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Weight Loss
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College Students looking to lose weight!

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Hi everyone, 

I thought I'd start a forum for college students that are looking to lose weight. I know from personal experience that it's a very hard thing to do, so I figured that we could help each other out. 

Does everybody have any tips? 

Maybe we should all introduce ourselves and tell a little about our struggles? 

I'm a sophomore in college, and I've always struggled with weight.  My freshman year of high school I was 150 pounds but I went down to 115 by the end of my sophomore year.  Now, due to many difficulties-health, personal, etc- (and having a boyfriend for 2 and a half years), I'm back up to 155. I'm not a happy person. 

My goal: to be at 140 by Christmas. 

Do we want to keep track of how much we lose every week too? With like, a weekly weigh in?

Thanks for reading! 

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Hi! I am also in college and definitely understand your struggles! I have also been in a relationship for two years, which makes me totally lazy about losing weight. I deserves better and I want to give him that. 


I am a freshmen in college, I have always been a bigger girl but at this point I am the biggest that I have ever been. I weigh somewhere around 175-180lbs. And that is NOT okay. I'm hoping to be at 150 by Christmas. Which sounds crazy to me. But, I am 5'6 and have a really big chest and big hips and thighs and all of that. So, losing weight has to happen! 


I would love to keep track of how much we lose every week! I feel like that would keep me motivated and more committed to the plan! 

Ashley, I think we should keep track too! 

I don't think you should do anything for your boyfriend though. I never dieted for mine, I did it for myself. 

Obviously, now that I'm single, I'd lose to lose weight so that I'm more attractive to guys on campus. 

I wish you the best of luck! 

Hi! I am a sophomore in college and I'm trying to lose the last bit of weight to get to my goal. I am 5'4, 142 pounds and hoping to make it to 125. I was always the bigger of all of my friends. Then my sohpomore year of high school, I went from 195 pounds to about 115. I went through this huge battle of anorexia and still have a few anorexic tendencies (I have a hard time convincing myself to eat a healthy amount of calories without feeling guilty). Then I gained a lot of the weight back and am now trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I am totally in for a weigh in every week. Having you guys for support will keep my motivated to hit the gym and eat right :)

Good luck! :))

Hey!!  I am also a sophomore in college and just trying to have a healthy lifestyle once and for all!  I am still quite a ways from my goal and I would love some motivation from other people my age!  I want to lose about 40 more pounds, but I'm really trying to not focus on the weight aspect.  I am trying to eat better, work out more, and be happier :)

Thankfully this year I am out of the dorms and I have my own kitchen!  Does anyone have any ideas for quick, healthy meals?  I tend to not get enough calories simply because I don't know what to cook so I want to fix that!  Thanks and good luck everyone!

Yay!  I'm happy this is finally a thread!

I also am a college student (*insert ironic surprised gasp here*).  You all make me feel old, because I'm a senior, lol.

Quickstats: Female, 5'8, 20 (21 this month!)

Start weight: 220

Current weight: 205

    Goal weight: 180 (At least, for now.  Once I'm there I might decide more needs to come off)

Like many of you I have also been heavy-ish for most of my life, but in the past two years (again, like many of you, since I have been with my boyfriend) I have put on more than I ever told myself I would (about 30lbs).  This past July I finally decided to do something about it.  Now, I'm down to about 205, though I think when I hit 200 I may take a break and eat at maintenance for the rest of the semester. 

The biggest struggle I'm hitting now is sticking to my 1700cal I'm supposed to eat each day.  I've hit the point in the semester where I'm lucky to get six hours of sleep (looks like I'll be getting four or less tonight) and when I don't sleep I need more food to keep awake.  It's a pain in the ass, and mostly why I am going to give myself a break and eat maintenance for a little bit.  I'm going to keep up my gym schedule, though, and when winter break rolls around I'll start eating at a deficit again.

