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Coke Zero... safe or not?

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Hello everyone,

Coke zero has just com out in Europe, and since apparently it cointained no sugar, I decided to give it a try.
Taste is ok, way better then the normal coke which is way to sugary, and also a lot better than cocke light (diet coke for the americans). But now I have a doubt:

I weight about 89/90 kg for 1m77 (i think 5foot1 for about 190 pounds), I run about 45minutes a day for like 4 or 5 times a week and i'm tryng to lose about 10kg.

Now, should I continue to drink it? is it bad, does it reduce myweight loss? I intake approximately 1300 or less calories a day, and coke zero prevents me from eating.

Should I stop it or not?? thanks for the help guys
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It does not contain calories (well minimal) so if you want weight loss, it is better than drinking normal coke. What do you mean bad? Some people dont like artificial sweeteners, but if you're picking between coke and coke zero, and want to loose weight, go zero. However, you'd be much better off just drinking water, as that acutally helps promote health and weight loss.
Thanks a lot for the reply
no no i'm not choosing between regular and coke zero, i dislike the regular one. I was just picking between coke zero or water, and if you think only water is way better then I probably should drink only it :)
Water is better than anything. Drink a lot of it. :)
Basically I drink water, tea, and milk (with breakfast). Sometimes I have it with a squeeze of lemon or super-low-cal cordial (3 cal/glass)
However, sometimes its ok to have a coke zero, if it fills you up and say, you're in a tempting situation like you have to pick between coke and eating bar snacks, or if you like the taste you can use it as a reward.
what's the difference between coke zero and diet coke?
well there is less aspartame but more something else hehe
I can't explain what is different, but I know that it tastes better than diet coke.....WAY better!  And now my life is complete because there is Cherry Coke Zero too.  I try to only have a little bit each day, and mostly drink water, but I really love it.  I've looked at the ingredients several times and can't find any differences in the two, but I know that it's different.  My husband, who has NEVER drank diet drinks, even likes coke zero.  Go figure!

It's the same thing as diet coke with less aspartame, so it's not as sweet.
water wwater water water.. its all you need. drink alot and it will fill you up regardless.
While water is great,  I need to drink something else once and a while.  So every night I have a glass of Coke Zero (or something similar) with my supper instead of water.

Almost anything in moderation is fine.
stefanau1 1m77 (177 cm?) should be 5' 9.5" not 5'1".
1 calorie per 500ml bottle.

I've just drank some, heh.

I find it gives me immediate energy, considering that I am often within exhaustion mode and need the boost but water is more healthy because looking at the back of the bottle it's gull of acis, sweetners, flavourings etc.

Up to you though - I doubt it'll reduce your weight loss rapidly, heh.
Other than the taste, the major difference is in the sweetener used:  Coke Zero uses Splenda and Diet Coke is using Aspartame.
Actually Coke Zero still uses aspartame. There is actually close to no difference in the ingrediants, so I don't know why the taste is so different.

I drink about 1 diet coke/coke zero a day, but I don't let myself drink one until I have had my water for the day (100mL).
I believe (don't quote me on this) that Coke Zero contains a lot more potasium.
hey guys,  sorry to necro this post, but I wanted to ask.

I run about 4 times a week, probably like 10km/h or more i dont knoz, for about 30/45 minutes
i've lots a few weight since i first posted this thread, but i keep going up and down up and down because of the few parties that i have been too :S
but now i'm ok, no more parties for at least a month, which means no alcohol and i can continue my diet safely.

having a few coke zeros or light will affect the weightloss?
and btw, since i always drink ice cold coke, doesnt it burns a few calories on the way down to the stomach, ecause it needs to be heated???

thanks for the answer guys ;)
Having 1-2 diet sodas a day will not affect your weight loss

Don't even worry about the amount of calories drinking a cold drink vs a hot drink.  Yes, your body needs to expend extra energy to warm up the soda, but the amount is pretty insignificant. 

Calories counting gives you an idea of what is in your daily diet.  It is not exact.  Don't fret about the tiny numbers.
ok thanks alot :)
im glad to hear i can continue drinking it without problems ;)  
Ooh, I haven't seen Cherry Coke Zero here in Birmingham yet. I'll be looking out for it!

Coke Zero does still use aspartame, but less of it than Diet Coke. Interestingly, Diet Coke, when it came out in 1982, used a different formula than regular Coca-Cola. In 1985, the company used the Diet Coke formula with high fructose corn syrup to create... New Coke! New Coke quickly faded into oblivion when Coca-Cola Classic was reintroduced, but Diet Coke still uses the New Coke formula. Coke Zero is the Coca-Cola Classic formula with acesulfame and aspartame (not Splenda - there is a variety of Diet Coke that uses Splenda, which is probably the source of the confusion). And that is why Coke Zero tastes different than Diet Coke.
I don't know about the weight loss effects, but I have a weird story.  I like to put a slice of lemon or lime in with my coke.  One day at work, I had a coke zero in a styrophome (sp?) cup and dropped in my normal piece of lemon.  Even before I could finish my sandwich, the coke zero/lemon mixture and eaten a hole in the side of the cup.  No joke!!!

Maybe it was just some strange acidic reaction??  I know i didn't finish the soda and wont drink it anymore!
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