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COFFEE - how to make it taste good without adding to many cals/fat

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I love coffee every morning, but only when I add about 8 ackets of sugar and 1/4 cup of half & half.  I want to keep having good tasting coffee every morning, but with this much stuff in it, it is probably getting in the way of my diet.  Any suggestions for cutting calories in your coffee?
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Once when I was dieting before, I tried to use a little bit less everytime until I completely cut out the sugar and just use flavored creamer. Then I tried reduing the creamer a little at a time. Now - really sweet coffee makes me sick. I still put about 80-90 calories worth of creamer into a 20-24oz coffee, but I limit myself to one of those a day.
fat free half and half.. and like meredith said use less sugar each and every time.. but i don't like sugar in tea or coffee.. soooo.. i'm not much help there.. but the fat free half and half is creamy unlike skim milk for about the same calories as skim milk and i bet you won't taste a difference
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Thanks.  I am going to try cutting back a bit each day.  Might try the fat free 1/2 n 1/2 again too - it does not taste as good, but I suppose some sacrifices are worth it.
I use 5% cream... it's only 15 cal per 15 ml
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Hi! I am also a coffee addict and I refuse to give it up. I allow myself 3 tspns of sugar each morning divided into several cups of coffee. Since I drink a lot of coffee...after my sugar allowance is used up I turn to splendra which is not too bad at all. I also use nondairy lite coffee cream which is ten cals a tspn. I allow myself two or three. Then drink it black with just the splendra. Cutting back on the cals added to my coffee has been difficult but frankly, I would drink it black/no sweetner if I had to.
You know those bottles of flavored syrup that coffee stands use?  They also make sugar-free, calorie-free versions of those.  Right now, I buy a bottle of sugar-free hazelnut syrup and use mostly non-fat milk with a tiny spalsh of fat-free creamer.

I allow my self one travel mug a day. The milk goes towards my calcium intake for the day and the flavor adds sweetness with zero cal.

I wish I could drink black coffee, but the acidity kills my tummy.
It's taken me years, but I finally drink my coffee with no sugar and with hot skim milk, and I enjoy it very much.

I began cutting back on the sugar, 1/2 tsp at a time, each week.  When I got down to no sugar I found that coffee with sugar doesn't taste right anymore.  Then I started on the cream - first half and half, then whole milk, then 2% and so on.  It took me a really long time to have skim milk.  I tried to eliminate the milk altogether and drink it black - can't do it.

What I'm trying to get across here is, you can change what tastes good to you if you try and are willing to do it gradually. 

Good Luck!
Once I was trying a diet where you could only drink your coffee black. Ohhhh, I did it but I did not like it. However, my Cuban mother-in-law makes espresso and I drink that black, but that is more like taking a shot. (of caffine) Good stuff. My guilty pleasure is iced lattes!
I like my coffee black, so this might not help much-but just a suggestion, have you tried flavored coffee? If you find one you really love, you might be able to cut the cream and sugar altogether. My favorite is hazelnut (with vanilla in a close second!)
I, too, am a black coffee drinker, but at my coffee shop over by the condiments there are shakers filled with various flavored powders -- cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate -- that only have like 10 calories for a tablespoon.  There not super sweet, but they add some flavor.
I like to sweeten my coffee with sugar free flavored syrups.  I believe it has splenda or aspartame - I can't remember which.  Caramel flavor is the yummiest!  These syrups (make sure they read sugar free) are zero calories.  I get a big bottle from Marshall's or TJ Maxx for $4.99 - $5.99.  Other flavors (great for ice cream, smoothies, shaved ice and more) are kahlua, amaretta (almond), root beer, creme de menthe, hazelnut, irish cream.  All very good, but caramel ... it's the ticket :?
I switched up my coffee with green tea, and I dont use sugar or milk in it
I'm used to skim milk in my coffee now, so that's not a problem. mine is that I don't really care for sweetener in my coffee, but don't want to use sugar.

I'm told stevia is a really good natural sweetener-I think I'm going to try that. :)

All that sugar?!?! wheres the coffee?!?! Do you not like the taste of coffee? it could just be the type of ground your using or the place you get your coffee.

Where do you get your coffee?  coffee shop or do you make coffee yourself at home? Try finding a good barista, not starbucks, maybe a peets or barefoot (there decent for a chain) With a good barista you should be able to get a good latte. The milk steamed right should be all the sweetness you need to complement good coffee grounds.

If you make coffee at home whether your using a drip machine, single serve drip, moka pot, french press pot, aeropress, or a espresso machine you need to start with fresh grounds. If you drink coffee every day like me invest in a good grinder and buy fresh roast whole beans once a week between half LB to a pound depending on your extraction method.

I used to never care for coffee because all i knew was starbucks and the terrible coffee shops around me till I discovered this little place that roasted there own beans! And now i love coffee and I can't start the day without a fresh cup.

i recently started making my coffee iced, because i feel that it doesn't need sugar this way- so i usually put some vanilla or chocolate flavored soy milk in it,lots of ice and no sugar:)

For those of you who don't read the entire threads... the op for this thread has not been on the site since 2006...  Feel free to talk about coffee if you wish, but realize your original, intended audience is long gone.

I always say that people who drink coffee like you don't actually like the taste of coffee, they really just want to taste the sugar haha :). I used to like coffee like that when I was in my teens too actually (I'm 20 now so not that long ago but still). When I started losing weight towards the end of them, I decided I didn't need that unhealthiness so I retrained myself to like black coffee o_o

It takes 2 weeks to change your taste buds. If you eat something you don't like for only a period of about 2 weeks, they'll actually change and you'll literally like it.

So I drank black coffee for 2 weeks straight, started liking it. And then because it was a tad too bitter (since my family makes ridiculously strong coffee) I put 1 teaspoon of honey and either quite a bit of milk or a medium amount of creamer which I've found is the way I like it best since it sweetens it a tiny bit but doesn't take away the actual flavor of the coffee. I also don't drink coffee that often.. maybe like 1 per week if that so I don't worry about the small amount of calories in that (about 60).

I use CoffeeMate "Italian Sweet Cream"...you don't need any sugar on top of it, and it's not too high in calories. I used it pre-diet...and refused to cut it out because coffee makes me so happy in the morning! :) I usually do 1-2 cups of coffee every morning...and probably put 2-3 T of the creamer in each cup @ 35 calories each.

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I'm a coffee lover, and enjoy my daily shot(s) of expresso in between drinking black coffee.

I sometimes add in insoluble fiber in the form of inulin (Fibresure, plain flavour), into my coffee to boost my fibre intake - it makes the coffee taste a tad sweet, but not cloying sweet.

If you are not against inulin, try it. Boosts your fibre intake at the same time, while not taking in extra calories, as it is insoluble fibre.


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