I usually weigh on Mondays (though this weekend is fall break so I will be away from my scale for my normal Monday weigh in this coming week).  I like the idea of weekly weigh ins.

kjohnson22, the meals that I've been living off of this semester are tacos, grilled cheese, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I know none of them are the healthiest; my goal is less to eat healthy and more to eat less - but if you don't mind that they are all easy and have a fair amount of calories in them!  If you want more detail, I can go more into it but it may just bore other people for now :)  Something else to consider is making a big meal at the beginning of the week or on a weekend and eating leftovers throughout the week.  I'm getting pretty bored with my current diet, so I'm thinking of doing that with a pot roast or something.  Mmmmm, pot roast.

Original Post by actressbabe0225:

Hi everyone, 

I thought I'd start a forum for college students that are looking to lose weight. I know from personal experience that it's a very hard thing to do, so I figured that we could help each other out. 

Does everybody have any tips? 

Maybe we should all introduce ourselves and tell a little about our struggles? 

I'm a sophomore in college, and I've always struggled with weight.  My freshman year of high school I was 150 pounds but I went down to 115 by the end of my sophomore year.  Now, due to many difficulties-health, personal, etc- (and having a boyfriend for 2 and a half years), I'm back up to 155. I'm not a happy person. 

My goal: to be at 140 by Christmas. 

Do we want to keep track of how much we lose every week too? With like, a weekly weigh in?

Thanks for reading! 

If you ask me, it's a lot easier for me to stay in shape and eat "healthier" stuff than when I stay at my mother's or sister's during breaks/the summer.

I'll let you know what I do to stay in shape on campus... (or my "tips," for what they are worth)

First of all, even though I'm a senior, I still keep my cafeteria meal plan. They always have a salad bar open for lunches and dinners, they almost always serve some steamed veggies, and they can serve some awesome vegetarian meals with tofu, beans, rice, egg substitute, etc. I stay away from the vegetarian meals that are packed gobs and gobs of melted cheese, however (cheap melted cheese just doesn't seem very appetizing or even nutritious, honestly). For breakfast I make my own peanut butter and banana oatmeal in the kitchen of my dorm.

I try to eat 5-6 times a day in relatively small-medium doses to keep my metabolism and blood sugar up. I have found that doing this keeps me alert and focused in class as well. Otherwise, my tummy might start growling around lunch (always embarrassing!) or my mind will drift off the lecture and start envisioning my next meal. It breaks down to a big breakfast, a snack around 10ish, a good lunch, a snack around 2pm-ish, relatively early dinner (5ish), and a small snack later around 7pm. (To manage this plan, by the way, I get a to-go box from the cafeteria packed with what I want to eat for that meal plus what I plan on eating for my in-between-meals snack.)

Also I don't keep junk food in my room. When you have snacks like that, you are tempted to munch mindlessly while you are studying and/or stressed.

I take advantage of the fitness groups/opportunities on campus. I used to play rugby with a group from the intramural center. Now I'm in a strength-training "boot camp" and, of course, I hit up the campus gym on the weekends. There are a WIDE variety of activities offered at the gym/intramural center here, including yoga, zumba, cycling classes, swimming, and some team sports. Most universities, as I understand it, have these centers, and since you get in for FREE, I think you should definitely take advantage of them!

I also jog some mornings on my own. The university offers safe pathways to jog around on (as in, there are security cameras and campus police to make me feel better running alone in the semi-dark), plus a track if I want to time sprinting/laps or a small park with LOTS hills if I want a challenge.

The key is finding the ins-and-outs of the fitness programs offered by your university. You can even take formal classes to learn how to dance or whatever (I haven't taken any of those, but I know people who have taken ballroom and latin dancing, for instance--both sound fun).


Anyway, long post but... good luck to all of you!

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Hey everyone,

I'm down with this group of students.  :)  I just came across Calorie Count today and I think it's fabulous.  It's nice to see there are like-minded people here.

