  I know you said wait after a month, then start again.  But I was hoping to lose a little more weight (and to do that I need to get out of this!). 

I'm just having so much trouble figuring out how much I should stop increasing at.  All of the online calculators I have tried give me really different answers, and my parents won't take me to get tests done to see.  I don't know how much I should eat to lose on days I don't exercise without making too big of a deficit, so I really have no idea how much to eat on days I do exercise...It's all so complicated!  I'm assuming these calculators aren't totally accurate for me because I'm 16 (17 in a month), but then the calculators for kids/teens don't seem accurate because I seem to have more muscle than the average teen!  I'm trying to find one where it takes that into consideration (like whether you have an athletic body and whatnot) but I'm not having any luck. 
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