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Weight Loss
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Is Coke Zero / Diet Bad if you are trying to lose weight?

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I drink alot of coke zero. Do you think that is hurting my weight loss? I use to drink a ton of regular Coke...i drank it like people drank coffee...first thing in the morning and then ALL DAY LONG. I probably drank a 6 pack + a day....until i was told i had diabetes then i stopped and switched to coke zero. 
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I think drinking that much is bad for you, but because it contains no Calories, you arn't going to gain weight from it.

The Aspartaime sweetner used in them causes adverse side effects in me so I really limit my use of it.  I'd slowly ween yourself off of it, go for one a day, you'll feel a ton better.
Hey, think of all the money you'd save by reducing the amount of coke you drink every day!
That caffiene (it has caffiene right?) is also very bad for you in such high doses.

Seriously that's almost a bigger problem for you right now than cutting it out completely.   You need to ween yourself off of it slowly.   Sure get down to 1 a day if you can't cut it completely... but add in a a lot of big cups of water a day.   Like 4 really big or 3 huge cups minimum of water.   This will help you out greatly.

I was where you were at for a while.   I had a 2 liter of some kind of softdrink every day at work.   This really was bad for me.   I switched to caffiene free.. then eventually kool-aid and then after a while dropped the sugar by a bit... then some more... now I'm mostly a water drinker :)
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That is definitly a lot of caffeine. I would strongly recommend that you cut back your daily cokes GRADUALLY. I used to be a serious coffee addict in college (2 12oz pots/day at least) and I tried to cut it out cold-turkey. Tremors, depression, severe headaches, etc...

I now have a cup of coffee in the AM (8-12oz) and I save my Cherry Coke Zero (YUM!) for when I'm having a sweet craving.
Luckily for me, I don't have caffeine withdrawals, so when I decided that I would only drink water/juice/milk, I had no withdrawal symptoms and it was easy. But no, coke zero and diet coke will not slow weight loss, although all the artifical sweeteners aren't exactly the healthiest for your body. See how it works out!
I had to slowly cut back my diet soda intake.  I only drink it every once in awhile now.  Over time you won't want it anymore.  I just started replacing it with water.  Good luck.
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