I'm almost 22, and am just finishing up my last 2 classes in university, but I will be a student for a few more years studying nutrition with a specialized school.  The fact that I'm on a weight loss site should be a bit of a wake up call for someone who wants to be a nutritionist.

I'm currently anywhere from 166-171 lbs.  I hate seeing the 170s.  I was a poor kid who lived off of kraft dinner and campbells' soup for like 17 years, so I have been floating in that range for a long time.  Summer of my grade 12 year, I slipped into anorexia and felt great about myself for the first time, losing 30lbs even though I knew it wan't healthy, I didn't care.  I am trying to not fall into that same trap.  Summer before last, my boyfriend had to leave for a few months, and I  went to the gym every day and hit the 150s in 2 months.  I know I can do it, and am frustrated that I can't prioritize properly.

Oh, I am also pretty much a vegan, other than the fact that I eat eggs. I don't overdo the carbs and have a pretty healthy balance.  My goal is to be in the low 150s by Christmas.

I'm so happy that so many people like the sound of this thread too =) 

When would be a good weigh-in day for everyone? 

Just for an update: I got on the scale today and I've lost a pound and a half! =D

With midterms coming up, eating right is going to be difficult, but I'm determined. 

I attempted a similar thread about two weeks ago but due to the fairly low number of college students on this site it didn't really pick up :( -club-ft182763

Hopefully this thread see's more posts!


Anywho, I'm an 18 year old sophomore in college (19 this saturday!), and I've currently lost 84 pounds since March of this year (coming up on 7 months). I'm 6'4, and currently hovering right at around 205 pounds. I'd love to get to about 190 and 7-8% body fat, at which point I'll switch my focus from losing weight, to gaining lean mass.

hey everyone! I'm glad this group is starting because I need the motivation to finish my weight loss journey.

I am a college sophomore and I am 5'5 and 142 pounds right now. I started at the end of April and I weighed 172 pounds. I was really unhealthy and had horrible habits. So I decided that the day after my 19th birthday party to revamp my lifestyle and I have been successful so far. However I feel that these last 12 pounds (my ultimate goal is 130) will be the hardest. Since I live on campus and have no access to a kitchen I rely on the dining hall meals, which means I don't know the nutrition facts or calories of anything. I try to eat as well as possible but it is hard not knowing what exactly my intake is. When I moved back to school this year I decided that I would stop counting (since counting really consumed my entire summer, it was slightly obsessive). Hopefully this group will motivate me to make good decisions and reach my goal by new years.


Hey guys I so want to be in on this.. Right now 125 looking to loose 5-10 pounds.. Cant wait to hear tips, support one another, and make out goals.. Feel free to email me at as well!!

Hey everyone... this seems like a really great thread. College is such a unique lifestyle, I feel like weight management really takes a different approach here. I'm a a 20 year old Junior, about 5'5" and 130 lbs. That feels so weird for me to type-- before this summer I had never broken low 120s. I would really like to get back down to sub 120.

Now, to our local nutritionist and Jamiuno: what exactly is a "healthy" amount of calories. I try to make sure I'm getting a variety of carbs and proteins and various nutrients but if I am trying to lose weight should I be burning more calories than I'm taking in? I know that sounds really noobish, I just don't know :)

I am just generally confused about my body right now. I haven't really been happy with it since I got on the pill... Lame.


Can we make a promise in here that nothing we do fitness wise will be for the benefit of someone else, only ourselves? I think that would be the best way to get anything done.



Seconded on the only for ourselves thing!


