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Coffee - bad for weight loss?

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So I've heard coffee is bad for weight loss. I have stopped drinking it but really I wonder if that's true? I usually have have one large cup in the morning with skim milk and sometimes sugar. But now, none...
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I drink coffee and lose weight......I am sure coffee is not as bad as some of the preservatives in bread......
me WITHOUT Coffee is bad! :) I havent had a problem.

Geez!  wonder how much quicker this would have come off without!
a friend of mine's brother is a dr... she was taking diet pills and he told her instead to drink a cup of coffee every hour until 3 pm.... and she lost weight.  and the latest research shows that coffee before working out helps you have increased endurance, higher intesity and more calorie burn.

people give coffee a bad rap, saying it depletes water... but new studies show that the effect is minimal vs. the liquid intake that you have WITH the coffee.

if you like it, have it.  and have the regular stuff.  the chemical decaff stuff is worse than drinking regular.  (all that being said i am drinking instant which is about half the caffeine as regular drip...but only cuz im too d**** lazy to make a pot of coffee at 6 am lol)
if I didn't drink coffee, someone would get hurt.

so to keep you all from reading about me in the papers, I drink coffee. and I've lost nearly 60lbs, so it can't be hindering me that badly. lol
Meee too. Black coffee junkie here, and I've lost more than 30 :)
I think my blood percentage is probably at least 20% coffee. I drink a whole pot every day all by myself. Love it, refuse to give it up. I'm losing weight with a coffee mug in one hand and a bottle of water in the other.

Actually I think if you drink coffee you most likely need to make extra sure you drink enough water.
Coffee is my friend.  I begin my day with a four shot americano or an iced coffee with two added shots.  I mix it up.  Never add sweatner and never add cream.  I love the taste of coffee.  I know I can go without but why would I?  To date I am down 24 pounds so I don't see it hurting.  Other my morning coffee most days I only have water.  There are those night when a glass of wine is too good to pass up though.
there are some things in this world that constitute a good and fulfilling life: surrounding yourself with loved ones, having trustworthy and dependable friends, having a rewarding occupation or hobby, enjoying a nice, home-cooked meal, AND....

drinking a gigantic jug of jo!!!

if weight loss means giving up any of the above goods in life--especially the coffee!--then i gotta tell ya: it's not worth it!!

luckily, tho, as everyone before me has said, i don't think it affects weight loss significantly enough to matter. thank gawd!

If you put sweet & low/splenda in your coffee, you should be fine... If you go to starbucks most of those drinks have a lot of fat so try to stick to nonfat/skim milk.. I couldn't live without coffee!
Have you  noticed that Starbucks has a light menu now?  Truly not a perfect option for everyday but heck for a treat try this new menu.
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I read a new study in my prevention magazine that coffee actually bosts metabolism, so as long as you stay under 2 cups a day, and don't add sugar, or cream than it actually can help. The study said that problems arise because metabolism will fall if you aren't getting enough sleep, and since many people drink coffee to help them stay awake it has sorta of a double affect.
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Coffee is the one "vice" I still have when I'm watching my calories (bye bye mexican food, bye bye donuts. ) As long as you total up anything you put in your coffee and add it to your calories for the day, you are fine. Just don't underestimate what you are putting in. A "tablespoon" of cream isn't much. I switched to skim milk instead of cream.
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marge--i don't think you have to give up mexican food--there are lots of ways to make it healthy.  i have a little guacamole now and then, made fresh, it's excellent, and you can have all the salsa you want.  you just have to lay off the high-fat cheese and the reFRIED beans.  there are lots of no-salt whole grain corn chips out there, now, too, as well as whole wheat tortillas.  but i'm totally with you on the donuts-------bye-bye, for sure!! 

i know, this is a coffee topic, so i'll add, yes, i have my cup every morning, too--but now with skim milk instead of 2%.
COOL, this is all I needed to hear, I'm drinking coffee!!!!!!! Thanks guys. Hearing how much weight people have lost and they are stilling keeping coffee in the diet really helps.
even if it did have bad effects worse than the fact its a durretic and keeps you stiumlated for up to 20 hours...

I DONT CARE! coffee and Tea forever!!

I think it's what is PUT into the coffee that is bad. Not the coffee itself.

Just like baked potatoes.
mmmmm.. coffee
I heard coffee is a diuretic and you know... it gets things moving on the low end.  
diaretic is bad. it means you pee more then you drink. you drink 8 ounces of coffee you pee 12 ounces. get it??? so, if you drink things like pop and coffee you need to up your water intake quite a bit more.

as far as stool softner.. it might do that. my dad drinks coffee non stop all day, and he uses the bathroom constantly as well.. but I dont drink coffee, havent for years. and i go to the bathroom no problem, within 15 minutes of eating anything *blushes*, unless it was junk food. then it stays put!.
hope that helps
I couldn't wait I got up and hit the starbucks this morning! Ah sweet coffee, used only some skim milk in it though.. still tastes fabulous & only 60 calories!
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