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coffee makes you lose weight?

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hi, my friend drinks an enormous amount of coffee,she says that drinking coffee helps her to flush out water fluids faster.is this dangorous or even true?
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That is definately a bad idea.

It is recommended that for every cup of coffee you drink, you should drink 2 cups of water (in addition to the daily recommended 8-10 cups of water) because coffee acts as a diuretic.

The coffee might make it seem like you are losing weight, but what you are losing is just water, not fat. You are essentially dehydrating yourself, which can cause numerous problems.

In addition to the problems, the weight will just come back on as soon as you start drinking water regularly again.

Generally, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.
Diuretics (coffee) also flush nutrients from your system.

They are useful in some cases, but not as a long term plan for weight loss.
I've quit drinking caffeine ALL TOGETHER b/c I was having alot of trouble sleeping. I recently read in a magazine that drinking caffeine makes it hard to diet because it makes you feel hungry and increases food cravings. I'm not sure if it's true or not, but since I've quit drinking caffiene my skin looks flawless, I feel physically healthier, I'm sleeping really well, and it seems like I have a natural energy that I never had when I was regularly consuming caffeine. Hope that helps :)

I honestly dont' know if I could give up my morning coffee! I drink usually 1 1/2 to 2 cups each morning. If I dont' have my coffee I do wind up with a migraine... So, I am most likely addicted to caffeine BUT I have no plans on doing anything about it. It is my one and only vice....Also, if I miss my morning coffee I have absolutely no pep for my morning.
I have cut down on the calories from my creamer though, I drink the sugar free french vanilla - 30 calories per cup for me.

HeHe yeah, I used to drink like 5 or 6 cups a day!!! It was SOOOO hard quitting b/c I had bad migrates for almost 2 weeks.
Well done ice_angel07! I've quit caffeine a number of times with varying degrees of success, and agree I've usually felt a helluva lot better without it, after going through the withdrawl symptoms.

Amazing too how sensitized your body gets to caffeine after you have quit too! I remember about a year ago I dropped caffeine for a couple weeks, then had a coffee one day and my hands were trembling.
HeHe thanks Erik. . yeah it was REALLY hard, but definitly worth it.
But do you ever get energy in the mornings back? I take care of kids and the difference between a morning with and without coffee is unbelievable...once in a blue moon I do run out and go a morning without it.

I don't know I could get my husband to give it up either.

What are the reasons to give up coffee? Do you mean ALL coffee - even decaf?

Thats almost unthinkable for me!
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No, I don't think you have to give it up altogether. Just drink moderately. If you click on "Library" and then "Food" there are a couple of short articles about coffee and diet.
ice_angel, I'm with you! I have had genetically terrible skin my entire adult life (I'm 28 now). I will on any given day have more breakouts than your average teenager. I noticed it was getting worse over the last year or so, and finally realized it was the caffeine. I haven't had any caffeine now since Halloween (unless you count the negligible amount in the occasional chocolate treat) and I feel spectacular! My skin is much, much better. Enough so I've been getting compliments on how much nicer it looks. And, I don't have those highs and lows during the day. I'll admit it's tough when I'm having a really rough morning, but for me it's been well worth it.

And it's given me more hope about getting into a healthy eating habit. I figure if I can give up caffeine 100% of the time, losing weight should be just the next step in the process! :)
back when I was about 18 or 19 I drank an incredible amount of coffee and mountain dew (high in caffine). I also only ate candy and cheese and other crap that was either free or cheap. I was probably my lowest weight back then at around 150 pounds but I was in no way healthy and I am pretty sure I was not mentally stable either at the time. I looked great but I was no not great inside.

I am still a coffee adict but I limit myself to one trip to starbucks a day or one cup of tea... and I've stopped having soda all together as that stuff is like drinking calories away that you could be eating for dinner.

So in sum.... yeah you can look great and be a coffee freak but you will also have mental issues and be very very dehydrated. It was horrible to my skin too!!! things like skin and organs need fluids to function right.
I have about two cups of coffee every morning, not to lose weight, but because I enjoy it. But I drink lots of water the rest of the day. I'm not giving up my coffee. I enjoy it too much. :)
I agree. I simply like my coffee.. it's my morning comfort food, helps me ease into the work day, and keeps me from eating things like donuts. I use one packet of sweet n low or splenda, and 1 tbsp of silk coffee creamer - no cholesterol and no trans fats or hydrogenated oil. It also takes care of my sweet cravings so I don't want anything later.

I've actually always heard that coffee is an appetite suppressant, not accelerant, but it may depend on what you add to it.

I try to drink tea once in a while, and if you can afford it, I recommend Revolution Tea. They have a ginger peach blend that's very good.
"moderation" is the key? I only have 1 1/2 to 2 cups per morning!
I don't drink soda... I can't imagine that that small amount of cafeine is hurting me!
Hi All,
I've actually read a couple of articles where they specified that coffee actually DOESN'T dehydrate you. One cup of coffee per day is not bad for you at all, and that you don't need to drink 2 cups of water to replenish yourself for that one cup of coffee.

I have a medium cup of coffee with skim milk EVERY morning. I don't put sugar or sweetner in it. At the beginning it was hard to get used to it, but now I can't drink coffee with sugar/sweetner.

So, to sum it all up, sticking to a cup or even once in a while (weekends - 2 cups) has had no impact in my weightloss.
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Not to mention that it's an appetite suppressant...so while I wouldn't advise drinking more than 2 cups per day, if your really hungry in the middle of the day you can drink a cup ;0) Because it's a hot liquid it will make you feel full as well as suppressing your appetite. Man, I should have had that today instead of the donut!! However it can make you constipated, so you really don't want to drink too much or make it the only thing that you eat/drink!!
I love my morning coffee too :) I have no plans to give it up, it's my last "vice" so to speak :). Also, coffee has been shown to have some health benefits in moderation. I agree it can dry the skin and I do have terribly dry skin if I don't take good care to drink water and moisturize it coffee could probably make me crack into dust ;) , but I do drink plenty of water most of the time and since one of my hobbies is making my own soaps and lotions I don't have the extra problems with my skin :)
i love coffee but i cant drink it because it gives me really bad heartburn due to my acid relfux disease.
gotta have the coffee! I even drink it at night sometimes- like right now! I had to give up coke and Mt Dew, That is a hard thing...I gave up coffee during pregnancies and breastfeeding. So Im considering Im behind on it! LOL
Hi! Nathalier,

I will tell you this as an ex coffee drinker don't do it. You want to lose weight. Listen to the Men and Women at this site. They will help you along the way.

Don't do what your friend do. Her weight loss want last long.. But if you do it the right way. It will last a life time for you.. Learn how to eat right. Most of all.. Workout.. Learn what works for you.. And get the help you need from theses wonderful Men and Women here.

Good luck to you,
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