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Does cold weather rev up your metabolism?

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Does being outside in cold weather increse your metabolism, or is it just me thinking I get exercise from shivering? I spend a TON of time in the cold, and weight is flying off more so than it ever has. I'm not doing anything different except freezing my buns off.

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The colder it is the more calories you use to just exist!  Shiver away!

Mythbusters did an experiment that shows your core body temp rises when you are cold, even while your extremities lose heat. So yeah, when you feel cold, you are stoking up inside as your body tries to keep vital organs toasty. It was pretty amazing how much heat your toes and fingers lose, however, so don't over do! And stay away from the alcohol; it is a vaso-dialator and sends blood rushing to your extremities, which means your core temp drops--that is dangerous! AND the "rush" isn't enough to save those fingers from frostbite, anyway!


ha ha, yes! It's time for a bundled up winter winter walk!

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