Hey everyone! Let's see...I'm a sophomore in college. I would say I'm "average" size. Pear-shaped. So all of my weight goes straight to my hips. NOT my ass. My ass is tiiiiny. So sad. T_T

Anyways, I'm about 5'4", my weight tends to fluctuate between 144-148 lbs constantly so I really don't know where I stand. I'd like to get down into the 130s first, then the 120s (baby steps, okay?). I'm not really concerned about the number though, I'm more into how I feel (I've just been feeling so tired lately and I'm pretty sure my diet has played a huge part in that) and also, I just want to be fit, toned and happy. Like I said in another thread, if I weigh the same but have a hot body, I won't care what the number is! :D

The thing I struggle the most with is NUTRITION. Nutrition. Nutrition. Nutrition. I definitely do not get all of the nutrients I need for the day, and I totally fail at eating healthy. Well, I semi-fail. I stay away from fast food places, I try not to eat things with HFCS, I try to keep my sugar intake down but that becomes really freaking difficult when there are CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES IN THE HOUSE and I usually eat 100% Whole Wheat breads/pasta.

I have no problem with exercise. I workout four times a week and on Sundays, I go for a nice long walk with my girlfriends so we can catch up on gossip and stuff. Sometimes, I'll run or workout on the Spin Bike or Elliptical.

Luckily, I live at home. But at the same time it sucks. My mom is always making good ol' Filipino food. AND I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME SAY NO. Hahaha. A lot of my old eating habits have stuck with me and it's hard to break free of them when I'm at home. I feel like someone's always going to try and sabotage my efforts and no one takes my efforts seriously at home. It'll be nice to have you guys here to back me up when I rant about how my mom made homemade macaroni and cheese (AGAIN!). Hahaha.

I don't know if I'll actually do the weigh-in thing every week, I tend to get really discouraged if I've only lost half a pound or something. So I like to stay away from the scale. I'll get on occasionally, but it's not really my thing. I will, however, let you guys know if my size 7 skinnies are fitting me again. Or if I start developing some awesome abs or something. That will be a big post! Hahahaha.

Good luck to all of you! You can do it! I know you can! :)


PS, I agree on the whole "losing it for ourselves" thing!


I am in my first year at uni (in uk) and am 5' 5" and at 121lbs. 

I don't really have a goal weight but I want to be in a size 8 uk size, currently 10/12 (hips and boobs don't seem to be going away) If I did have a goal it would probably be to be 112lbs by xmas. It sounds really shallow but I really want to look good when I see my friends and family back from uni.

When I finished school I was at about 148lb and so I have been on a fairly tight diet. My main aim at the moment is to be eating healthy and to be exercising. I don't really have a small build, I have fairy wide shoulders and hips and my weight goes straight to my hips and stomach. 

I was a slightly chubby kid and when I was about 14 I became slightly obsessesive about my weight and it dropped to 79lbs. It is really important to me that I am keeping my body healthy and aiming to build muscle rather than just lose weight. 

I cycle 6km a day, and try to do 15 mins of toning exercises in each day. I try to eat 5 small meals (<200 calories) and then one larger meal with flatmates.

I am very worried about going home for holidays because my parents don't really get the being healthy thing and eat much larger portions of unhealthy food that I am not eating. My mom especially tries to sabotauge my eating, and takes it personally when I don't eat her food.

I think it would be really cool to do a weekly weigh in and see how everyone is doing.


Good luck guys!





I'm a junior in college. I have an issue while I'm in school of lack of control. 

I'm from California, so being in Rhode Island is kind of retarded in the weather department. I'm not used to not wanting to go outside. ever. I basically live outside in Cali, Im from the Bay Area so it's always gorgeous even when it's foggy.

RI is freezing. Also, being in art school, there's a lot of weird people here so I haven't made the closest friends, and all my best friends and whole family are in CA, so it's a bit lonely here. I'm pretty sure I have like emotional eating problems.

Basic Stats.

I'm 5'4"

I'm 20

My goal weight, the one I feel excellent in: 111 lbs

My problem is that my weight fluctuates a lot if I don't keep it under control. I remember being 15 and being SOO Happy that I finally hit the 100 pounds mark! having always been under 100 pounds until then. I never weighed enough to donate blood until i was 19. I don't have a problem maintaining my weight at home. it's just at school. over summer i go back to my regular weight of between 110 and 112 pounds, with fluctuation.

