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Which comes first...........

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Breakfast or working out? Lunch or working out? Dinner or working out?

I try and work out throughout the day to keep the metabolism kicking, but always confused when I should eat before or after.

I always thought before you work out, fuel for the burn... but as I drink my breakfast and a glass of water then try and work out I feel almost sick. But without weakish.

As an immense fan of The Biggest Loser, I see them do both.

I know that my protein shake on days I work out more strength should be after, but what about the rest.

What do you guys do that works for you?

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I find it hard to jog when my belly is full, and food tastes better after a workout.

I don't think it matters as such. I prefer before so I have energy to do a maximum workout but atleast 1 hr before. Difficult to workout on a full stomach.

I don't think there is a right or wrong but I prefer to eat after my work out I eat less then I normally would if I just ate then work put
Out damn auto correct

Agrees. Very difficult to work out with liquid in the stomach as much as it is food. Jumping jacks are the worst, slosh slosh slosh

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I always eat after. If I eat before, I wait at least an hour and a half before working out, otherwise I'm uncomfortable, hah.

working out, then breakfast

I usually eat my full meal after a workout but I'll nosh on an apple or banana or a reduced fat cheesestick about an hour before hand. I basically swap my snack and breakfast times on workout days and it seems to help me from getting sick during my workout.

I usually eat something small before working out... like a piece of fruit or a bit of oatmeal... if I don't eat I often start feeling dizzy and weak during exercise... but I don't have a full meal or a large amount of liquids because that can make me feel nauseous, especially if I'm doing something a bit more intense... any large meals (lunch, for example)  - I eat after a workout
I don't know if this is "best", but it works for me...

Lol @ Shakespeare.

Thanks everyone. Its silly but everytime I eat I think, I need to get up and burn those calories off! Silly

My body is so fickle when it comes to exercise during different times of day:

early morning before BKFST or Around sunset before dinner (NOTE: my running is even more pathetic than usual when I choose the latter)

Afternoon, but by then I'm unmotivated, so I just lift before BKFST (officially started last week)

I guess what I'm trying to say, is don't over think it and do what's best for you.

I always eat right before working out unless I had a really big meal a while before and am still full. If I don't eat before working out, I have a crappy workout because I feel so drained and exhausted. I also have a hard time working out in the morning, period. I tend to have an upset stomach in the mornings and exercising right when I wake up makes it a LOT worse. So generally I'll workout when I get home from school (usually between 3 and 5 pm) or if it's the weekend I'll go between 11 and 3. I usually eat a fairly small meal (300 calories or so) before working out before if I eat too much I'll feel sick, too. And when I get home from the gym I'll have a snack, usually an apple and peanut butter.

Original Post by MsDalfo:

I always eat after. If I eat before, I wait at least an hour and a half before working out, otherwise I'm uncomfortable, hah.

^this.  But I also can't work out first thing in the morning, because there's just no gas in the tank.  I do best when I work out as soon as I get home from work, then shower and dinner. 

My workouts are usually 30-50 miles of intense pedaling on my bike. I struggle to maintain my pace if I try to ride on an empty stomach but I am usually starving after I ride. I usually eat something healthy like a banana prior to my rides and then have a nice meal about 30mins afterwards. Like others have said....I can't say it is "best", but it works well for me.

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