Weight June 13 2008: 106 lbs (Graduated high school, no muscle mass)

Weight June 10 2010: 124lbs (uncomfortably high)

Weight August 18 2010: 114 lbs (okay, not great)

Weight September 16 2010: 111 lbs (felt amaaaazing)

Weight October: Currently, creeping back up to 117 (not feelin so good, 6 pounds in like barley any time does not feel like a good start to a new school year)

which, when you are as small as I am, even 113 feels uncomfortable. Okay so I know I'm thinner than most people who say they overeat, but that doesn't mean I don't have a problem. I've always been small, but I gained 25lbs both freshman and sophomore year. I was fortunate that the weight dropped right off both summer vacations but I don't understand my inability to maintain a weight that makes me feel confident when I'm at school, not just at home.

This year I'm making an effort to go to the gym at least 4 times a week, sometimes 6, but when you're in studio for 6 hours with only a 10 minute break, it's hard not to come back from class when it's already dark and just eat. I know I'm not supposed to eat while watching TV but eating alone feels weird. And it's not like my food choices are that bad, like dinner of broccoli, chicken and pasta or rice and a salad with fruit and goat cheese. it's just the inability to not buy ice cream, or worse, to eat the whole thing in one night! that's like 900 calories! also, i keep getting up for more servings, when I know I'm not hungry anymore. 

Mostly I just need a support system. I know that I know how to lose weight, but in the winter months (something I Never had to deal with growing up) it gets cold and lonely and so i just snack and watch four episodes on hulu in a row.

I know i feel most confident when I am regularly exercising and not sabotaging myself by overeatting. it's not about the weight number, i could be 170 pounds (lets hope that never ever happens) it's about being in control and confident. it would be great to have a place to go to have people to talk to when i feel like i'm losing control. for me motivating to exercise is easy. it makes me feel great and its fun. i just want to stop overeatting when i'm not even hungry.

yeah novel i know, sorry

You're also completely right with the not being worried about the numbers thing. I refuse to own a scale and I go to a doctor if I want to get weighted because the number isn't what matters. Muscle weighs more than fat and I would rather be fit that stick thin. I, too, just want to feel good about my body. I get worried when people focus on numbers, because they are rarely an accurate reflection of your body. If we had an accurateb way to reflect our BMIs, id say do that....


I imagine your moms cooking is incredibly difficult to say no too.



P.s. It is completely natural for weight to fluctuate between 5 and 10 pounds. Like, daily. 024/news_1c24weight.html

I'm excited that everyone seems to like the idea of this thread! =) 

In good news: I'm down another 1.5 pounds (even after a weekend of not being very healthy). So I'm down to 3 pounds down =)

Yeah, the number is not what I care about, although, the last few days, as the weather has been a little nicer (albeit colder) I've been a little better. Last week I had like pasta 4 days in a row and about 9 servings of trail mix. 

This week I started doing something that's working for me so far. after I finish eating I set a timer for 20 minutes and won't let myself get seconds or dessert until it's done, that way I can know how hungry I really still am.

I think it'll be good to have each other as a support system

Hey guys I'd love to join this group!

I'm a junior in college and I'm currently studying abroad in France. A little over a year ago I hit my highest at about 213 after struggling with bingeing and feelings of depression. I've since gotten a handle on things and have gotten down to 168 (although I've had a bad week so I think I might be back in the 170s now eek). Most of the weight came off in the first 6 months though or so. I've been working on the 170s since late last December! I need to renew my motivation in this so I think this group will help - I feel so much better about myself when I'm being healthy and treating my body well!!

I'm also struggling with finding quick healthy meals to cook. This semester is the first where I've had to cook my own meals so I've been doing a lot of sandwiches for lunch and stir-fries for dinner - I need some more diversity!

Becs - I like your idea of the 20 minute timer, I might try that. Also I've heard that whenever you feel like you want a snack to wait at least 10 minutes to see if you really want it or if it's just a short-lived craving. I think I will try both of these to see if it helps.

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